5 Best Paintball Places in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

Fort Paintball

The Paintball area is across the Southfork Ranch, which is a perfect location for camouflage and timing. It is also easy to strategize in this environment. You can work with diverse strategies and agree with your team when to switch to confuse, attack, and win within the first few minutes. This is one of the best Paintball places in Dallas because of the extensive land, 40 acres of the playfield. It is popular because of the unique colors and professional referees that guide beginners and blend in with advanced players.

DFW Adventure Park

The multiple courses in DFW Park make it suitable for ducking and shooting from far to make it more interesting. The Adventure Park is customized with natural obstacles and camouflage colors to make it more challenging for the players. All you have to do is keep changing strategy to fit wilderness challenges. Also, there is Lagoon and Lighted air balls to increase creativity and efficiency in your tactics. The management offers training to beginners and guidance through several tactics that work in Paintballing. Airsoft, Motocross track and laser combat are also offered in this facility.

XDrenaline Zone

The location of this Paintball facility attributes to its popularity in Dallas. Locals in Dallas are renowned for their taste of style and design; this extends to the Paintballing facilities that offer great features. The location near shores of Lake Grapevine makes it among the best in Dallas. The terrain to the lake and vegetation around the area offer an opportunity for development of different strategies that work towards achieving a specific goal for a team. The Paintball facility is also North of DFW international airport, few miles, which makes it convenient for visitors in the city.

GatSplat Indoor Paintball Fields

Inflatables characterize this indoor facility. If you are used to outdoor and extensive fields of play, you might want to try out this facility in Lewisville. The Paintballing experience here is incomparable; the limited space makes it more challenging. Winning and fun in GatSplat are all about proper strategy. Each team has access to the inflatables as the primary camouflage or tool for your tactics; how you use them determines your rating hence win or lose. Playing Paintball in an indoor facility is fun. However, it is not a small space; it is 26, 000 square feet.

The management has included a parent lounge with WI-FI and computer stations as part of services for families. The facility is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

MaddDogz Paintball Park

The facility offers two covered fields, six different themed courses, and exciting designs around its borders to enhance your Paintballing experience. There are plenty of game styles to choose from; they are all designed to boost your adrenaline. Kids and adults are all welcome to the facility to exercise their Paintballing skills; it is everything an enthusiast of the game needs to boost skills and experience the fun in finding cover and accurate hits. Splat master is a low impact game suitable for beginners and kids of 8 years. The facility is dedicated to offering ultimate experience and fun for people on vacation and weekend fun for the locals. Whether you like it alone or find it fun when with family, the facility is designed for your comfort and adrenaline experience. There are always people ready to join the tournament, so it is all about you showing up with your equipment or rent at MaddDogz as one of the best Paintball places in Dallas.

If you love the thrill in paintballing, Dallas is no short of fun. In every corner of the street and your local area, there is a paintball facility. You have more than enough options; each with a unique design, which is confusing. While locals have favorite places for paintballing, they often switch fields to experience the uniqueness of different settings. If you are visiting here are some ideas of the best paintball places in Dallas to consider.

Official Paintball Games of Texas

The 12 fun courses that include Old Fort and West World characterize this place in Dallas. It is renowned as the best for all the good reasons. Walking through woods in combat uniform enhances the camouflage and fun. You can easily play with the illusion that you are invisible, unlike all the opponents. It is a level competition; every team is given the specific resources for engaging each other. Of course, strategy and a little bit of experience carries the day.

General Paintballing rules apply here; outside paint is not allowed. Teams are allowed of up to 7 players. You can choose to be alone to reduce the risk and improve on your skill. The facility is open on Saturdays and Sundays; it is large enough to accommodate Paintballing enthusiasts in Dallas. Do not be worried about traffic.

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