6 Best Paintball Places in Chicago

Do you want to play paintball?

Here are some of the best Paintball places in Chicago.

1. Paintball Explosion

Paintball Explosion is located only 40 minutes from Chicago in the epic Santa’s Village Amusement Park. This is an incredible place with fantastic historical environments. This is home to the famous Rudolf and St. Nick historic museum. It is also the perfect place to take your family and friends. The Paintball Explosion’s paintball themed park has many quality sets modeled after video games. For example, the popular and widespread call of Duty has a real amazing replica at this place. Apart from Call of Duty, Paintball explosion also offers Airsoft and Laser Tag parties. A Bar and Grill is also available for anyone interested in chilling out and watching Chicago games broadcasted locally.

2. CPX Sports

Located on 2903 Schweizer Road, CPX Sports offers an amazing venue for paintball. If you want a private place for a small group or walk-ons, this is the place to be. It has both indoor and outdoor arenas. The entire place occupies 143 acres divided into 24 playing fields. The playing area is an extensive 35,000 square feet of pace. You will also find private rooms for both birthday and corporate retreats. The most amazing and exceptional thing about CPX is that it hosts living legends. The entire team responsible for building the sport and helped to shape its history can be accessed here in a special event. This event takes two days where fans will be meeting the two legends. It is the most anticipated events every year. CPX Sports is undeniably among the best paintball places in Chicago.

3. Paint Pursuit

Paint Pursuit is located in Illinois. It is one of the newest spots to explore. It offers advanced gaming equipment and technologies for the gamers’ excitement. The courses offered vary from heavy to moderately wooded areas that offer natural defenses. For example, there are real manmade bunkers, towers, and bridges to give an exclusive battlefield feeling. These paintball fields have 12 flag stations in total situation evenly in the wooded course. There are many games to play for your team.

4. Area 52

Located on 702 Smith Street, Area 52 is a popular place for young outdoor enthusiasts. It has the widest variety of games including canoeing. Perhaps canoeing is the biggest source of attraction outside the common movie-themed games. The paintball fields are open to the public, especially during the weekends. You can always set up a game here regardless of the size of your team. All you will need is to make an appointment for the weekend fixture. Make prior arrangements or risk finding it fully booked. There are many resources to enjoy such as a fully stocked fridge with energy and sports drinks when you build up that thirst during activity.

5. Paint Pursuit Games

This is an old paintball field found in Central Chicago. It is the only paintball field in all of Chicago, which has exclusive group outings. The management is committed to the regulation of the terms of operation to allow the best quality of playtime. For example, they have a limitation to the number of groups allowed onto the field at any given time. Its location makes it popular and most crowded. Without this regulation, this paintball field would mostly be crowded. This is not good for the games because you need privacy and hideouts. Since they have a small area and are on high demand, the rules limiting teams are necessary and important.

6. Badlandz Paintball Field

If you love the vigor of tough terrain, Badlandz offers the appropriate answer for you. The Paintball field is located 25 kilometers on the outskirts of Chicago. With five main wooden areas for players to battle it out, Bandlanz remains one of the best Paintball places in Chicago. This is also home to a summer paintball camp where you will be entertained with many activities. Among the most popular themed games here, is; the Avengers: Fight for Badlands. If you want an exciting birthday party with extra activity, this is the place to explore. It also offers appropriate games for teambuilding of corporate staff. You do need to wait for a special day to consider this place. Many enthusiasts just go for an open day and play away the day. You will be disappointed with this place because the fun is irresistible.

If you live near Chicago and are interested in great paintball, there is plenty of areas for you try out. Chicago has some of the top paintball arenas with a variety of indoor and outdoor options. There is a myriad of creative games and events to experience and make amazing memories. Regardless of whether you are part of a team or seeking to set up a playtime alone like some people, there is more to learn and enjoy.

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