9 Things You Must Know about Airsoft

Dont Let The Name Fool Ya!

You probably already know what paintball is. Well, imagine paintball without the exploding balls of paint. That is essentially what airsoft is. You still shoot at opponents and use wild and wacky strategies to defeat the guys on the other side as you attempt to dominate their turf. It’s really paintballing without the splatter. But there are other things you should know about airsoft that will help you to go from newb to pro as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips to help with that.


1 Don’t Be A Cheap-o And Buy A Pansy Gun

In most any type of sport that involves sending projectiles at any distance, you need decent firepower to make that happen. In airsoft, this means you need a gun that can put up with the kind of abuse you plan to put it through. In other words, expect to be in a war and act accordingly. With a cheap-o gun, you are going to experience things we like to call screw-ups because they will screw up your game. A cheap-o gun will likely jam when you least want it to. A cheap-o gun is going to fall apart eventually and probably during an intense battle. Save yourself the frustration and spend bigger bucks on a mid-level gun at the very least.

2 Get Smart Right From The Get-Go With Your Charger Choice

Okay, pay particular attention to this. The battery charger that comes with the majority of airsoft guns is going to mess with the overall power (i.e.: lifespan) of your battery. It’s not a conspiracy, but it does make you wonder what the point is in selling packages that contain good guns but crappy chargers. So, your simple way around this is to purchase a smart charger. Yes, it will cost you more, but with a smart charger, it will automatically shut off once the battery is fully juiced up. This keeps the battery from becoming overcharged which eventually wears them down.


3 Two Words: Dress Correctly, This Isnt Nerf Were Talking About

Spend money on the correct protective gear. That’s because these little soft pellets are still gonna hurt when they hit your soft parts. So, they aren’t as messy as paintballs, and they aren’t as lame as Nerf projectiles, and that should tell you that to fully appreciate the power um, skill it takes to execute a raid properly, you need to wear the right safety gear. As for your noggin, invest in a good quality mask that won’t fog up or just screw up your vision. A fogged up mask is about as good as shooting at moving targets with both eyes closed.

4 The Only Stationary Thing Out There Should Be The Scenery

One of the most important things to remember when you are indulging in any form of role-playing, first-person shooting games is that you are not on a couch with a game controller in your hand. Hand-to-hand airsoft combat is a lot like rush hour gridlock minus the road rage and the loud horns. Everything else pretty much applies. It is because of this full-on fighting frenzy that you need to be finely tuned to each and every movement happening anywhere near you. It also means if you stand in one place too long, someone is going to fire a barrage of pellets at any one of your unprotected soft spots. In other words, duck, weave, hide, jump.


5 As Annoying As It Sounds In A Work Video, There Really Is No I In Team

We know, it?s sometimes hard to remember that everyone with the same colored arm patch or shirt or whatever is a teammate. The excitement, adrenalin, fear, and alcohol in your system will all combine to jack you up so high that once the starting horn sounds, you are out of there like a thoroughbred racing for a million bucks. The idea behind a team sport like airsoft or hockey or full-contact strip trivial pursuit is to work with the others in your team to achieve the win. That means identifying skills and adding yours so that everyone gets a kick at the cat. Besides, team strategy works best in a team setting. Divide and conquer is best for reality TV.

6 Build A Relationship With A Local Sporting Goods Store Owner And Staff

It?s not like they can cut you some amazing deals, but that may be one of the perks of funneling a lot of new airsoft business to your local sports shop. What we are saying here is that you probably could do fine ordering all your gear and supplies online. But if you can interest a local store into carrying the stuff, you?ll at least have some input and be able to actually hold the items in your hands to see how they feel. Maybe you?ll build such a good relationship that your local supplier may sponsor your team or help you with accessing items you can?t find anywhere else through their super secret list of members in their supply chain.


7 Above All Else, Be An Honest Player, Save The Jerk Part For Later

There?s one thing about being a skilled player, and that is playing the game with integrity. This means that if you’ve been hit, you are done. You aren?t just grazed, or that you have a force field around you protecting you from fatal attacks. If you play with this kind of tactic something is going to happen. Other players will prefer to not be on your team nor will they be all that interested in playing airsoft games with you. It may also impact your personal life with players avoiding you off the field as well. Then there?s that other thing. Keep this act up, and you could find yourself on the receiving end of several ambush attacks?with multiple shots fired.

8 Speaking Of Rules, Take Time To Learn Them At The Very Least

Newbs are excused for a short period of time for forgetting the odd rule. But that?s why you should be playing in teams. Your team leader should be the mentor who is setting the example of quality play with rules followed to a T. Well, okay, maybe that?s a bit on the harsh side of the scale. Regardless, you want to learn from those who can teach you best. Yes, you can read a lot online about airsoft, but when it comes to time in the trenches, WiFi won’t be much use to you when you need a fast-acting partner who will get you on your feet and send you off with an attack plan that may actually work. The more you know about the game, the more dangerous you become.


9 If You Get Good At It, You Can Start Organizing Tournaments

Hey, why not? All it takes is a little bit of interest and the more fun you have with airsoft, the more likely you are to want to share the experience with others. Forming leagues and teams and tournaments will not only help you to enjoy the game more, but it will also bring you in contact with countless others who share your interest. This translates into fun times all the time. You may even meet the love of your life out there shooting at random movements as you scour the ground for any signs of life. It can happen, and it has happened.


10 Besides, If You Are Going To Work Up A Sweat, This Is A Good Way To Do It

We haven?t said anything yet about the mental and physical benefits of airsoft. That?s partly because it really should be obvious to you. Running around in the wilderness armed with a gun that shoots plastic pellets in a moving, living game of strategy is going to give both your mind and body a fairly decent workout. There’s no way possible that it can’t. This means that if you are serious about getting involved in this intense and rewarding hobby, you are going to grow as a person in more ways than one.

So, What Exactly Have We Learned Here Today?

If you can handle a team sport that requires specific equipment, safety gear and involves the shooting of plastic pellets, then airsoft may be just what you have been looking for to work off some of that pent-up energy. Plus, the targets are often people you know, or you just met. You get to strategize, analyze and pulverize competitors in what is often referred to as friendly competition. Well, friendly in that there are no lawsuits and you may actually work with some of these people, so there is a tendency to have to keep things at least civil. That’s actually what may even be one of the attractions to airsoft. It is not as testosterone-fuelled as paintball, but you still get to shoot at things and celebrate victories based on the number of kills.


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