A Complete Guide to Paintball

What is paintball?

Paintball is an interesting sport in which the participants play in teams or individual level to eliminate the opponent team by targeting them with a capsule filled with a water-soluble dye which propelled at high speed from a gun known as a paintball marker. Paintballs are made up of the biodegradable, nontoxic and water-soluble polymer.

The game field with varying sizes is scattered with artificial or natural terrain. The players can make new strategies and plans with the inflatable objects of different shapes and sizes, which create the basic ‘layout’ /design of indoor or outdoor field.

The basic rules for paintball game include ammunition limits, capture the flag, elimination, attacking a particular place, defending, or capturing the hidden objects in the playing field. This game can last from days to hours or even seconds.

Need for Paintball sport:

Paintball promotes planning, teamwork and good competition among the players. The ever-increasing youth groups and companies are including paintball as a powerful tool for their strategic team development. Paintball is also famous in frats, churches, boy scouts and small groups of societies.

History of paintball:

• The paintball history starts from the 1960s when Nelson Paint designed gelatin shelled round sphere with oil paint. Nel spot paint pistol was the first paintball gun with a big pellet pistol.

• On 7th June 1981, the first time the paintball was adopted as a game in New Hampshire wood. The first game with twelve players included Gurnsey, Gaines and Noel, as well as Bob Carlson (trauma surgeon), Bob Jones and Lionel Atwill (sports writers), Ritchie White (a forester), Ken Barrett (venture capitalist), Jerome Gary (film producer), Joe Drinon ( stockbroker), Ronnie Simpkins (farmer), and Carl Sandquist (contracting estimator).

• The first commercial field for paintball game was opened in March 1982.

• The first national championship was held in 1983 with the Canadian team as the first national winner of the tournament, and then the paintball arms race has begun.

• After 1985 paintball spreads all over the world and the first paintball official magazine was published in Southern California.

• In 1988 paintball get a big leap and three main powerhouse companies emerged in the market.

• Slowly the US economy establishes the paintball industry and the first big private investment firm was started in 2006 after merging two great paintball distributors into Kee Action Sports.

• In between 2005 to 2009 many paintball guns were launched to compete with the old Smart Parts Ion. These new designed took the high end of the main market due to their durable, unique material.

Paintball guns come in the market in many designs, so it is very difficult to search for the best paintball gun for your next shoot. Whether you are an intermediate player or a beginner, there is always the best model for you which has amazing features with a stylish look. An expensive paintball gun is not perfect for every person, and you have to evaluate your skill level and shooting style before picking up the best design.




Best Paintball markers 2019:

Tippmann Cronus:

Tippmann models have a more realistic and tactical design. The additional removable stock and barrel shield gives a stylish look to the intermediate level guns. With great durability and best affordable price range, this model is best for the intermediate players and beginner who want a high quality best model. Tippmann Cronus is famous for its accuracy and positive reviews.

Tippmann A5:

Tippmann A5 has many amazing features like a realistic stylish body kit with barrels, grips, magazines and a wide multitude of stocks. You can convert this A5 into tactical HK 417, menacing AK-47 and Spec Ops MP5-SD. This gun can fire up to 15 paintballs in a second. The single shot mode and safety can be achieved with the fire selector on the grip.

The grip can be swap out for the upgraded electronic trigger which supports single shot fire mode along with full support. The A5 threaded barrel makes swap out easy due to its compatibility with a wide range of paintball guns. A5 is available in the market with a loader and cyclone loading system which is best to avoid chopping paint and allow smooth loading of the gun. This gun is perfect for the intermediate players.

Dye Proto Rail MaXXed:

Dye Proto Rail is one of the expensive paintball guns for the entry-level players who want a highly affordable quality gun. Dye known for its perfect paintball gears with high-quality production. Fifteen balls in a second can easily shoot straight with the 14-inch barrel. The e-trigger helps to power the automatic firing system with an electronic circuit. This gun has reduced recoils, tighter accuracy, and quite shoots. The sticky grips and extra grip are offered with the high-quality material which gives comfort if you are bare handed or wearing tactical gloves. This paintball gun is best for the intermediate players who want a basic, high-quality gun.

Spyder MR100:

The design of Spyder MR100 is similar to Tippmann Cronus with a long barrel and sturdy stock with extra accuracy. The Spyder MR 100 has a stylish black design with high-quality, durable material. The long barrel offers a decently wide range, and versatility can be achieved with default tap trigger which makes Spyder Mr100 perfect for woodsball and speedball.

Tippmann US Army Salvo:

If you want a stylish gun for the indoor rec ball games or woodball, then Tippmann Project is best for your next shooting. This gun is perfect for those players who want to play simulated games with a realistic looking gun. This gun is always looking great with the collapse-able rear stock, red dot sight and front grip. The versatile cyclone feed system helps the player to dominate over the field. The longer barrel offers perfect accuracy, and it is best for the non-tournament play. This paintball gun is best for the intermediate players and beginners.

Tippmann 98 custom:

98 Custom is one of the most attractive and popular paintball makers which is most ordered from the local shops. Its unique features separate it from the average paintball guns or local brands. The versatile Picatinny rail system offers extra features like red dot sight for a sharp target. The Tippmann marker is best for beginners, but you need to upgrade it over time with the addition of flatline barrel for extra accuracy and range.

Empire Mini:

Empire Mini is one of the high-end paintball gun makers which combines quality with comfort. The easy to control and lightweight material with electronic trigger system help to get fast and quite shoot after pulling the trigger. The remaining air in the tank can be checked with the pressure gauge at a quick glance. This is best for beginner or intermediate level players due to its style. This unique paintball marker has smaller size, accuracy and quick rate of shooting.

Empire Axe:

If you want to participate in a serious paintball tournament, then the famous Empire Axe is best for you. This is one of the high-end makers who help the player to unload paint fastly. The ramping, full auto feature with multiple firing modes help to deal with heavy fire. The High-quality bar set up is perfect for the advanced players who want a solid, realistic gun with e-trigger system that can be easily adjusted for any game. Empire Axe is on the Wishlist of many players who want a high-end paintball gun with versatility and accuracy. This gun is best for the advanced and intermediate level players.

Tippmann Alpha Elite Black:

Empire is a famous high-end paintball brand which prefers quality equipment. Empire Mini always release easy to control and lightweight, small paintball guns with an electronic trigger system. You can shoot fastly after pulling the trigger. The air connector with the pressure gauge allows the player to check the air in the tank at a single glance. The stylish and simple design is best for the entry level competitions where a quick rate of fire, smaller size, accuracy, and great control is needed.

Tippmann X7 Phenom:

Just like A5, X7 is the best design with customizable and common sight in entry-level tournaments. The tactical visual on the lightweight frame along with the single mechanical shot looks fantastic. You can easily upgrade the eGrip to Full Auto single shot fire mode or 3 round bursts. If the battery is dead in the mid of the game, then you can switch to propellant powered single shot mode which will keep you in the fight. The battery can be saved with the safe mode by turning off the internal circuit. The gun is perfect for the woodball players and medium-long range. The compact body combined with the light frame makes it perfect for scenario play. It is one of the famous paintball makers who won the heart of many advanced and entry-level players.


Reasons to Play Paintball:


Paintball is a game which is enjoyed by many people for various reasons. It is considered one of the best social games which helps you to know new people and spend your precious time with your friends. It gives a chance to get away from hectic daily routine. Paintball is all about friends and fun. It’s a game of epic battle, strategies and better planning.


Paintball is an activity-based sport. There are many activities in life which are reward based, but if fun is combined with a reward, then it will become a must-do activity. Paintball is a game of fun, and that fun keeps attracting the people. Every time when you will get ready for shooting, you can imagine and plan what can happen and rehash what actually happened after the competition. In between the games you can try your best to accomplish your goals and aim.


Paintball has various equipment and plenty of strategies to deal with. You need to think twice before fixing a problem, upgrading your game skills, changing your gun and shooting the target.


Whenever you play paintball, it will bring lots of adventure. Hiding behind the things, running through the trees, shooting opponents and defending just never get old. When the countdown begins and the shooting starts, it brings lots of fun and adventure which will never get an end.


Paintball can be played in various ways. If you want to play with your friends in the green field, you can. If you want to get the red flag or play in the warehouse, you can. You will love paintball because it will never get stale with the passage of time.

Teamwork and strategy:

Strategy and teamwork cannot go hand to hand. You need to work in a team and make such strategies which lead to victory. In a sport, you need to know that success comes with teamwork and the strategies can be failed if everyone is working individually.


You should make a list of important equipment to play paintball, i.e. hopper, tank, mask, gun, and paintballs. After choosing your favorite paintball gun with a required style, configuration, and shape, you can take part in an entry-level or high-end tournament to have fun. Remember the strategies and game keep changing with time, so you need to choose new equipment for better planning.


Paintball is a game full of physical activities. If there are stages of hiding, sitting and waiting then you will also get time to move, run and jump. You will get lots of time to exercise and stretch your body. This exercise is good for your health and body fitness.


Always be a competitive person and play with a great sportsman spirit. Whenever you try to play, play hard and make a better plan to win. You should always play a competitive paintball game to enjoy every second of it and set your goal.


Paintball can be played indoor or outdoor depending upon your preference. You can enjoy the sunlight and spend some quality time in nature while playing in the wood. You can have fun, adventure and excitement at the same time while enjoying the natural outside beauty.



Best Things for your paintball gear bag:

Paintball mask:

You should always play paintball with a mask which protects your face. Sunglasses and safety google cannot protect the eyes because paintball reaches your face with 290 feet per second. Paintball mask has various types. Along with safety requirements you need to focus on visibility, comfort, and style. Although armor goggles are best for the entry-level players, you need to buy expensive masks for the high-end tournament.

First Aid Kit:

You need to keep a small first aid kit for the treatment of scrape or cut. You can buy a simple kit for general use from the local medical store which includes triple antibiotic ointment, tape, gauze pads, and band-aids. You can also add a pain reliever for pain and aches.

Safety Gear:

Although the mask is also a safety gear, you need to buy other safety items to protect yourself, i.e. neck protectors, gloves, elbow or knee pads. You can also wear back or chest protector to avoid shot and defend yourself. You can wear different safety gears to reduce the bruises and bumps.

Barrel Cover:

You need to keep your barrel cover on your gun all the time except paintball game. Most of the paintball guns come with a barrel plug, so you need to cover it with a barrel cover.


The battle swab has two soft ends which can be easily inserted into the barrel to clean the residual paint. You can fold it in half to keep in the cargo pant or back pocket for urgent cleaning of the field if the paintball breaks in the barrel. Usually, the squeegees consist of a plastic lead or wire with a fabric or rubber washer on end. The straight shot squeegees have similar material, but it is not flexible. Therefore you need to remove the barrel for on-field cleaning. Without getting frustrated, you need to keep the jerk, swab and shot squeegee with you.

Nitro or CO2 tank:

There are two main types of tanks. CO2 tanks can be measured in ounces, and they are more famous than a nitro tank. With a full tank, you can shot up to 1000 paintballs. Nitro gas is a common compressed air, so you need to use CO2 tank inexpensive paintball guns. The tank can be measured with the pressure in psi or size in cubic centimeters. If you want to play without taking a break when you need to carry two tanks. Be very careful because a high-pressure tank can be killed or injured a beginner. You can look for a local shop to repair the tank.

Spare parts and tools:

Most of the paintball guns launched in the market with few tools and spare parts, need to change with time to maintain the performance of the gun. Most of the companies sell spare part kits which include those parts that can break in the play, i.e., cup seals or O-rings. The O-rings get damaged and need to replace after breakage. You also need to check the specific type of oil needed for your paintball gun.



Tips To Play Paintball:

Never Get Afraid Of The Paintball:

If you are afraid to get hit by the paintball, then be tension free. Paintball causes less pain and leaves a little mark which will be removed after some time. Some entry level paintball players try to hide behind a tree for their defense, but it is the most boring way to avoid getting hit. The experienced players keep changing their position for better defend. Remember, if you are wearing extra safety gears and light gloves then you will never get hit badly.

Keep your face protected with a face mask:

Face protection is one of the important rules. To enjoy a safe game, always protect your face with a face mask.

Never stay in a single position if it is dangerous:

Paintball guns make a loud shot, so do not be surprised if the paint comes flying on your body and face after taking a shot. Use your paintball gun for three reasons:

1. When you want to tag an opponent.

2. When you feel the opponent is standing at a weak position and you can eliminate them easily by shooting the marker.

3. When you want to check your marker before the tournament.

Never waste your paint on the opponent who is standing far away from the range of the paintball gun. Try to be quiet and quick for making better strategies.

Spot your opponents to win the competition:

If you cannot spot your opponent team, then there are less chances to win the competition. Beginners always try to keep their head down which can be useless because their enemies can surround them to win the game. After entering the outdoor field, try to notice the position of your opponent quickly to adopt a better strategy. Make a 3-second plan to eliminate your opponent. Take 1 second to notice your enemy, another second to tag the and one more second to shot the paintball.

Always try to hide your body:

Try to cover your body properly. Only expose little of your skin or body area to the opponents which are needed to tag and fire. Do not fire straight after tagging the enemy, try to change your position for better defend.

Make strategies and keep talking to your team members:

Knowledge can help to win the tournament, so try to have proper communication with your team members to share the next step. Communication before entering the outdoor field is important. Make a simple plan, tell your team members their proper position and win the game. You can also communicate during the tournament, whisper the strategy to your teammate and protect them from the fire. Never shout too loud when you are in trouble.

Never give up too early:

If you get fire from the paintball gun, then it means it will either bounce which will keep you in the tournament or it will break which will eliminate you. Entry level players often get confused after getting hit with a paintball paint, and they considered them self out without analyzing the broken ball. There is a chance that the paintball burst close to your position which covered your whole body in the paint. Still, there is no need to surrender.

Try to win the price:

Different players have different objectives and reasons to win the game. Mostly the players want to cover the opponent in paint, capture the flags, or defend a position. You need to make the best plan to get your goals.

Try to avoid tagging:

If you are tagged out then try to defend yourself. Spot your enemy and force your opponent team to be in the direction of the fired paint. Without taking a dangerous position, you can take help from your teammates to avoid any elimination.

Keep enjoying:

Everyone wants to play the paintball to have fun and a good time. Paintball is a great sport for teams and small groups, but the newcomers want to join the tournament to enjoy the game and become a better player.



Health benefits of playing Paintball:

Paintball is an extremely physical sport which can be enjoyed with family and friends. Along with physical health, paintball also maintains mental health. You just need some basic equipment to play this simple sport.

Immunity and weight loss:

Although paintball help to reduce the weight the exercise during the tournament helps to improve the to boost metabolism. The mood of the player can be changed with the increase in endorphins through a proper workout. Regular exercise burns the calories of the player and reduces the blood pressure, heart attack risk and depression.

Better exercise:

Paintball is a great game for those people who are lazy and never try to join the gym. Routine workout and regular exercises are the best part of the paintball tournament. Paintball is a great activity to maintain an intense routine exercise and to shake body up. This sport allows the participants to enjoy a whole range of body movements, i.e. climbing, running, tiptoeing and ducking behind the opponents.

Stress Relief:

The daily hectic routine and stress can affect the health of the person. Playing a game full of activities is the best way to reduce stress and frustration. Anger and strategies help to improve the skills of a player. The release of endorphin during the game helps to remove mental stress.

Leadership and teamwork:

Paintball is a team game with an aim. To win the tournament, one team needs to defeat the other team and complete the basic objectives. The team spirit will get promoted when the team members who work together to eliminate and tag the opponents. The tense and worst situation improves the skills of a player and boosts their confidence.


Paintball is not only limited to team building spirit or weight loss, but it also includes entertainment and fun. This sport brings a good amount of excitement and laughter which makes your Sunday morning perfect. When you try to tag your opponent with a dye pellet and run around the tree, then it refreshes the childhood memories.


Common mistakes of the beginners:

Wrong Position:

Select the best shelter before entering in the field. A perfect shelter always provides you defending cover and allows you to look and tag your opponent. Do not move close to your enemy, be within the tagging and shooting range and defend yourself with a nearby tree or shelter. If your shelter is too small to cover your head, then take help from your teammate to pin down your enemy when you need it.

Instead of treating the enemy, the beginner should protect themselves first. For their defense, they should choose a deep hole or thickest bush to hide their body. Although they cannot tag their opponent or cover fire but still, they are in the best ambush position. Be clever and never shoot back if you are not in a proper position. If you get hit, then do not wait for the paint to stop pouring out before you stand up and run again. Try to avoid wearing 2 or 3 layers of different colors.

They cannot look properly:

If you tag your opponent before he spots your position, then you are near to win the game. Entry level players think that if they look around, then they can be an easy target for their enemy, so mostly they waste their time in defending a position. Some beginners focus on a single direction and to concentrate they avoid the extra noise coming from the nearby areas. Never be afraid to look in another direction, during a sport you need to modify the strategies with new information. If you feel that your head can be targeted easily then never look above, look around for 1 or 2 seconds and keep your opponent away from you.

They do not move again and again:

Entry level players do not move and stay at a single position. But sometimes it is useless to stay at a single position, never commit this mistake. If your whole team is tagging and shooting while you are in a defending position, then it means your team can do better without your presence. Let’s suppose another situation, your team is in a problem, and then it is possible they can win if you are among them. But now you are all alone to face the opponents. Remember, if you are stuck in a place where your enemy can easily pin you down then do these things

• Run as fast as you can

• Shot back or defense.

• Shout for team support and indicate the opponent location.

Usually beginners after spotting their opponent become too much excited that they ignore to hear or look anything else. So, take advantage of this situation and move to a place where your enemy cannot find you.

Less Communication:

The entry-level players seldom communicate with each other. Usually, the beginners create problems when they avoid asking for help and do not share their strategies with other players. If you are protected in a shelter, then you should keep quiet but once spotted then shout for help and give your team members the important information.

They avoid shooting:

Sometimes you need to shoot to help your team member. When your teammate wants to defend himself, then you can shoot in the opposite direction to keep his head down and make him nervous. Some team members get tagged while protecting their team, so do not get disappointed if the front players are still safe. Sometimes you need to shoot to get your opponent out of his shelter. Wait until the enemy is within your shooting range and path is clear.



Best gifts for the paintball players:

Paintball is a game full of adventures and fun. The players wear protective eye covering and helmet for defense. Any player who wants a gun battle can play paintball in teams. Military and law enforcement bodies use paintball training as a basic tool. Paintball tournaments take place in natural places or artificial fields where players can cover them self properly. Some paintball lovers spend lots of money to get expert level skills to win the game.

Exalt Barrel Maid:

The barrel is an amazing addition in the paintball bag. Try to use a rocket disk side to remove the extra paint, and the fuzzy side is best to clean it properly.

Gen-X Paintball Hauler:

You can easily load your paintball with the help of hauler. First, dump a full bag of color into the hauler then pour the paint slowly into pods and hopper. It is the best equipment to lose less color and fill the hopper quickly. The paintball hauler is best to store extra paint which can be used in case of emergency.

Paintball Empire Heavy Duty Pods:

Before entering the paintball field, make sure your paintball gun never run out of color in a critical situation. Always carry the pods to reload the paintball gun when you want to hit more enemies in case of a heavy firefight. Carrying more paint will help you to win the game over a less prepared enemy.

Hater Sauce Best Paintball Gun Lube:

Buy a paintball Hater Sauce Lube to keep the gun running smoothly. It is specially designed for the paintball gun to keep the consistency up and pressure down. This gift is best for the maintenance of the marker.

Exalt Tank Grips:

Exalt tank grip is best to ensure stability. If there is a situation when you need to shoot on the run then tank grips help to keep your paintball gun on your shoulder. Its high-quality material can stretch to fit on any size tank. It is available in the market in various patterns and colors, so you can match it with your team style and uniform.

Half Finger gloves:

The most sensitive and painful place where you can get hit is your fingers. So, protect your fingers with half finger gloves. They are made up of unique plastic material which remains on the hand and protects the hand or finger pain.

Barrel socks:

Safety is the 1st priority of paintball player. Use a planet eclipse special barrel sock to keep paintball gun safe outside the net. It is designed to wrap properly around your gun and cover the tip of your barrel. The accidental discharge can be easily caught by the sock. It is also available in the market in different colors and patterns.

Paintball Chest Protector:

Keep your body protected and welt free with a Paintball Check protector. Paintball paint can leave a mark after hitting on the chest, so make sure your body remains color and paint free with this padded shirt. Its thermo form padding will keep you protected, and moisture wicking unique panels will keep you cool. It is one of the best gifts you can buy for your friend or teammate.

Paintball high-pressure Tank:

To tag and shoot an opponent within a perfect range you need a perfect amount of compressed air. Empire high-pressure tanks are cheaper and easier to fill with air without freezing up the paintball gun. It is the best gift to upgrade the throwing system.

Paintball Barrel Carrying Case:

The barrels can be protected with the Paintball Barrel Case which has a rigid solid shell to fit with various barrels. It will save your barrels from dents and damage.

Prevail Paintball Jersy:

Wear the Empire Prevail Jersy to keep your clothes clean during the game. It is available in the stores in various colors to match with your equipment, team or environment. The V.neck color and mesh side panels with extra padding keep the elbow, chest, and collar safely. You can gift it to your favorite teammate.

Paintball Elbow Pads:

Keep your elbow and forearm safe with the Empire Paintball Elbow Pads. The EVA unique foam panels give extra bounce and protection. It will keep you safe and sound in a long game. The breathable air mesh is best to keep you cool in a hot day by increasing the airflow. Gift this amazing breathable arm pads to your friend.

Tiberius Arms 1st Stike Marker:

You can take your paintball game to the next high level with stabilizing rifling fins. If your paintball gun is compatible with the First strike Tiberius Arm, then you will get a flat trajectory with long-range accuracy. The ultra thick fill will leave a bright mark and reduce the chance to cheat.



What is the best equipment to buy with $100?

Paintball Harness Army Zero-G:

You need a harness to carry your all paint in the field for tagging your opponent in a heavy firefight. You can fill the harness with pods and strap it properly to you back. The pod ejection system helps to release the pod quickly than any other harnesses. The anti-slip back lower support and elastic waistbands keep the pod pack at a fix position when you are running through the trees to reach your target, or you want to hide in the bushes.

Empire Halo Paintball HPA Tank and Loader:

Make a better decision and finish out a marker purchase with tank and loader combo. You will get a 25 bps to feed rate with Empire Halo which is best to throw the fastest color from a paintball gun. The Air tank with 49ci/3000psi pressure will keep you in the game for a long time. You can gift this amazing equipment combination to your team member.

Empire Paintball Pants:

Always try to protect your body. The paintball pants with additional padding will keep your legs safe. The nylon reinforced knee is best to protect the legs in a firefight. The mesh vent panel maintains the cool airflow while the adjustable waist keeps your pants fix.

Paintball Goggles:

The goggle system is best to protect the face from colors and paints. The improved breathability with lightweight helps you to breathe freely when tagging and running through the wood. In case of fog the thermal anti-fog, lenses help you spot the opponent. You can buy different lenses for several light conditions. Purchase this special gift to take your team game to the next level in the heavy paintball fight.

Tippman Cronus Marker Special Package:

The special Tippmann Cronus Marker Package includes everything which is needed by an entry-level player. You can get legendary durability and high performance with the milsim style marker. This package also comes with 200 round hopper, anti-fog mask, harness with five pods and 20oz CO2 tank. This special package is best for the high-end tournament.

Carbon fiber HPA tank:

If you want to shoot more between the fills, then this unique Ninja Paintball high-pressure tank is just for you. The high-quality regulator helps to provide more accuracy with consistent air flow. It is available in the market in various colors and different sizes. You can buy a perfect tank which fits perfect for your next paintball game.

Azodin Kaos pump with three paintball markers:

When the players are shooting 16+ balls at a second, then every shot is precious. Either you want to decrease the amount of color you shoot, or you want to improve the performance, this unique Pump is best for your game. The dual pump arms and single trigger provides the reliability and smooth pup stroke.


Paintball is a famous sport which can be played in groups. Due to its unique features like team building skills and leadership qualities, it is used as a powerful tool in military and society training. If you are an entry level player then by adopting simple strategies and doing more practice you can win a high-end tournament. Several spare parts and equipment are available in the market which can help you to upgrade your marker. To deal with a heavy firefight, you need to avoid some major mistakes to help your team. Buy a new gift for your friend and keep having fun.


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