Airsoft guns vs. real guns

Airsoft guns are basically replicas to real guns used to play airsoft, basically are made to look a lot alike to real guns but without the metal bullets to inflict pain like a real gun. But the real problem here is distinguishing between an airsoft gun and a real gun, and most people can hardly tell the difference between an airsoft gun and a real gun just by looking at it.

In some countries like Britain, airsoft owners have to paint their guns to distinguish them from real guns which color like green and blue. Over the years there’s been a rise on the questioning of whether airsoft guns should be made to look so similar or like a direct replica to real guns, Tyler King was shot and killed by an Ohio police officer who couldn’t distinguish between the airsoft BB gun he was carrying, the same thing happened to 12 year old Tamir Rice who was shot in Cleveland while he had an airsoft gun. Both policemen in both cases gave the same complaints of not being able to distinguish between the airsoft guns and the real firearms, and all this has let to the high questioning of the safety of airsoft guns in the society.

So should airsoft guns be taken more seriously the way real firearms are taken? with the high controversy surrounding the airsoft guns and real firearms we will like to look at the differences and similarities.


Starting with the similarities an airsoft gun is a look-alike to real firearms, and it is often very difficult to tell the difference between the two, some countries impose laws for airsoft guns to have several colors on it to show that it isn’t a real firearm. An example of such country is England, in the USA some states impose laws for the tip of the airsoft guns to have a color on it to indicate it isn’t real and it is forbidden to design your airsoft gun to look exactly like a real gun would look its already causing harm as it is.

Several cases have even been reported of airsoft guns being used to carry out illegal activities such as robbery, the airsoft guns are used to frighten their victims who are most of the times a hundred percent convinced the guns are real, if the guns are not to be carried openly in public and can only be carried in bags or enclosed carriers it only goes to indicate the harm and similarities it has to a real gun and the impact it has on a public who won’t differentiate one if seen. I don’t think anything can better show how the airsoft guns from the real firearms more than this facts.

Both guns fire shots

Both an airsoft gun and a real firearm are capable of firing shots, the bullets are not necessarily made up of the same components, but both have the ability to fire and only vary on the impact and damages caused. Airsoft guns are used to play airsoft and Involve people shooting one another with projectiles from the gun, in similar case guns are also used to fire at people but in no friendly way or game. In any case, both guns can fire shots which make them similar to each other including their looks.

Both have age limits to own one

That’s right to own airsoft you must have passed their age limit which is usually 18 years old, you might be able to handle one in the presence of an adult supervisor or someone older than 18 years but to own one is actually impossible or not legal If underaged. Same goes for a real firearm you must be a certain age to purchase and own a legalized gun, the age required varies from states as some can need to be 21 years old and above or 18 years and above to be able to purchase and own a real firearm. Airsoft guns might be just for fun and games, but we can see that it has laws and rules being imposed on it as if it was a real arm that can perform all the damages a real firearm can.

Both can inflict pains and cause physical damage

We all know guns are harmful and can cause severe casualties if not handled with caution, and most people believe that airsoft guns are completely harmless and safe which isn’t true. Of course, we can’t compare the damages a real firearm can do with what an airsoft gun can do, airsoft guns can inflict pains depending on the FPS(feet per second) when fired at an individual. Each year a number of airsoft gun injuries are registered with most damages on the eyes of gamers, this can’t be compared to what a real gun can do of course, but the notion that no harm can be done by an airsoft gun is completely false as explained above.

That’s all for the similarities between the airsoft gun and real gun, and we are going to look at the differences of both guns now to see what makes this similar objects different.

Difference in what is fired

Airsoft guns are replicas to real guns designed to shoot non-metallic spherical projectiles such as plastic, rubbers or wax. Airsoft guns basically fire airsoft pellets which are made of plastic and are also known as BB(ball bearing). the airsoft pellets are designed to cause no harm when shot though injuries still tend to be registered when shot in people’s eyes. Whereas a real gun is made up of metallic bullets with the main purpose of causing danger against who it is being fired at unlike the airsoft pellets designed not to inflict little or any pains against who the shots are directed to. Basically, if you fire a real gun at someone’s head, they’ll die while with an airsoft gun the victim will feel just a sting or even more but not such casualties.

The purpose of both guns

A real gun is made with the sole purpose to inflict casualties, pain and even kill towards who it’s being fired at, and it is used for military actions like wars and other dangerous activities. Whereas airsoft guns are made for fun and games, the airsoft guns are made with no intention to cause harm on anyone it is fired at. There are even annual events that are organised for airsoft games to take place you won’t see such events happening with real guns, the main purpose of airsoft guns it’s to have fun and derive pleasure with no casualties recorded, and there are even places in America meant just for such games.

Airsoft guns can easily be gotten

Airsoft guns can easily be acquired compared to real guns, and if you have attained the right age to purchase an airsoft gun, then it’s an easy task to do and complete. Trying to get a real gun even when you’re of the right age can quite be difficult as there are extra precautions taken when given out real guns to people, to get a real gun requires you to fill in several details like the reason you are purchasing one. There is several cases of people with real guns firing direct shots into the public, and many people think it will be better if people just can’t go and fill-in some documents to get a gun. This makes the process of acquiring a real gun more difficult now, but it is for a good cause as too much security is never enough security.

Some real airsoft guns are painted to indicate it is not a real gun

Some countries can only allow you to own airsoft guns if you make them look and indicate that they are not real guns and this can be done with the use of color paints on the gun, some may paint the tip of the gun like the USA or 70% of it like England. In Canada, airsoft guns are required to have a shinier colour and look so it can be easily differentiated and not concluded to be a real gun, especially by the cops. If real guns were gotten that easily, they’ll be more than a tone full of guns in the streets more than it already is right now.

No matter the differences or the similarities between the airsoft guns and the real guns, both will only be harm free if extra precautions are followed. And more serious rules are imposed in some areas in order for more safety to be ensured especially public safety. Airsoft guns might be made just for fun and pleasure but do you think it is safe for many people to own it with the several doubting questions raising worldwide each day concerning the safety on it.

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