Paintball does not need any introduction; I mean if you are reading this write-up at all it means you know one or two things about the sport called Paintball.

As you know, before a game of paintball can be played, a game field has to be available. American Paintball Coliseum is arguably the best place you can go if you want a standard playing field for paintball. It is home to fields for not only playing paintball but also for laser tag and airsoft game. It is rated by a lot of people as the best you will ever find in Denver. Thus, if you want to play a game of Laser tag, airsoft or Paintball, the American Paintball Coliseum should be your first destination. Besides, it is the largest Paintball game field in the MID-WEST!  In addition, the American Paintball Coliseum is also in Phoenix (2915 E. Washington St.) and Colorado Springs (834 Emory Cir.).

The American Paintball coliseum has facilities for both indoor paintball as well as outdoor fields for special events which can also be used for playing paintball, airsoft and laser tag.

  • The indoor facility has over 26,000 sq. ft. space which is used to play Paintball only. It also has about 15,000 sq. feet indoor field which can be used for playing laser tag and airsoft. A 15,000 sq. feet field is also used for playing virtual reality games as well as other games.
  • The outdoor playing fields, on the other hand, spans over 65 acres which contain about 13 fields which are used for playing different purposes. It is mainly used for playing paintball, and some other special events that need the kind of space the coliseum has.


The American Paintball Coliseum playing fields is used for include hosting birthday parties for kids as well as adults, events that help build office team spirit and relationship, etc. and has been used to host lots of these events in the past.

  • Birthday parties: If you need a field for airsoft or laser tag parties for your kid (aged 9 or under) and his or her friends, the American Paintball Coliseum is the place to go. The coliseum has provisions in place that allows kids aged 9 and under to play laser tag and airsoft safely and under monitoring.

The game can be played in a group or as free play based on your kid’s preference. The American Paintball coliseum also provides a private party room, drinks, and food for your kid’s birthday party. All you have to do is make reservations before time to get your kid’s event booked.

  • Office Team spirit building and Company parties: The American Paintball Coliseum also has facilities if you want to organize a team-building event or book for a company party event. There are even discounts in place for people looking to book for company or office themed events.

Regardless of the event, you have in mind, you can always be sure the positive experience gained from the coliseum will be long-lasting. Airsoft ball and Laser Tag are the only games anyone under the age of 10 can play. For your kid to be eligible to play Paintball at the American Paintball Coliseum, he or she must be 10 years old or above.


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