Are Paintball Guns Legal?

If the question really bothers you that keeping a Paintball Guns or Paintball makers are legal or not? Here is the answer that you can keep Paintball guns or makers but the whole thing depends on the local Fire Arm rules and regulation. So, the answer may vary for different countries or state laws inside the same country. That’s why we’ve googled to find in which location people are aware of such laws.

The most active regions are Australia, the UK, and the USA. People staying the regions are posted several questions on this issue. So before purchasing a Paintball Gun or Makers make sure that you have all paper to keep it. Otherwise, we might face some serious legal problems. Before going through the Laws, we need to understand what is Paintball Maker or Gun and how it works?

What is a Paintball Maker or Gun?

According to the most reliable sources, Paintball Maker is a type of gun typically used in a team sport. It is a real-life action, First-person shooter game. For example, COD or Battle Field. There are two, or many teams can involve in a single turn or round. The targets may vary such as rescue, flag capturing or defending a specific position, etc. So, the opponents shoot each other with an air pressure gun loaded with color balls that burst upon hit.

As we mentioned, Air pressure gun! Basically, the bullets (Color balls) can travel at a speed of 300 feet per second, and we believe that is a safety measure for Human Body or Skin. Generally, the Air pressure is generated by Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen or natural gas. So, we can finally conclude the Paintball Maker or Gun as a low Air pressure gun.

Paintball Maker & Legislation – USA, UK & Australia?

The answer was given if you noticed it comes under the category of Air pressure gun though low. But still, the judge of NY Supreme Court found it as an Airgun. As the design is similar and Carbon Dioxide generates power to shoot. So, he ruled it as an Air Gun and suggested that Paintball Makers are also coming under the State’s Criminal Law.


But in the UK there is a different scenario because the authority is already maintaining specific guidelines for the Firearm producer on making Guns or Makers used in Paintball games. According to the 1968 Firearm act, they don’t consider the Paintball Makers as any of type Firearms because the type of bullet is frangible ammunition, bursts upon a hit on any solid target. Moreover, this Colorful bullets cannot penetrate and cause injuries to a body of any living subject.

As per my research, I found that UK has a governing body for Paintball sport that is UKPSF. This organization started its journey on the 1990s when a group of people stands against the rumor related to the Paintball makers due to the UK Arm Act. They implemented many rules regulation to make the Paintballing as a controlled sport for recreation purpose only.

The rules and regulations are following to keep a Paintball Maker in the UK:

• You just need to use the approved Paintballs.

• No fully Automatic Paintball Makers are permitted in the UK. Means the Paintball Maker should fire one color ball at a time.

• Carbon dioxide bottles and Air cylinders should be tested on a regular basis.

• Highest limit of the range for a competition gun is under 300 feet per second.


But on the contrary by the law of Australia, keeping a Paintball Maker is comes under the Fire Arm acts. If you’ve got the appropriate license only in that case, you can keep any type of gun in Australia. The most interesting fact about the Australian ruling is that it differs almost in every state around Australia. Moreover, you need to have different licenses to keep a gun and travel along Australia.

Following is the list of the states and type of License you need to show to the local police to keep a low-pressure Paintball Maker or gun:

• In ACT a category “A” license is required to keep a Paintball Maker.

• For people staying NSW, needs a commissioner permit to acquire a Paintball Maker.

• Likewise, ACT SA people do need a category “A” license.

• You’ll need to have an “E5” Fire Arms License in WA.

• NT authority only allows Paintball Makers to owners of Paintball Park or Ground.

• Contact Victoria police to keep Paintball Guns for a license, and you’re 18+ to get one.

• People staying QLD can easily contact and apply for a category “A” License from the local police station.

• Recently Tasmania allows their people to keep a Paintball Guns on behalf of a category “A,” reason six license.

So, don’t freak and ask to the local police station regarding your location for keeping Air guns or Paintball Makers. But as long on my research, I found it’s an easy process to acquire a license regardless of any country and states. Because we all know that the Paintball Maker is harmless to Human if used following proper guideline.

Transportation & Use in Public location

I hope till now you found that how to legally keep a Paintball Maker? But still, we’re not aware of the rules. Here I will some discuss some basic rules to follow before using a Paintball Maker.

Simply using our common sense, we can avoid fines and penalties. For example, entering and shooting Paintball Gun inside a private property without the consent of the owner is a criminal offense not only for the reason of carrying an Air Gun itself.

Following are the rules I found on the Internet which are common around the world:


In the USA carrying a Paintball Maker is highly regulated by the authority as they found it as a weapon and declared illegal any kind of transportation of Paintball Maker. For example, people of Pennsylvania need to follow a strict guideline to carry such a weapon in a vehicle. Either you’re indulging yourself in quite a bad legal situation.

Following is some guidelines the citizens of Pennsylvania should follow to carry a Paintball maker in their vehicle:

• Simply for transport, a Paintball Maker make sure that the gun is not loaded. No ammunition!

• The propellant must not operate in connection with the gun.

• The Paintball should be in a sealed box. Likewise the balls the gun also should be well wrapped and sealed.

As we already set an example earlier about the public use of Paintball Maker. In most of the cases, we’ve seen that using the gun on the roadside, out of the playing ground, or over in passerby or vehicle, etc. is banned.

Likewise using in locations such as Medicals, schools, and or any private property can cause a hefty amount as fine and penalty. So, the above mention activities are considered as criminal offenses whether you use a Paintball Shooter or a stick to break a vehicle glass.

So, I’ll wrap up by this final words that be happy, be a sport and don’t harm anybody. Moreover, follow the rules and regulation as a good citizen of your country. Cheers!


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