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Airsoft battles can be recreational and also at times involve some intense, heavy-duty combat situations. Regardless of how you approach airsoft gameplay, remember not to ignore the basics of airsoft gaming including safety. Thousands of dollar?s worth of airsoft guns cannot stop you from getting hit on the face, but airsoft helmets and goggles can do that.

If you have ever used a chronograph on the airsoft battlefield, one might be aware of how fast-paced the pellets go. One can never predict when the opponent will hit the perfect target with the pellet. It is easy to survive any body shots using basic protective gear, but any kind of damage or injury in or around the eyes can result in temporary loss of sight or temporary blindness. It is a fatal mistake to ever go on to the airsoft battlefield without wearing protective gear for your eyes.

Having said this, when on the airsoft battlefield you need a couple of accessories not just to have fun but also to protect yourself from the pellets. Most of the players just focus on choosing the right airsoft helmet when it comes to choosing a protection gear for airsoft game. Another important protective equipment that needs attention and is important when playing airsoft is airsoft goggles.

While airsoft helmet is one of the most important choices to make when it comes to protective gear , one should also give importance to choosing the right airsoft goggles. After all, goggles protect your eyes and eye protection is more important than hitting the target. Eye protection from pellets is critical when playing airsoft and putting on airsoft goggles during the gameplay make your overall experience safe and enjoyable.


Helping You Choose the Best Airsoft Goggles, More Easily

Safety is of prime concern in any airsoft tournament. It is important to put on your goggles at all times while you are on the airsoft battlefield. With safety in mind, you want to ensure that you select the right goggles for yourself. We have compiled a list of guidelines to help you choose the right and perfect airsoft goggles –

i) Price

Price is a very important factor when purchasing any airsoft protective gear. At times the price is important in your decision while other times it might not be of much priority. When it comes to airsoft goggles, the price should not be too much of a priority and concern. You will want to prioritize airsoft goggles that will protect your face when pellets are flying towards you at a rapid pace.

ii) Comfort

Unlike price of the airsoft goggles, comfort should be your top priority when choosing goggles as you will be wearing them on during most of your time in the airsoft battlefield. Give a thought about how often you play airsoft and how important is it for you to be comfortable when playing so you can choose your airsoft goggles wisely. You would want to buy goggles that will let you focus on hitting on your target without aching your head or neck. Lightweight airsoft goggles are usually more comfortable than heavy weighted ones. Also, give importance to how secure and safe the goggles are for your head. If you have comfortable goggles, it will help you focus on your game and give your best.

iii) Durability

When pellets are hitting you at high speeds, you want goggles that can withstand the force without breaking. If you plan to play airsoft fairly often , your goggles are likely to be prone to wear and tear with time .Choose a pair of airsoft goggles that are made up of durable material to ensure that they will last longer are worth your investment.

iv) Pay Attention to Buying Anti-Fog Goggles

There are tons of varieties of Airsoft goggles being sold in the market, but the majority of them are not capable of keeping the fog away for long. Any airsoft game can become annoying if you wear fogged goggles as they make the game a lot less fun.

Airsoft goggles fog up easily and can have an impact on your capability to see the airsoft battlefield filled with flying BBs (that can impact your vision in eyes with just one single shot). We recommend that you buy anti-fog goggles available in the market that ensure that the anti-fog properties will provide you with the ability to protect your eyes without having to make a compromise with the vision.


Best Airsoft Goggles

Every airsoft player must and should invest in protective gear of which goggles are at its core. In this article, we have covered a wide variety of airsoft goggles ranging from ultra-lightweight to amateur . However, this is not the conclusive list of all the best airsoft goggles available in the market, but we have mentioned about every fantastic performer in the category of airsoft goggles. You might get different opinions from other players and more contenders, but this list has been formulated considering the real-life performance of the goggles as a primary factor. We have collated an unbiased list of the best airsoft goggles available in the market that will help you decide which one should you buy based on your needs ?

1) Lancer Tactical Airsoft Goggles

Your budget companion for airsoft eye protection that comes with a polycarbonate frame and a thermoplastic polyurethane lens. These goggles are strong enough to be carried into any airsoft battlefield and have three interchangeable lenses so that you can make adjustments to the level of light provided. Lancer goggles provide excellent vision in the field so that players can get a large view of the airsoft battlefield. The only drawback to using these goggles is that minimal fogging might occur when using them and you might experience slight discomfort around the bridge of the nose. Few players might not find them to be full seal goggles, but if you are looking for budget friendly airsoft eye protection, then these are a must buy.


2) Pyramex V2G Safety Goggles

V2G Safety goggles from Pyramex have gained popularity among airsoft players for their anti-fog properties and excellent protection for the eyes. The lenses of these goggles are treated with effective anti-fog technology which doubles up as a scratch deterrent. The inner foam padding inside the V2 goggles keeps debris out and fog to minimal whilst providing comfortable and soft fit.

3) Revision Military Desert Locust Goggle Basic

If you wear glasses on the field, then Revision Military goggles should be your choice your as these just perfectly fit over your glasses. With fog resistant lenses and top-notch comfort, these goggles are just ideal for any kind of weather conditions. These make a perfect fit for glass wearers as one can have the prescription inserts placed within the goggles. This airsoft goggle kit comes with a yellow high-contrast lens, goggle frame , and anti-reflective sleeve. However, if you have a small framed face, then the bulky design of these goggles might not be ideal for you.

4) Neiko 53875B Goggles

These are termed as universal goggles as they can be used for everything right from Lab work to sites with construction tool and obviously in airsoft gameplay. These goggles are impact, and scratch resistant as the lenses of these goggles are made up of polycarbonate. The anti-fog technology, adjustable strap and the PVC frame of the goggles make it just perfect for anyone. The dual injected rubber designs fit over the regular eyewear and conform to the face providing a snug fit .Neiko goggles come with a protective coating that aids in reducing the amount of scratching and provides protection against fogging. These are a must have goggles to enjoy a high level of security from dust, debris, and chemicals.


5) Viper Tactical Airsoft Goggles

The perfect goggles for airsoft, shooting, and hunting that can be worn on glasses no matter what. Whether it is sunny, wintery, urban, and dusty environments, you can see just them put them on for protection in any extreme weather conditions. These goggles meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety rating and come with 4 interchangeable lenses in a hard tactical shell. Enjoy the protection for your eyes with these airsoft goggles featuring shatterproof lenses and adjustable headband.

Airsoft is one of my best stress remedy whenever I need a break. It gives me so much joy as I play this sport together with my other comrades. It helps me a lot in releasing negative energy in my life so I can be refreshed and start a new one.

I started playing airsoft at the age of 16 and even today. It?s been 9 years already but the excitement is still there. Sometimes, I may experience defeat against my enemies but I took it as a challenge so I can be the best airsoft player in town. Compared to my previous years, I only play airsoft during my vacant hours or days in order for me to freshen up whenever I?m so fed up with my job.

In playing airsoft, it is important to come with safety gears most especially in the crucial body parts such as our eyes. Airsoft can be sometimes experienced in a very intense scenario especially if you are with a competitive team or facing against a competitive enemy. Of course you don?t want to lose in a battle, right? You really need to strive hard for it.

Working hard to win a single game also includes keeping yourself safe. It is important to wear safety gears in our head and in other crucial part of the body. As for my own experience, I have encountered different airsoft eye protector products for 9 years and it is indeed difficult to look for a reliable equipment. My eyes are at risk so it should be protected properly as I seek for fun.

Choose the Best Airsoft Eye Protection

Marketplace for gears offers different types of contemporary airsoft goggles which is very challenging for you to choose the best equipment that will suit perfectly to your needs. Be careful in purchasing an airsoft goggles online since a lot of users are very much exaggerated in giving feedbacks for one product. This factor is always the reason why a lot of players are disappointed because they didn?t have the chance to get the best product that they actually need.

In purchasing products such as goggles, it is important to consider its advantages and disadvantage. Of course you are looking for something that will be useful for you during your gameplay. Cases such as airsoft player wearing glasses is not possible to be encountered. I, myself sometimes wears glasses as I play airsoft because I lose my clear eye sight due to computer radiation and I am very much thankful with the existence of goggles allowing you to weak your glasses at the same time. Investing such products are very important because we can?t deny the fact that it is somehow expensive so be sure to choose the right goggles for you.

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