Best Paintball Masks Under $100

There is no denying the fact that Paintball is one of the best adventure sport anyone can play either professionally or recreational. What makes it even more fun is that it can be played both indoor as well as outdoor.

The sport is not without some dangers that can only be prevented by wearing safety gear. There is protection for important parts of the body which are worn when playing the game. That said, a lot of people believe the only way they can get the best paintball mask available is by investing lots of money in purchasing masks. This notion is false and should be discarded.

Buying a paintball mask is not just about buying the most expensive one you can find, it is about what you want to use the mask for. Paintball can be played in a variety of ways and each requires specific masks. This does not mean any kind of mediocre mask will do because the paintball mask protects your critical parts of your face and head like your nose, ears and most importantly eyes.

There are different mask models. There are lightweight ones which you can wear and move without feeling a little restricted or weighed down by the mask. Some provide ultra-safety if worn although they are a bit on the heavy side.

Due to the importance of paintball masks, we have searched the market for the different paintball masks sold online and in stores and have created this list to help you decide which one is best for you. The masks on this list are of great quality and very durable. They all come at an affordable price and their best functions are provided so that you can know what you can get from using any of them.

Below are the best paintball masks 2019 you should be using for your Paintball games.




If you are looking for the best mask for your paintball matchups, this is the mask you should go for! Dye Precision i5 Thermal paintball mask is constructed with special attention to details to provide users maximum and total comfort when the mask is worn regardless of the place or time they want to play.

The mask comes with an antifog lens so that the user’s view will be clear and visibility will not be reduced in any way. It comes with an anatomic fit and a formed earpiece. In other words, it is a multifunctional gear you should buy if you have the money. The thermal lens of the mask can be changed swiftly and easily. The mask, unlike some other paintball mask, offers you a horizontal peripheral vision that only makes playing more interesting and exciting.

The Precision i5 Paintball mask/goggle is the brain’s best-designed goggles and was built by skilled personnel whose main focus was to build a goggle that not only provides maximum visibility but one that is durable and stylish.

The mask itself is unbelievable light and the technology used in making the mask removes sweat and moisture from your face within seconds of producing it. It also comes with replaceable face foam which other masks does not have. When it comes to Paintball masks, the first thing that forces the mask being replaced is the face foam. Nobody wants an uncomfortable mask. DYE solves the problem of having to spend money on new masks once the face mask is worn out.

NOTE: If you cannot afford the DYE i5 mask, you should go for the DYE i4 mask as it has the same features as the DYE i5 mask. The only difference is that the DYE i5 comes with lots of cool features that were not in its predecessor.

Best Features

  • Offers a horizontal peripheral vision
  • Comes with Rapid lens change
  • Antifog features to improve visibility
  • Ear protection with micro-fiber cloth pads
  • Anti-scratch features
  • UV protection on the lenses
  • GoPRO and eVOKE compatible with built-in GoPRO mount
  • Overall awesomeness




This is a mask you should only go for it you want maximum protection on the playing field. It is made to protect the back of the head, face and some part of the neck. Wearing it is comfortable thanks to its lightweight. It has an impressive aeration system and anti-fogging features.

One drawback is that the anti-fogging feature is not as impressive as some other mask’s. After extended or prolonged use, the mask can become a little foggy. This can easily be solved with fan mods like Vortex II fan and some other good ones.

NOTE: if you have large ear lobes, the mask is not meant for you. You should avoid it if you don’t want your ear hanging after wearing it.

For its price, it is a mask you should consider buying for your paintball games.


  • Impressively built aeration system
  • Antifog features
  • Maximum face and head protection.



This is an insanely cool looking mask that will get your friends asking you where and when you got the mask. It gives you a 270 degrees vision field and can help you move your gameplay to a whole new level.

The bottom of the mask is made of soft material. The material is so soft that the chances of getting a bounce after being hit by a paintball are high. The face foam is replaceable which means you do not have to buy a new mask. The lenses also have UV protection which is very useful in playing during the summer or on a sunny day.

The thermal lens of the mask can easily be changed and it cost about $150 to get the awesome mask.


  • High chance of getting a paintball bounce off
  • Anti-scratch features
  • Anti-fog features
  • Compatible with any type of glasses




If you are looking for a mask that will serve its purpose and provide adequate protection under $100, you should go for this. It is one of the most customizable masks ever made for playing paintball.

You can choose to have your mask in a lot of cool amazing color. From the lens to the straps to the visor of the mask, you can customize every part of the mask according to your taste.

That aside, the mask is comfortable to wear and does not echo when breathing. The face foam of the mask is replaceable which implies that you only need one mask for life! Unless of course, you choose to upgrade to another mask because of the features it offers that is not present in the Virtue VIO Ascend mask. The lens can also be replaced if the old one wears out.


  • Highly customizable
  • Double lensed mask with hydrophobic antifogging coats
  • UV protection on the lens
  • Excellent Airflow in the mask
  • Scratch-resistant or anti-scratch features on the lens




The most impressive thing about the Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggles that cannot be overlooked is its ventilation. On a hot day, wearing the Empire E-flex Goggles will make you feel happy to play the game.

The lens on the mask does not cause any distortion and it is incredibly light; one of the lightest paintball masks in the market. The lens can also be easily and quickly swapped if you want to play multiple games with few minutes in-between. It is comfy and soft on the face and its anti-fog features are also impressive. The mask also has ear protection for your ears.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Light and comfy to wear
  • Antifog properties of the lens




This paintball google will easily fit anyone who wants to wear it. The main reason for this is that it comes with adjustable straps which can be changed to fit your preferences or changed to make it comfortable for you after you wear it. It offers complete or full coverage protection of the head and face.

The visor of the mask has anti-UV features which help to reduce sun glare in the sun. It is comfy to wear and has a replaceable lens and face foam. The mask has silicon-coated straps which means it does not slip when it is worn.

The lens is made with great care and there is no distortion when the mask is worn. Its anti-fog features mean you always have a crystal clear field of vision when playing.

NOTE: To enjoy the BASE mask, it is best if you pad the ears that cover the ears. Some people complain the mask sometimes squeeze their ears


  • Made to fit everyone
  • Has a customizable strap which can be adjusted
  • A comfy and soft mask which provides sturdy protection against paintballs thanks to its molded visor.




Valken Annex MI-9 Mask/Goggles leads the way on the cheapest masks you can buy on the market that offers decent protection. The mask is just around $50 and is the best you will see at that price.

The Valken mask comes with a collapsible bottom made of rubber which can cause paintballs to bounce off it. It is one of the few $50 masks that have this feature.

It also has a visor, double pane lenses, chin straps and a face foam that acts as a thermal barrier. The thermal barrier is a feature that is not very common in masks that are of the same price range as the Valken MI-9 mask.

The mask is lightweight and has a fast lens changing system. Although it is comfy and soft on the inside, it is not as comfortable as the more expensive masks listed above. However, it is a nice go-to mask if you are looking for basic protection in a paintball game.




Because of how rough and physical a game of paintball can sometimes be, it is necessary to consider some factors before purchasing any mask. They are:

  • Age: If you are under 18, you should not even attempt to buy a mask that is not offering full head protection. This is because you will be denied entry at paintball fields! The only adult is allowed to use goggles-like masks or half-full masks. Knowing this will save you the hassle of having to return the mask after purchase.
  • Ear protection, general Comfort and protection: The main function of the mask is to protect your ears, eyes as well as other parts of your face and head from the impact of the paintballs. You should not opt for a fancy mask that does not provide decent protection!
  • Weight of the mask: This is a personal decision. How heavy you want the mask to be on your neck depends on you. One thing you should however note is that having a heavy mask on can affect your agility and performance on the field, especially if the mask weighs you down too much.
  • Ventilation or aeration: This is another important factor you should consider. You won’t always get to play a paintball game under cool conditions. If you are playing on a sunny day and your mask is not well aerated, you might find yourself dangerously at a disadvantage. This is because your mask will easily fog up which will reduce your performance on the field.
  • Cost: It is not just about buying any of the masks listed above simply because it was listed as one of the best masks you can buy. Instead, it is more about getting the best mask you can afford. Do not buy any cheap mask just for the sake of having a mask on! If a paintball hits the right spot on your head, without a good mask protecting you, it can cause incredible damage.



Hopefully, you now have an idea of what to consider when buying paintball masks. If you do not have a lot of time to spend to research the different masks available on the market, you can also easily choose any of the ones listed above. Have Fun!

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