Can airsoft guns hurt you?

As previously considered, the dumbest tool, like a book with hardcover, in the wrong hands can cause damage, much more guns that have been designed to simulate real-time wars and battles. However, as with real guns, the effects of the airsoft gun differ due to distance, the gun type, the body part hit, and BB specifications.

The body parts that hurt the most

? The face: the skin on the face is very delicate, and proper care must be taken to avoid hits on it. That is why face masks are considered very important.

? The eyes: these are the riskiest parts. Any wrong move can damage the eyesight. This explains why goggles are the most important accessory in airsoft.

? The neck: this area is not protected by thick layers like the palm or feet. Any hit to the neck is sure to leave a whet.

? The groin: isn’t it obvious? The groin will certainly hurt when to hit, especially by heavy BBs.


The injury suffered from an airsoft gun depends largely on the distance it’s fired from and the rate of the feet-per-second. The higher the FPS, the more the hurt sustained when hit.

A gun with FPS between 300-400 will hurt a lot when shot from close range. If very close, like 2 or 3 feet, you may wet your shorts but if far, like 20 feet or so, you may not even feel it.

Safety tips for using the airsoft guns

Having established that your airsoft gun may harm you if wrongly used, we have to look at some safety rules to be on the safer side.

1. Your fingers should be off the trigger whenever you are not shooting.

2. Always keep your guns in holsters when not in use.

3. Always have on your goggles. Always!!

4. Always consider an airsoft gun as being loaded.

5. Only play in certified fields that reduce the risk of getting injured.

6. Avoid unnecessary plays with your firearms.

7. Your gear must be worn at all necessary times.

Airsoft guns will not kill you or cause much harm as long as they do not hit the eyes. At worst, they feel like the pelting of falling little balls of ice. That can be fun most times.


Airsoft Guns – Safe Or Not?

Airsoft cannot do without its guns. The main fun in it lies in the ‘kracker-boom’ trajectory or its sniping hiss. To play airsoft without guns is to play poker without cards. But is anything gun hundred percent safe? Can airsoft guns hurt you? Should you be highly conscious of them and how you handle them? Consider a pencil. Normally, it is meant for writing, but when handled wrongly, it can be very harmful. It can cause blindness and even death. However, also put into consideration the fact that some people work in mines and some in the army. Do they always injure themselves when working? The crux is to understand that any item is safe unless when mishandled.

Now, can airsoft guns hurt you? We will find the obvious answer to that after knowing the types of airsoft guns.

Types of airsoft guns

Airsoft is a deep game, and it is hence understood that they have quite a number of varieties when it comes to its equipment. Airsoft guns are of several types and make. However, the focus here is on the most popular and commonly used types.

1. Electrically powered airsoft guns

This gun type is by far the most renowned in the airsoft world. They are also known as AEGs, automatic electric guns. AEGs come in several modes ranging from the fully-automatic to the semi-automatic. Electrical flowered guns run on batteries, and a simple pull of the trigger has the capacity to discharge a lot of BBs. These guns bear the most resemblance to actual military guns and happen to have the best feel of reality in its operation. They fire at a velocity that can be within 300 Fps to 400 Fps. Due to its reliability and realism, the AEGs are the most commonly used arms in airsoft. It should be remembered that an AEG may not be automatic despite the automatic in its name.

2. Spring powered airsoft guns

This gun type works via a compressor. They have to be cocked each time they are to be fired. That is, to fire 50 shots, you have to cock 50 times. This explains why they only have the manual mode and do not support the automatic mode. They do not have the delightful feel of reality and, needless to point out, tire players very easily. Mostly, they are for beginning hands or children. This is attributed to their safety and low price and maintenance routines since batteries or gas tanks are not needed to use them. Spring guns are reliable however and can always be called on. A very advantageous feature of it is that you never have a fear of running out of batteries or gas in a gun battle. This feature can often cause blind firing in beginners though.

3. Gas powered airsoft guns

As seen from its name, this gun type makes use of gas to work. They operate just as the steel weapons used in reality. In place of spring compressors as in the spring powered guns, these guns fire BBs using fast bursts of gas that help to propel the BBs to a long way. Gases such as green gas, CO2, propane and compressed air are the commonly used types of gas. These guns are not difficult to use as it might seem. A tank of gas is simply put inside the gun and so when fired; the compressed gas rapidly pushes the BBs out with a very high velocity. Examples of this gun type are the NBB (non-blowback weapons), the NBBGP (non-blowback gas pistols), the GBBP (gas blowback pistols), the HPA (high-pressure air), the GBBR (gas blowback rifle, and the Polar star, also called the Electron pneumatic. It should be noted that being powered with gas does not make this gun type automatic. In fact, some of this gun type is fully manual and need to be cocked like the spring guns in order to make a shot. Know also, a gun that is fuelled by gas but requires the spring pull to fire will be under the gas powered guns. Gas tanks keep your gun running for a pretty long while and are also cheap to buy.

Airsoft can be likened to a club where you point to a fish and have it killed. Knowing the guns only does not answer the question, ‘can airsoft guns hurt you?’ BBs are also important to know.

BBs in Airsoft

BBs are in different designs, makes and models. That explains why you have to make several considerations before you make your preference. The right BBs will reduce the risk of you losing or getting hurt on the field.

? First, BBs can be classed on size. Normally, BBs have a standard size of 6mm. But sometimes, they come in 8mm. The estimated measurement of the pellet’s diameter gives the approximate size of the BB millimeter. Due to these sizes, they can be shot out of spring, AEGs or gas powered guns. BBs are produced through the process of plastic molding. The process involves selection of materials, sorting, melting, injection of material, polishing, and branding.

? Second, the size and accuracy of the barrel. The size of the BBs as previously stated allows it to fit perfectly in the barrel of the gun. The BB size is just slightly smaller than the diameter of the inner barrel. This is to reduce the air that escapes from the barrel when the BB is fired. When there is more air in the barrel, there is an increase in the rate of the feet-per-second (FPS) performance that is BBs can be propelled further. Another theme in the firing of the BB is the RPM (rate per minute) and the RPS (rate per second). Some barrels can, however, be tweaked so as to increase the rate of the FPS.

? Third, the BB’s weight. The weight of the common BB range from 0.12 gram to 0.20 gram. The BB can however also come in the 0.25 gram, 0.28 gram and even up to 0.40 gram. The flight of the BB after it is fired is affected by its weight, so does the required force to propel it. Lighter BBs, like the 0.12, are for use in guns with up to 250 FPS rate and are usually for close range encounters. 0.20 and 0.25, the middle range are best for airsoft. This is because they are capable of being used for close range encounters and also long-range fires. The heavyweight, 0.30 and 0.40 are specifically for long range firing and require much force to be shot.

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