Can paintball guns shoot real bullets/pellets?

Life is full of surprises. You cannot just stick to one place and spend your whole life. Everyone needs to refresh their minds with something new and attractive. So getting fed with your daily routine life is quite common. But what you do in order to get rid of the tiredness and uneasy feeling, matters the most. There are many options for you to take if you want to spend quality time at the week’s end. Going to parties, getting drunk, is one choice but spending quality time with your family and friends is always a better option. Most of the people find it boring to spend time with their family. They find it difficult to sit on the sofa all day long and chatting the daily routine topics.

To be honest it is boring, but it doesn’t mean spending time with your family also is. You can pick other interesting options and compel your family to join you. Paintball is also a good option. It is full of fun, energy and surprises. It will act as a mood fresher and make your day a memorable one. So get your friends and family ready for the thrilling fun and enjoy the battlefield to its fullest. It also has so many advantageous effects on your body.





These are small colorful balls, which are used as bullets in the paintball battlefield. These tiny balls are basically color paints enclosed in gelatin coating. The paintball guns also called markers to use the compressed air or can use other gases like carbon dioxide or nitrogen, to shoot these small balls at the enemy team. The major purpose of this whole session is to give the player a real look of the battlefield which builds up the interest and boosts the energy. This will likely improve the mental health and also enhance physical endurance. So getting shot by these small paintball bullets will only give your suit/armor color and nothing else. Also, the markers are checked before use to ensure the speed of the shot paintball falls in the safety limit.  

Markers and Real Bullets:

It is true that the markers in the paintball use the compressed air or other gases to shoot the paintball bullets at the targeted enemy. But the volume and mass of the paintball bullets are so much smaller than the real bullets. Also, these markers sometimes lack the precision and move the projectile a little away from the expected shot. The real bullets cannot be shot from the paintball guns, as they will lack the accuracy and the speed. Also, the real bullet will have a recoil effect on the gun which breaks the gun apart after almost eight to ten shots. Real guns use magazines to install bullets in the gun, while there is no such system in the paintball marker. 

Small Solid Balls:

Though it is possible to shoot small solid balls with the paintball marker. But this too will have a bad effect on the gun. It will ruin the machinery of the gun. Also, the compressed air is not efficient enough to carry the solid ball to normal distances like the paintball bullets. The balls will fall at almost half the distance depending upon the material these balls are made from. This also violates the safety measure of the paintball marker. So it is better to use the paintball markers only for the paintball bullets.


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