Can Paintball Hurt you and How to Stay Safe

It will not hurt when you get hit in paintball if you wear a mask, goggles, heavy clothing, and follow the rules.

Paintball is an extreme game that has thousands of players nationwide. There are more than ten organizations that sponsor events throughout the country at different venues. A recent survey has shown that this is the third most popular game in the world.

Safety is the most important concern for those who want to play this game. This goes from the clothing that should be worn to the types of weapons that can be used.

Protective equipment consists of a face mask, gloves, pads for the chest, knees, and elbows. They must be worn at all times while inside the playing field. It is advisable to wear shoes with rubber soles given the rough terrain where the game is usually played.

Guns should be inspected before being used in any of the matches. This is because there is a maximum velocity allowed. The paintballs should not travel over 300 feet per second since anything greater can injure the players.

To prevent a misfiring from occurring, barrel plugs should be used for the safety of the gun owner and the people who are present during the event.

The facemask may fall off suddenly during the heat of the action. It can also fog due to sweat, paint or dirt. When this happens, the player should call on the referee so that it to be cleaned off of the field. The opponent is not allowed to fire on the player until that person is ready to return to the firing zone.

Since this game is about fun, players are not allowed to curse or hit other players. The only activity allowed is shooting the opponent so that he will be eliminated.

Another safety feature allowed in the game involves giving the opposing player the opportunity to surrender; but should the player show any form of hostile action, then one has no choice but to shoot the opponent.

Aside from protection given to the players, the organizers of such events also put safety nets around the area and require the audience remain a certain distance away from the action to avoid being hit by any of the balls.

Safety is a primary concern of paintball and almost every other sport: this is why rules are set in place which the players have to abide by. This is done to protect both the players and the fans: to prevent injuries from happening and so that everyone can have a good time.



If you’re an avid paintball player, you can’t avoid being hit by the paintballs. The travel speed of paintballs is around 290 miles per hour and if a part of your skin is hit, it will absorb the impact. A .68 caliber is enough to generate this speed and it can definitely sting. How can you stop the stinging sensation?

There are ways to take out the sting in playing paintball. If you have the right equipments and paintball gear, you will hardly feel any sting. After a tiring day of playing paintball, you will have fewer or no welts at all.

The first way to avoid any head injury is to wear the proper helmet. Some players also wear padded head wraps, stocking cap, or baseball hats to protect their ‘melons’. Paintball shots on the head can badly hurt and so you need to have the proper head protective gear.

You will experience the worst sting if you get hit on the neck. If you don’t want to end up with a stinging neck, don’t forget to wear neoprene neck protections to prevent stinging.

For your hands and fingers, you need to wear gloves. Paintball hits on the hands are quite painful and since your hands are exposed most of the time when you play paintball, you should wear padded gloves. Aside from the gloves, you also need to purchase forearm protections. Just like the hands, your forearms are always exposed when you’re aiming for a shot.

It is also important that you protect your shin and knees. You can actually find a protective gear that is specifically designed to cover the whole shin area and your knees as well. Your knees will be at work most of the time because you will most likely slide or crouch. Knee protectors are very important to prevent common knee injuries.

You can find most of the paintball gears in paintball shops or stores. Major online stores also offer some paintball gear. But before making any purchase, you must know more about the important paintball gear and accessories. If you want, you can conduct a research online about paintball and its accessories. Playing paintball can cost you huge money over the long run because of the many accessories it involves. Besides, without the proper paintball gear, you can’t play the game because you will only compromise your safety.

Among the basic paintball stuff that you need to purchase are the paintball gun or marker, the paintball, and the protective gear. Stinging can be prevented if you have all the necessary equipments. Don’t forge to bring all your paintball stuff when you go to the playing field and it would help if you have a paintball gear bag as well. That way, you will not forget anything once you decide to play the sport.

You don’t have to feel any stinging sensation when you’re playing paintball. As long as you wear the protective gears, paintball stings can be avoided. Not only that, you can also avoid possible paintball injuries when playing.

Hurry and join the sport like all other avid paintball players. Paintball is really quite popular these days. Regardless of age, sex, and status in life, you can play the sport as long as you have the appropriate gears. Experience real action and fun through paintball.



What Is A Good Paintball Mask?

The face mask is the most significant protective gear in playing the sport of paintball. It mainly shields the eyes from balls with a traveling speed of up to three hundred “feet per second.” Most completely cover the face and the ears, but there are those who prefer to wear goggles, protecting only the eyes.

Paintball masks are designed to absorb any direct shot, from any distance or range. An ordinary pair of goggles will supply only a false sense of security and put one at great risk since if they are not constructed to block a paintball. All paintball mask manufactures measure up to DOT safety criteria and safety standards.

The choice of the mask’s material is of significance. There are masks made of different material from rubber, plastic to foam. It is a wise idea to buy your face mask rather than renting one. It should be the first equipment purchased before playing paintball. Be sure to properly test the fit of the mask to your face and make sure that you can see clearly so you can well and enjoy your game. The lens is the mask’s most significant quality, so check it carefully; then examine the foam and see if it is comfortable to wear and the design is attractive

1. Typically, paintball masks will have either non-thermal or thermal lens or be anti-fog for fog resistance: these do not need an anti for agent applied to the lens to perform their function. These thermal lenses will cost more, but they are a good choice because they won’t fog up.

2. The foam in a paintball mask is an important factor to consider, as it can determine your level of comfort. For instance, a “Vforce Armor” is a neoprene type of foam – a type of foam that is considered a good foam, but it is uncomfortable. The “Vforce Shield” and “Vforce Profiler” is an open cell and two-layer foam which is very comfortable to wear. The open cell foam can be compared to a memory foam that is used in pillows.

3. The style is another factor. Some masks are more expensive even when the foam and lens are the same quality as cheaper models, but the difference is in the style of the mask.

Choose wisely and never sacrifice cost over quality; your safety should always come first!


The Basics of Paintball: How to Play and stay safe

If you are the type of person who loves action movies and want to experience the thrill of shooting someone, then you will see that playing paintball is the right kind of hobby for you. It is a fun sport that is also fast-paced as well as thrilling that everyone will love playing. It will give you lots of action and also that adrenaline rush that you always want to experience.

The great thing about paintball is that it can be played by anyone. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you will be able to play this action game. Even grandma and grandpa can join in the fun of this great sport.


Paintball is done in open fields. However, it can also be played inside large arenas and even inside buildings with two teams competing. Each person will have an air gun or a paintball gun or paintball marker.

Each team will have different colored armbands or different uniforms to distinguish themselves from friend or foe. For capture the flag, the two teams will search out the flag of the opponent and the first one to seize the flag and bring it back and put it right next to their flag at a certain amount of time wins.

Also, the entire team members shouldn’t be eliminated in the process. This means that there should be at least one of the team members who should stay “alive.” The term eliminated is where a paintball hits a player.

The basic paintball equipment is paintballs, which are spherical containers that are as large as marbles. Each of the balls contains a water-based paint and a semi-hard rubber shell that breaks easily after hitting an object. This is generally the ammunition for the paintball gun.

One other basic equipment is the paintball gun that is used to launch the paintball. It is generally powered by compressed air which launches the paintball. The body of the paintball gun is made of aluminum alloy that has a container that is used to hold the paintballs.

In paintball, you also need to have protection for your eyes as well as for your body. You need to remember that the paintball is propelled at high speeds and when it hits, it will hit hard. It can even hurt or sting a bit if it hits your bare skin. The eye protection equipment uses an acrylic plastic lens and a rubber strap. For protecting the face, you will need a mask. This covers the front of your face as well as your ears.

Belt packs are also considered to be essential as it will be able to let you hold additional accessories minus the hassle. The sight is also considered by many as important as it will help you aim more accurately.

In paintball, there are certain rules that you need to follow. The first is that you should always keep your protective gears on at all times during the game. Taking off the goggles or the mask are a big no-no in the game. Knowing the limitations of the gun is also essential in playing the game. Usually, shooting at a point-blank range is a no-no. If you do catch your opponent at this range, you have to point the gun at them and tap them on the shoulder or tell them that you marked them.

You also need to remember that this is an honest game. If you get hit, exit the game or play dead. Even if the shooter didn’t know you got hit because of the distance, you still need to be honest about it. Sometimes, you won’t know if you got hit or not due to the chaos of the firefight. If this happens, don’t just quit yet and let the referee determine if you got hit or not.

The last rule of the game is to enjoy it and have fun playing it. These are the basics of paintball. Remember these tips, and you can be sure that you will have a lot of fun playing the game with your family or friends.

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