Can You Airsoft in Canada?

Airsoft is game in which several players of a team try to shoot the members of the other team from an airsoft gun with rubber bullets and another sort of bullets that won’t do any harm like a metal bullet. Airsoft was discovered in Japan in the early 1970s and today is widely practiced by other countries in the world who see it as a fun and harmless game, but a country who has gone the extra miles to implement some rules and laws to this game in Canada.

Other countries might have ignored all the disadvantages that come with the game thought to be harmless, Canada is busy taking care of everything, every part of this game that they think might be of danger now or the future. With several airsoft laws implemented by Canada, we did our research to list and explain some of the laws.

Airsoft guns are not allowed outside private property or on unofficial airsoft fields

To use an airsoft gun in Canada, you have to be in your private property or on an authorized airsoft field. This is to reduce any sort of public disturbance or unwanted accidents, and people found using airsoft guns on unauthorized areas are penalize with lawful actions taken against them. To be on the safe side, it is advisable for the airsoft guns to be used only on private properties and on official airsoft fields, this way no public accident, disturbances, and complaints are reported against you. They are even examples of minors being arrested for possessing airsoft guns in school which led to panic from the teachers and other students.

Airsoft guns can’t be displayed in public.

Airsoft guns in Canada must always be concealed and carried in bags or enclosed in order to avoid public exposure, and this also helps to avoid any police misunderstanding given that the airsoft guns look like real guns. This helps to keep the public peace in order, imagine everyone being allowed to carry airsoft guns around without immediately being able to distinguish between the airsoft guns and real guns, and this will lead to public chaos, so the best solution is to treat your airsoft guns like real guns by concealing them from public view.

With several casualties and deaths around the world that has occurred because of people being in a position of airsoft guns in public and unauthorized places, it will be a good idea for you to think twice before waling freely with airsoft not concealed or kept in a bag.

Age limit

In some places in Canada like Ontario, you must be above 18 years old to buy an airsoft gun, if you are not above 18 years old, an airsoft gun can’t be sold to you, and if you are below 18 years, you can only use an airsoft gun under the supervision of an adult. Imagine all the kids who will love to have guns at their disposal and imagine how many of them will own one if no age limit is imposed.

Airsoft guns can’t fire any metal or projectiles.

Airsoft guns can’t have any sort of projectiles apart from rubber, and it can be anything else but not metal projectiles or any other projectile cable of causing harm like a real bullet. If any metal projectile is found in an airsoft gun, it will be considered as a real firearm, must airsoft guns won’t be allowed to enter into Canada if they have such projectiles and must of the airsoft guns can only be bought on official places. Canada is really taking extra steps to make sure airsoft guns have lesser similarities with real firearms as they understand the dangers and risk of it.

The airsoft guns must comply with the muzzle velocity required.

The airsoft guns must be able to propel the plastic or rubber pellet between 366 and 500FPS( feet per second) measured with 2grams BBs(bulletin board system). Any airsoft gun with a higher velocity is considered a real firearm and isn’t allowed, an airsoft gun with a higher velocity power might lead to harmful damages like a real firearm as such this isn’t allowed and is also considered a real firearm and is treated like one. For an airsoft gun to be lawfully accepted, it has to be ensured that it can’t do any harm or inflict damages as a real firearm will.

Airsoft guns can’t be designed to look like a real firearm or replica.

Owning an airsoft gun that looks like a real firearm isn’t allowed even if it doesn’t have metal bullets or can’t do any harm like a real firearm. Having a replica airsoft gun that looks like a real gun will lead to charges and police intervention as they will be taken for real firearms especially if used in public. A good reason to avoid such airsoft guns too is that they can be used in a robbery or illegal actions like a real firearm, the best way to avoid such will be to not accepting it in the first place like Canada. Models that resemble antique arms are allowed.

Generally, antic arms are models that were manufactured before 1898 and only replica arms acquired on the first of December 1998 are allowed with no license. Those are the only replica arms that can be accepted but if trying to acquire a new one is strictly prohibited, and if taken out of Canada it won’t be allowed to enter into the country again.

For just a game of people trying to shoot others without harming them, Canada has gone the extra miles to make sure it stays a harmless game, what are your thoughts on their laws implemented?.

Airsoft gun sellers must meet the Canadian requirements

Overseas and international retailers can sell airsoft guns made in Canada only if they meet the requirements of Canada, if there are any uncertainties regarding an import by the Canadian Border Services Agency, the imports are sent back to the importers local police for testing if the importer appeals for the guns to be tested after receiving a letter from the Canada Border Services Agency. If it gets to this, the process might take 2bweeka or even up to a year for everything to be settled, and we get to see how strict and seriously Canada handles anything that has to do with arms.

Airsoft guns used to commit crimes are considered firearms

If airsoft gone is used by an individual to commit a crime they are considered to be real , and the user is it person who used it is penalize exactly the same way a person found with a real gun will be penalised. That’s right using an airsoft gun for a crime leads to the gun being identified as a real firearm and the perpetrator is punished the same way a person who committed a crime with a real gun will be punished.

If am airsoft can be used to commit a real crime gun are used for, then it has to be considered a firearm, and there is no reason for the person who commits the crime to be treated differently because it wasn’t a real gun. If the gun can be used to commit a crime, then the penalties should be the same as it is applied by Canada.

People entering Canada with an airsoft gun will only be allowed if they declare it

To enter into Canada with your airsoft gun, you must inform the CBSA (Canada border service agency) and fill the required documents needed. If you try to sneak the airsoft into the country may result in you being arrested for criminal charges and the airsoft being ceased. Make sure you declare you have an airsoft gun before trying to get into the country and you should have all the legal papers for it to make sure it falls under the Canadian airsoft gun velocity required.

Canada is amongst the top 10 peaceful countries in the world, it is one of the most peaceful countries to live in and is considered to be almost conflict free, you read that right. You’ll hardly see news about people striking, public disturbances or crimes committed in Canada. It is an ideal place to live in if you are tired of the constant troubles that might exist in your country, as such it is not surprising that Canada has taken extra precautions and made rules against the use of airsoft guns.

Airsoft is a game to have fun with the use of guns as such Canada is doing everything possible to make sure it stays that way and doesn’t enter the list of things used to cause harm or problems.

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