Crazy Paintball Fight, Open Left Flank and Dropped

I checked my gun magazine; I was low on balls in my gun, so I took a full case of ball bullets and refilled my gun. Just then as I looked up, I saw a head pop up from a barricade at the other side where the other team occupied. He has not spotted me in all the commotion that was going on everywhere on the field.

If he had spotted me, he would probably have taken me out, because I had left my flank really exposed without anyone covering for me. That, I made sure, did not happen again all through the game. I took several shots towards where I had seen the head; he tried to withdraw from his position, but I got him before he could.

“I’m out!” I heard him say as he walked out of the field with his gun raised in both hands above his head.

One of my teammates gave me a high five “Yes, one down.”

Just when he was saying that paintballs started to fly in numbers in our direction. We scrambled to safety just in time before their targets became more accurate. If I had been able to eliminate one of theirs from the game that still left us with another nineteen to eliminate before we can say the game was over. It was a wild paintball fight comprising twenty members in each team.

“That was a close one,” I said mostly to myself than anyone.

I climbed the stairs to the top of a make-believe bomb shattered building to get a better look of the enemy’s position. Maybe if I had not climbed that stairs they would have caught us off guard, because when I raised my head to take a look, I saw a number of them moving towards our position in a coordinated manner.

“Enemy at the gate,” I screamed to everyone in my team. “Take your positions.”

This was not a popular tactical approach to paintball war, but it seems this group was not scared of close contact combat. Even if we had a chance at such battle, for a few seconds my teammates looked confused, scrambling here and there looking for cover, not knowing which place that best provides cover, but at the nick of time they were able to find a good position as the paintball bullets started to fly. I was pinned down at the top of the building where I was with bullets flying everywhere around me.

If they were shooting all at once they might run out of bullets just at the same time, but that was only wishful thinking; for them to approach in the manner they did they must have planned the movement before taking it.

I put my gun over the window and released some bullets in every direction without raising my head to look at where I was shooting.

“I need one or two of you to come up here and cover while I make some move on these goddamn guys,” I spilled out the words at the top of my voice. I never knew paintball guns could make so much noise all at once.

Duke came up first to meet me, covered for by Nell, then Nutmeg covered for Nell as he climbed up. Every other person in the team fought from the ground defending the perimeter.

“We have two options here guys,” I told the guys that had come to join me in the building. “Either we go down to meet the guys, and we all get pinned down, and the game ends just as quickly as it had started, or we provide leverage for the ground warriors. I will move to the edge of this building while you guys cover me.

When I get there, I will create a distraction while you take out anybody that buys my distraction. Then you will signal the ground guys to open up the left flank and hope it will give the enemy an impression that the flank is weak. Two of our guys had already been dropped from this flank, and they may think on that as they are exposed. That is where we will take them down. If they don’t buy this, we might just need to regroup and spread our perimeter a bit wider than it is now. Understood?”

The guys nodded.

“On me guys.” I started to move towards the right edge of the building, while the guys drew the enemy attention away from me, replying every shot with their own round of shots. I gave the thumb signal when I got to the spot. I started to shoot, and a couple of them found out where the new location the balls are being shot.

“Shit.” I didn’t expect the number of bullets flying towards me all at once. I had attracted more than I had thought I would. Duke and Nell took out two who had exposed themselves trying to get to me. The plan was going fine. I thumbed Duke to give the signal to the ground combatant, and they opened the flank immediately. Duke and Nell joined me, and we tried to push the guys from our point and took down one as we did.

I went through the drilled hole and dropped on the ground to join the other guys while Duke and Nell maintained presence up at the top of the building.

“Where is the shooting coming from?” I asked one of the guys on the ground dodging behind a wall.

“1 o’clock,” He said.

They are really moving to the left side. I know the movement would have meant cutting us off and forcing us to move only toward the right axis where we will not have much choice than to cluster around without much protection. But we had other plans, and for this, we invited them to make a move.

“This is it guys, and it is now or never.” I gave my team a succinct prep talk, and we got to our position. Just then the first man showed discreetly. We waited a few seconds, and the others followed. We opened up on them.

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