Does paintball hurt?

If you’ve never gone paintballing but have thought about it, one of the major deciding factors for you is probably the amount of pain you expect to experience once you actually get shot by a ball.

It does hurt when you get hit with paintball depending on location and protection level from clothing or armor as shown in this chart:

Hit Location Pain Level Sore Next Day
Back Stings Yes
Helmet Low No
Arm Stings Yes
Knee High Yes
Hard Armor None No
Neck Sting Yes
Hand High Yes

Virtually everyone who has gone paintballing can describe the pain of being hit with multiple different words and expressions. However, the answer is a little more complicated than you might think as several different elements play a role in the final amount of pain that you feel once a paintball has had enough time to make impact.


One of the things that you always need to keep in mind is that paintballs are known for causing bruises. The size and severity of the welt or bruise that you receive from a paintball impact will depend on several different things.

The speed at which the paintball was traveling will be the most important deciding factor, the length at which you were from the paintball being fired is the second most important factor that will impact the severity of your bruising.

The third and last factor that will determine how severe your paintball bruise is will be the area in which the paintball makes direct contact. If the paintball hits you on a rather superficial part of the body, you may not experience that much bruising. However, if a paintball manages to land on an area of your body that is vulnerable, you can expect to see some major bruising in that one concentrated area.

Paintballs will always have the greatest impact on your skin when they come in contact with bare flesh. That’s why it’s important for you to wear some sort of protective gear while out in the field so that you can minimize any damage that you may incur due to being hit by a paintball.

If you’re wearing protective gear, the likelihood of you getting hurt by paintball hits are very low and slim because your outerwear will lessen the impact of the pellets.

If you decide to brave the field with bare skin, you need to be prepared to take some very harsh stings and hits on your skin that will definitely leave a mark for a few weeks. Generally speaking, getting hit by a paintball does and will hurt especially if your skin is exposed.

Always practice proper paintball etiquette while playing so that you can be sure you’re reducing the amount of potential injuries or bruising during your game or session.

There are several different pieces of protective gear and equipment you can buy to protect yourself against the direct impact of a paintball hit. If you’re skin already has certain sensitive areas or rashes in certain spots, you’ll want to make sure that you cover those areas to protect from welts and bruises also.

While getting hit by a paintball does hurt, you can avoid being injured by them as long as you follow proper safety precaution and regulations. Use all of the information to make sure you stay safe.


How do you make paintball not hurt?

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