How do Airsoft Guns Work?

The airsoft craze is catching up across the world as a new hobby to get rid of the boredom as it is an energizing sport. If you are a beginner planning to use airsoft guns and gearing up to explore various forms of recreational gaming with them, then you have landed on the right page.

People who are not well acquainted with recreational weapons like Airsoft, the learning curve for such sports can seem really terrorizing. It is extremely important to understand the basics of an airsoft gun and how they work to ensure that the learning curve for such sports is not a menace.

We have got you covered in this article with all the basics on what airsoft guns are, understanding how different types of airsoft guns work, and more. By providing an overall understanding of airsoft guns, we wish to dispel all your fears concerning them before you acquire one for yourself.

What are Airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns are perfect replicas of real-world, authentic military weapons that allow people to engage in competitive gaming battles without causing any damage or injury to one another. Unlike real-world firearms, these guns are not destructive. This is for the reason that they make use of spherical plastic pellets commonly referred to as BBs, unlike metal bullets in weapons. They either use electronic solutions or compressed gas instead of gunpowder. Just like the lethal variants, most of the airsoft guns require people to reload them using magazines which contain plastic BBs and gas.

How Airsoft guns work?

All airsoft guns work similarly, irrespective of their type -Gas, Electric, or Spring. Usually, electric guns are far more complex than spring guns.

Working of Electric Airsoft Guns

These guns are powered by a battery, and a wire attaches the battery to the motor that generates power to operate the gears of the gun. The trigger pull within the gun initiates the cycle which completes the circuit on the motor resulting in a spin. Once the motor starts spinning, the gears within the gun begin to spin. The gear pulls back the piston resulting in spring compression. When the piston is pulled back, air fills up within the cylinder.

The moment sector gears hit the portion where there are no teeth present, and a piston is released sparking it off to snap forward as the spring decompresses. Air collected in the cylinder then flows through the air nozzle and accumulates behind the BB. The air accumulated behind the BB builds up so much pressure that it pushes the BB out of the barrel through the air.

Working of Spring Airsoft Guns

The working of Spring airsoft guns (springer) is very much similar to an electric gun, but instead of using gears to compress the spring, a single muscle manually cocks the gun. These guns work mechanically and not chemically unlike electric or gas powered guns. They use a spring as the source of power to propel towards the target. To fire the shot, the spring is pulled back and locked into recess, a tiny locking edge.

Spring is compressed tightly when you cock the gun by racking the slide or the charging handle. The ammo is locked inside the recess tightly only until the trigger is pulled. The moment trigger is pulled to fire the shot, the piston is released which pushes the spring forward, and air inside the barrel is pushed out releasing the BB out of the barrel at high speed. Spring airsoft guns need to be cocked every time you a shot needs to be fired, just the way you do it with a shotgun.

Working of Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Gas powered guns are usually semi-automatic with a few models having the ability to work and fire in completely automatic mode. In gas powered Airsoft guns, most of the magazine is meant for the storage of gas with the only small volume being used to store the BBs. This is for the reason that gas supply should be sufficient enough to last for the entire game and, also, because BBs are too small compared to conventional metal bullet cases. The gas is locked and stored in the magazine before the firing cycle is initiated. The gas inside these type of guns is pressurized to create higher density and make room for more gas to be stored.

As soon as the trigger is pulled, hammer inside the gun pushes it against the valve present in the magazine causing the gas to release into the upper portion of the gun and firing the BB out of the chamber.

What does it feel like to be shot by an Airsoft Gun? Does it hurt?

Airsoft is not soft, people who say that Airsoft pellets don?t hurt are crazy and do not have any pain receptors in their body. The moment an Airsoft pellet hurts the first 30 seconds are so painful, but after the sting subsides, one just forgets the pain and is energized to get back to the battlefield and start playing.

However, being shot by an Airsoft gun does not always hurt and depends on the range from which the shot was fired. The range from which the pellet has been triggered makes a huge difference. The energy of the gunshot gets reduced if you are playing in a woodland environment as you?re most likely to be engaged in greater ranges and distances. Most people feel like they have lost a life, just like they lose a life in a video game.

There are multiple variables to assess what it feels like to be shot by an Airsoft gun especially if you have to take into consideration the reactions on how an individual feels when being shot. Few people love and enjoy the thrill of the gunshot while others might just feel the opposite as their morale declines when being shot.

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