How Does an Airsoft Gun Sound like when Fired?

An airsoft gun is a model of a real gun. They are used in airsoft games that are inspired by real military settings. Airsoft guns are intended for players to shoot spherical projectiles or often called as ?BBs? that are made up of plastic or other biodegradable materials.

These guns are designed as low-end smoothbore airguns. To ensure their difference from genuine guns, they are designed to have low muzzle energy ratings. Their pellets could not easily penetrate human skin. This is why using airsoft guns for sports is safe. But just because its pellets could not easily harm anyone, there is a strict code for clothing that should be followed.

Owning an airsoft gun would also be difficult especially if you are living in an area where there is a strict gun-control law. Most laws prohibit the selling of airsoft guns to minors. There are also laws that treat owning an airsoft gun is like acquiring a driver?s license. These strict laws are understandable because airsoft guns, even if it?s a toy could potentially endanger others. It could also cause a mass hysteria when it is shown in public because it perfectly resembles a real gun.

Two types of designs

Before knowing how airsoft guns sound like, you must learn that there are two basic types. You could anticipate how your gun would sound like with its design. Pellet propulsion will largely depend on the design.

The first design is the mechanical design or known as spring-powered airsoft guns. This design would require you to cock it manually. Another type is the automatically cycled battery-powered ones. The latter gun is much more popular than the former because it offers much more features. With battery-powered guns, you can fire across longer ranges. You can also adjust how your pellets will be fired. If you are still a beginner, it would be wise if you begin with a mechanical one first.

These airsoft guns may resemble like a weapon, but it is still treated as a simulation. To distinguish it from the real ones, most state or country would require the design to have an orange tip.

Understanding how firing airsoft pellets sounds like

Understand where the noise is coming from before learning how to control it. Two components produce these noises. There is the ?whhrr? sound that is produced when the gear is being engaged. Another noise is the ?thwack? sound that is caused when the piston is being fired directly. This will hit the front of the gearbox.

These noises will be disadvantageous. Some players use a silencer. A silencer would guarantee a reduction of a gunshot sound when shots are fired. The loud noises from the gunshots are caused by the explosions and expansion of gasses from the bullet?s gun powder. To avoid this, the silencer would be added into the weapon. This will ensure the reduction of the energy of the gasses. This will assure that the level of noise coming out from the gun will decrease.

You can use a silencer for all types of airsoft guns.

A spring rifle may seem to be silent, but a silencer can still even decrease its sound with the use of a suppressor that can put down the volume even way below. It will be difficult for the opponent to trace to where the sound is coming from. This type of gun doesn?t have a loud gearbox. No noise will be produced during the operation, but the sounds that you can hear are from the piston thrashing the front of the cylinder. You can combine a quality suppressor and an air-break, and the weapon would be silent for past 30+ meters.

There are other airsoft guns with sounds that are hard to suppress such as the gas blowback ones. This is because their sound is originating from the actual back and forth operation, unlike the exploding gases. You can use the suppressor again, so that muzzle will change. You can reduce the sound during the game.

Sound is energy, and it is difficult to contain such type of strong energy through a silent release. A silencer is the solution, but you must learn to tune it accordingly because it would only be effective if done correctly.

Apart from the silencer, some players use sound amplifiers. Sound amplifiers work to increase the sound of the firing, therefore, re-creating a realistic sound. It would surely intimidate the opponents.

There are many amplifiers to choose from.

A type of an amplifier modifies each sound of each bullet by using an adjustable baffle. The amplifiers are also made up of anodized aluminum to appear serious.

Another amplifier features a two-piece hider & muzzle break combo with a quick detaching Concussion Reduction Device (CRD). The CRD is responsible for sound amplification. It also looks intimidating too.

Amplifiers are usually made up of lightweight aluminum. Using an amplifier would surely enhance the experience because it would simulate a real combat arena. It will truly improve the experience because you will be given the illusion of hearing gunshots. Modified gunshots are the best ones. The surroundings will rattle, and both teams will have adrenaline rushing. It would be amazing if each gun would have modified gunshots for a variety of sounds.

There could be a time that arenas would surely offer 3D visual walls where woods or a dessert would be shown on the screens. That would surely be a good arena where people who would want to train for the military would be able to practice.

Other sounds during the game

You could play airsoft guns whether indoors or outdoors. You can even manipulate the light settings to set an atmosphere. You can simulate real-life combat. To achieve this premium experience with the arena, there must be proper noise discipline.

If the setting has low light, you must use your sense of hearing properly. Adrenaline will surge right away because you wouldn?t know where your opponent is firing from. You must move a lot and listen carefully from afar.

Your equipment must also move smoothly. This means that they should not be creating too much noise that will attract attention. If you are playing with a radio, speak discreetly. Be careful about moving from one place to another because you might run into metal that will produce high-frequency sounds.

Keep your breathing under control, and your senses alert. Not only would you need to use your hearing senses, but you must also look closely from afar. Doing these two things would surely add to the excitement.

The sound of a real gun is easily compared to a real gun. With this, it is up to you on what head and face gear would you wear. Some would still use the fully enclosed face and head protection that will also guarantee that they wouldn?t hear high-frequency shots that could be extremely painful to the ears.

Others will merely use the eye and face style mask so that their sense would not be limited that the fully enclosed gear would do. But if you have post-traumatic syndromes when it comes to bullet sounds or if you have underlying ear problems then it is highly encouraged for you to use the fully enclosed gear instead.

Even the choice of your magazines will matter. It might be used for your own advantage, or it could lead to problems during the game. You may use low and mid-capacity magazines rather than using a high capacity magazine because it comes with a reservoir. This reservoir would result in the ammo producing rattling sounds inside the metal container.

Playing is strategy and fun at the same time

In an airsoft game, there are many strategies to learn especially when it comes to teamwork. The team should have communication strategy skills such as gestures that mean different things for relaying positions.

Sometimes airsoft could be the desired outlet for those who need to manage their anger issues. Further researches in the field of psychology should be done when it comes to this sport. Veterans who miss the combat fields might want to relieve it on this field again. People who would need to learn how to use a gun but are hesitant at first should learn to play airsoft because it would build their confidence and they might learn strategies.

In the end, you must know what type of gun would you use. You might want to purchase a mechanical one at first before the battery-operated ones because the latter costs less. The cost of an airsoft gear boils down to the gear all the time. After purchasing your gun, you might want to choose which silencer and which amplifier would suit your needs and wants. Consult this with store managers and with experts first before buying one.

Start with the basics first when you are building up your gear. The most important ones to buy first is your headgear for maximum protection.

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