How does it feel like to be hit by a paintball?

When you get hit by a paintball, does it really hurt?

Indeed, a paintball hit can hurt at times, the seriousness of the pain depends upon the speed, spot, and conditions. The pain is minor and regularly blurs rapidly. Sometimes it does not hurt because of the standard speed and angle of the target. 


It’s hard not to see when you’ve been hit by a paintball. It’s extremely normal for players to feel a slight hurt, like a firm flick on the arm.  Most hits are inconsequential, a paintball can cause wounds and welts. The seriousness depends upon the speed of the ball, the separation of the ball voyages, and where it hits your body.

A Paintball Can Causes Bruises





Defensive Gear Helps Tremendously

How seriously a paintball can harm relies upon how much cushioning or protection you wear. If you are wearing pants and a shirt alone, expect little wounds that will blur in a couple of days. Wearing a sweatshirt or other thick apparel will avert wounding. A few people wear protective vests as well, however many experienced players locate this superfluous. It makes you feel progressively great, feel free to wear one. A few fields expect players to put on vests regardless. This is insurance you’ll need to acknowledge whether you need to play there. 


A Hit on Bare Skin Definitely Hurts

If a paintball breaks on uncovered skin, you will unquestionably feel it and it hurts. It may be surprisingly more terrible if the paintball bobs off and doesn’t break. In any case, this situation can be avoided only if you wear the correct garments. 

Wear gloves to secure your hands since they are the body part nearest to your rival and truly defenseless against an effect. A baseball top worn backward can be utilized to cover your neck. Long-sleeve shirts and jeans will help secure your arms and legs. It’s standard in paintball that you will wear a helmet, so your head and face areas get covered. A shot to the goggles seldom brings any pain or hurt.


Shield Your Gun from Shooting Hot

The most well-known reason for extreme wounding originates from firearms that are shooting hot, which means the paintball is voyaging excessively quick. It’s essential to ensure that your gun is aligned to fire in a protected range, which is ordinarily 280 casings for every second (fps). This can change starting with one field then onto the next, so make sure to beware of their principles. 

A serious wound can be the aftereffect of getting hit from a nearby separation. The general standard is to never shoot a player that is nearer than 20 feet from you. The reason is basic: the more drawn out the paintball is noticeable all around, the additional time it needs to back off. Getting hit by a short proximity shot will cause a considerable amount of pain, which isn’t enjoyable. You shouldn’t do that to different players, either. 




Play Smart and Have Fun!

For safety wearing numerous layers and sticking to the fundamental security standards of paintball should keep you safe and limit your danger of getting wounded. Basically, rigging up and head out to the field. With these basic precautionary measures, you ought to have a fabulous time with more fun and less pain. Happy Gaming! 


If you’ve never gone paintballing but have thought about it, one of the major deciding factors for you is probably the amount of pain you expect to experience once you actually get shot by a ball.

It does hurt when you get hit with paintball depending on location and protection level from clothing or armor as shown in this chart:

Hit Location Pain Level Sore Next Day
Back Stings Yes
Helmet Low No
Arm Stings Yes
Knee High Yes
Hard Armor None No
Neck Sting Yes
Hand High Yes

Virtually everyone who has gone paintballing can describe the pain of being hit with multiple different words and expressions. However, the answer is a little more complicated than you might think as several different elements play a role in the final amount of pain that you feel once a paintball has had enough time to make impact.

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