How far will a paintball gun shoot?

The average maximum range of any paintball gun is anywhere from 80 feet to 100 feet which is the standard for most guns currently for sale on the market. Depending on your desired result or preferred impact force, you can adjust your paintball gun to shoot projectiles at all of these different range variables at specific times.


One thing that you may not think about a lot is the effective range of the paintballs in which you are shooting. This is something that is very important because knowing the effective range of your paintballs will determine your shooting style and how safe your playing method is. To understand the effective range of a paintball gun, you must first understand the basic principles by which they operate.


Paintballs work by using compressed air which is released inside of the chamber when the trigger on the gun is engaged. The deciding factor that determines how far your paintball travels is the velocity that it has when exiting the barrel, which can vary depending on the model of your fun and the type of paintball pellets you’re using. When looking at how far your paintball will travel, there are three main range classes that you need to know about.


Safe range, absolute range, and effective range are three levels of varying range measurements that describe the function of a paintball at specific distances. Safe range Is defined as the maximum velocity that a paintball can travel without injuring the target it hits. Absolute range is the maximum velocity at which a paintball can travel regardless of its impact force. Effective range is determined by the maximum velocity that a paintball travels before it explodes on impact.




That range can however vary depending on the type of paintball that you use inside of your gun and at what settings your gun is configured. It’s important to keep those three range levels we mentioned above in mind because they all essentially classify the characteristics of the projectile once it has been discharged from your barrel. If you’re trying to hit a target or person whilst allowing the paintball to break upon impact, you will want to stay within the 80 feet to 100 feet range.


If you decide to configure your gun to shoot paintballs at much farther distances, you have to keep in mind that the pellets may not break once they come in contact with their intended target. All of these factors will impact how far your paintball travels once shot so it’s important to know how to setup your shooting rig so that you can ensure your paintballs will travel as the length that you desire.


Always keep in mind safety when deciding how far you want to shoot your paintballs, you need to maintain the perfect balance of speed and velocity combined with pellet hardness to ensure that you get the results you expect.

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