How fast does a paintball travel?


Everyone knows that paintballs are very similar to real bullets in the sense that they travel at fast rates and hit their targets hard.


On average, paintballs travel at a rate of 190mph or 280 fps which is not nearly as fast as most actual bullets move. The rate at which paintball pellets travel is measured in feet per second, this will give you an accurate portrayal of how fast an actual pellet will be headed in your direction when out on the field.


Item How fast they travel
Paintball ball 190 mph
Bullet from real gun 1700 mph
Sound 767 mph
Baseball 90 mph
Hockey puck 105 mph
Golf Ball 80 mph



However, despite what it may seem like, paintball pellets travel at much slower rates than actual bullets although they can still leave very visible marks on your skin if you happen to take a direct hit.


The speed of any paintball pellet will be determined by the manufacturer of the gun in use. Most paintball fields around the country require a maximum of no more than 280fps in relation to the speed at which paintball pellets travel.


Some of the paintball markers available for sale are capable of traveling at speeds up to a maximum of 300fps depending on its design and the specific gun that it’s being used in.


For the average paintball marker traveling at 280fps, you can expect it to have a total range of about 80 feet to 100 feet. A paintball can reach it’s intended target in about 1/3 of a second which is quite fast.


If you’re wondering how the speed of a paintball is determined, there is a very simple process used to find out this information. A test known as a chronograph is performed in order to determine the rate of speed for any paintball gun.


To give you a more realized view at just how fast paintballs travel, the average 22 caliber long rifle has an average speed of about 1,260 feet per second which translates to about 856 miles per hour. At 280 feet per second mac, paintballs do not move as nearly as fast as real bullets do however this is mainly for the safety of those involved with shooting and getting shot by the pellets.


280fps is the perfect velocity to ensure that the paintball explodes upon hitting its target without causing too much pain to the person being hit by it. Anything over that rate of speed is too excessive for most paintballing conditions and courses which is why it’s the standard industry-wide.


This is important to remember because some people will attempt to make modifications to their paintball guns without taking into consideration the health risks, they are putting themselves and others in.


Be aware that most experienced paintball players are familiar with what a pellet feels like, so if you attempt to modify yours, you will likely be found out.


After reading all of this information, you should be well educated about how fast paintballs travel and the danger posed to individuals being hit by ones which have been modified in any way. Make sure you keep these factors in mind the next time you decide to go out on the field.

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