How fast does paintball travel?



Speed of Paintball:

Normally, it is made sure that the paintball which is shot by a marker is under the safety limit. It is to ensure that no mishap occurs during the game time. The normal speed at which the paintball travels can vary. It depends on many factors like the medium. The objects between you and the target and the wind pressure. The speed at which the paintball markers are check is about 280 feet per second or 204 mph. It the minimum speed which will allow the paintball to safely reach the target without breaking their skin. The paintball shot is mostly due to the compressed air inside the marker. So it lets the paintball reach the target and mark them.


Projectile Speed
Paintball ball 204 mph
Gun bullet 1700 mph
Sound 767 mph
Baseball ball 100 mph
Golf ball 80 mph



Safety Armor:

Though it is not needed, to ensure the player’s safety there is a paintball armour. The helmet and stuff look very much professional and give the game a real battlefield look. It only increases the interest of the player and catches the eye of the bystanders. So it is 100% safe game which gives you a taste of the original battlefield without going to one. It will also improve your interaction with your friends and family and allows you to establish good relations.

Everyone wants some adventure is his/her life. You cannot live a boring life forever. Even if you have some type of activity in your daily routine. You eventually get used to it. It becomes more like a hobby. But our mind needs something new. Something out of the ordinary in our lives. It most likely that you will get exhausted with the same old work. You do your breakfast in the morning, go to work, come home, have dinner and go to sleep. The cycle repeats.  But if you are looking for an awesome adventurous game that will pull you out of your dull routine then Paintball might be the right option.

It is a thrilling game which lets you enjoy the fullest. It not only improves your teamwork but also gives you a chance to increase your focusing and concentrating power. With this game, you can increase your physical strengthen and elevate your coordinating skills. It will benefit you in many other ways like keeping you calm, increasing your endurance and boosting your energy. So try this amazing game out with your friends and family and enjoy the event to its fullest. You will also improve your socializing skills with this.


Paintball Marker:

The gun in this game is basically a paintball marker. It marks your enemy with the gelatin paintball shot. It also has quite a resemblance with the original stuff but it can only shoot the balls at a safe amount of speed. The marker is checked and tested before the practical use to avoid any type of accident or mishap. So, it is ensured that these paintball markers are user-friendly and safe to use. There is these paintball marker scope on the gun which gives this marker a more realistic look. It also shoots the paintballs at a speed which look like shooting bullets. So this game is the most familiar one with the battlefield.


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