How Is PaintBall played?

Indeed the answer is long. But we’ll try our best to visualize a picture of a PaintBall game in front of you at least the basic requirements. For example, accessories, rules, safety tools, and type of games, etc.

Tools & Gears

Instead of buying a set as a beginner rent the gears. There are 100s of the field out there in United state where you can rent a field. In most case, the merchants give rents will also provide the appropriate gears and location/set to make your game interesting. As keeping the PaintBall Maker is subject of Rules & Regulations in different states. So before investing in your own gears, it’s better to play on a rented field.

As you reached the PaintBall field and rented the ground, you’re ready to experience the first ever game. Typically they’ll offer you a hopper, a face mask and maybe a body armor, etc.

As you’re all geared up. Next, they’ll provide you the PaintBall Maker or Gun. Generally, the hopper should fit in at the top of the PaintBall Maker. Check your safety switch and the trigger before moving to the battlefield. As everything is working move on to the field.

PaintBall Marker or Gun

As long as you’re playing PaintBall for a long time and knows the rules and regulations. Furthermore, you have the license or permit to keep a PaintBall gun. In that case, you’re ready to purchase your first PaintBall Gun. As you already know that PaintBall Maker is a type of gun which shoots color balls at high speed with the help of compressed air. For note, Carbon-dioxide or natural gas like Nitrogen generates the power to shoot Paintballs in a considerable velocity. An average PaintBall Maker costs between Usd 100 to 150 bucks. But the advanced models can cost up to USD 700.

The Tippmann A5 is a good example of a beginner gun. There are more stylish guns are available in the market such as Kingman Spyder, Spyder Pilot or Sonix gun, etc. These guns ensure good quality and a decent price that worth newbies.

As you bought your first gun must read the manual for a better understanding of maintenance. This manual will also help to understand the gun’s operation for precise shooting experience.


PaintBalls are basically Gelatin Capsules non-toxic in nature. Typically the opponent teams choose different colors for their PaintBalls. It helps the referee to identify the dead players easily. So, every team is assigned with a unique PaintBall color set. As we discussed it is a strategy followed to find out the winning team easily.

Mostly the PaintBall ground merchants will provide the paint or colors. But as you want to play in a private ground, you can easily buy PaintBalls in bulk from a nearby sports store.

What is Paintball?

A competitive shooting game played between teams. Though the rules vary, the basic is the same. The opponent team will shoot out each other with PaintBall Maker or PaintBall gun. Instead of real bullets, players use color balls or Gelatine Capsules. There is a specific set goal can be made for each game. The team achieved the goal at first place win the game ultimately.

Practice makes Perfect

Before moving out into the field, take some time for practicing with the PaintBall Maker. In case, you won a PaintBall Gun then get familiar with the options in any practice arena. Even shoot your PaintBall Maker several times to understand the accuracy and range. Spend some time to practice moves and reloading quickly.

Before moving out into a warfare check, the safety is unlocked properly. Because Err is human, even the experts can do mistakes.

Shout Jam as early as possible in case the PaintBall Maker is Jammed. Either you might receive bullets in quick succession.

Don’t move by keeping the PaintBall Maker in upside down position. By doing such will increase the possibility of jamming.

God blessed us with two hands. So, use both hands. One beside the trigger and other ahead of the stock grip. But not so close to the nozzle from where the PaintBalls are coming out.

Face Mask

It’s prohibited to play PaintBall without wearing a Face Mask. Because the eye is the most sensitive part of the human body and the balls travel in considerable velocity. So an accidental close shoot to the eye can cause damage. Either buy an own or take rent from the arena.

As you’re about to buy a face mask. Be sure that the mask is fog resistant. So, you can breathe easily inside the mask and see better.

Other Safety Tools

There are many other places in the human body where you might get hit and ends up with little pain and bruises. So, protect yourself all over.

Save the Knuckle or palm with thick gloves. Because as per my knowledge it hurts. Other accessories such as pants and vests for extra protection.

Every battlefield is not made of synthetic turf. So, thick pants, full sleeve shirts, and other thick clothing can protect your skin of unwanted bruises.

Though some people prefer to wear abdominal guards, but some pants offer thick padding at that sensitive place. This is man’s only advice.

Read our other article on quick tips to win a PaintBall game for more information. (Note: hyperlink of the previous article)

Types of PaintBall Games

As we mentioned earlier at the beginning of the article that the game can be played to achieve several different goals. Following are some of the most familiar forms to play the game:

CTF or Capture the flag is one of the most familiar forms to play the game. There are many other familiar methods to play, but the most familiar is eliminating the opponent and finding the flag. Later on carry the flag down to own base. In most case, the teams set up a time limit to achieve the goal.

Deathmatch is another familiar method. Eliminating all players of the opponent team results victory. In this game, the ultimate target is to eliminate the opponent as soon as possible or as many as possible in a limited time frame to win the game.

Fort Assault or Defending the Fort or a person or anything else is one of the methods. One team defends the flag or base and another attack to win the flag or base is a familiar form of playing the game. The most tactical and managed team have a great chance to win in this method.

FFA or Free for all is an individual form of the game. Likewise, the deathmatch eliminating the opponent is the foremost goal. But the only difference is no teams exist, Save your life and take others is the only rule.

In conclusion, I can say that regardless of any rules safety comes first. Even make your own rules but make it safe for others and yourself too. Such as not shooting in the 3m range. Avoid shooting when the players are too close 3m or below for safety purposes. Don’t shoot on players leaving the ground, in a roadside walkway, someone’s private property or targeting a moving vehicle. Either you might need to pay penalties sometimes imprisonment or even both.

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