How long before paintballs go bad?



If you’re a novice or an experienced paintballer, one of the things that you may not know a whole lot about is the length of time for which a paintball can be stored before it’s unusable.



You can store them for up to 6 months without going bad. The length at which a paintball can be stored and used safely will vary, if stored in a tight and secure area, Some easy ways to tell if your paintballs have gone bad is by smelling them, decaying and old paint will have a very potent smell to it that should alert you immediately that it’s no longer safe to use.


Keeping your paintballs free of exposure to external elements such as air, water, and sunlight is the key to maintaining them over extended periods of time.



While it may not seem like a huge deal, if you attempt to store them for too long without checking their condition, you will be disappointed when you get on the field. When determining how long your paintballs will last, there are a few key factors that you’ll want to keep in mind. The first most important thing to remember is that paintballs are made from paint.


While this may seem obvious, it’s an important element to remember because there is more than one type of paint which can potentially be in use inside of your gun. Over time, paint can begin to accumulate particles from its surrounding environment which will lead to air pockets, dirt, and more becoming trapped inside. Keep in mind, these are all outside variables which can impact the quality of your paintballs over time, if you want to avoid these sorts of issues, it’s recommended that you store all of your paintballs in an enclosed container.




If exposed to outside conditions, your balls can begin going bad within little as a week. One thing that you want to keep in mind is that all paintballs will come with instructions provided by the manufacturer. These instructions will educate you about the proper storage method to maximize the lifespan of the paintballs you decide to purchase.


If your paintballs did not come with any storage instructions, there are some basic rules you can follow which can apply to storing them optimally in general. The first thing you should always do is store your paintballs in a dry and cool area, this will allow them to retain as much of their initial composition and condition as possible.


A dry environment will cut down on the amount of humidity absorbed by the paintballs which can lead to swelling. You should also regularly rotate them so that no one area will be affected by a particular environmental change in one position. Failing to store your paintballs properly can lead to issues such as broken balls when you go to shoot it. Always follow optimal storage procedures if you want to make sure that you can maintain the effectiveness of your paintballs over an extended amount of time.

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