How many paintballs do you need for 1 hour?


If you’ve ever gone paintballing, you know how fast your ammo can become depleted when playing an intense game.



For a game lasting about 1 hour, you will need about 200 paintballs on average. That estimate is a conservative approach when speaking about the estimated number of paintballs you’ll need largely due to the fact that it can all vary depending on a few key factors.



One of the most important things to take into consideration are the rules that regulate the field on which you’ll be playing.



There are a lot of different factors that will impact how long your paintballs last during any game which is why it’s important for you to become educated about how to decide on the right amount you should purchase before beginning your game. One of the most important elements to consider when trying to figure out exactly how many paintballs you’ll need is the length of time in which you’ll be engaged in play.



Some paintball fields require that you only use ammunition which was purchased on-site at the location. if this is the case for your designated play area, you may want to call the facility to see exactly what their rates are per hour so that you can accurately determine how many paintballs you’ll need to get the job done right. You play style is a very important factor when it comes to choosing how many paintballs you’ll need, for very aggressive players, you will want to go with a higher number of paintballs.


For players that are more relaxed, you may be able to get away with lower amounts of paintballs. Paintballs also come in a variety of sizes; these can range from 50 caliber rounds to 68 caliber rounds depending on what your intended targets are. Each paintball pellet comes in a distinctive design that has a few core elements which impact its reliability and overall force once it comes in contact with your skin.


The things that play a role in determining the number of paintballs you use during your game are the thickness of the paint used, the spherical shape of the pellet, and the thickness of the shell that encompasses the bullet. Since paintballs were designed to blow up on impact, you will rarely find a used paintball shell that can be re-packed or used.


Because of this, you will be required to buy a new pack of paintballs before every game that you play. So just to recap very quickly, you should prepare to use about 200 paintballs for every hour of playtime, if you plan on playing longer than an hour, you will simply need to add about 200 paintballs or less for the additional hours. Remember that your play style is a critical factor when determining the number of paintballs, you will use during any given game of play.


As long as you adjust your desired amount of paintballs so that it matches up perfectly with your preferred play time, you should have no issues.


A box of 500 paintball costs about $20. The average cost can range anywhere from $40-$70 for a box of about 2,000 paintballs depending on specs and where you buy. If you want to save money buy online instead of at the paintball venue. Here is a comparison chart:



Paintballs Cost
Valken Infinity $40 per 2000
Valken Graffiti $56 per 2000
Shop4paintball $16 per 500
WNW $20 per 500
Empire Marballizer $70 per 2000
Riot Balls rubber self defense $35 per 100
GI Sportz Xball $30 per 1000
Valken Fate $38 per 2000
JT GI Splatmaster Biodegradable $20 per 500
Blowgun $20 per 500
Wrek Elite Premium $42 per 1000



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