How many PSI is a paintball gun?

Everything seems to be boring after a long and tiring week. You get sick of the same daily routine with no change at all. People need change in their lives. Something extraordinary or adventurous is sometimes necessary to boost your morale and elevate your enthusiasm. But giving your family a proper time is also necessary. So why not go for some activity which involves both, The adventure as well as family time. Well, there are not so many options which involve both of these. But there are some options including deep forest trips and some games. The most prominent of which is Paintball. It is a battleground game which includes paintballs and markers.

This game has many modes like capturing the enemy flag etc. The paintball gun, also known are a marker, shoots a paint bullet which is color paints enclosed in gelatin-coating at the target. The paint bullets are shot at a safe speed which will reach your target without hurting them. Moreover, you can form two teams up to 10-12 players each. So, you can invite your friends and family both at a time and enjoy this adventurous game together. So, make sure to spend your weekend the most thrilling way possible.


PSI at which Paintball Gun Shoots

A paintball gun is basically a mimicry of the original gin. It uses machinery necessary to shoot the paintball bullet at the speed essential to hit the target. Paintball was established to train the soldiers and give them an original look at the real battlefield. Soon people took it on and begin to enjoy the thrilling fun. However, the markers designed for the commoners were checked especially for the speed limit to ensure no mishap occurs. The paintball gun normally shoots a bullet at 250psi to 860psi. This wide range is due to the difference in the machinery tanks of different markers.

Paintball Pellets

The paintball bullets are basically some paint colors enclosed in a gelatin-coating. These are not really solid, and bursts when they hit the target. The target gets marked with the which is the job of the marker. With this game, you get to enjoy the colorful and adventurous experience altogether. The Psi of the paintball gun s 250psi at the lower limit. This pressure is necessary to make the ball hit the target. While the higher limit is at 860psi which ensures that the paintball bullets do not get bursts in the gun without leaving it. So, the compressed air is adjusted according to the machinery tank of the gun.

Safety comes First, Always

The paintball field is a battleground. It gives us the real outlook of an original battlefield but is not really a battlefield. All types of safety measures are taken so that the rate of accidents is close to negligible. Moreover, there is an armor specially design for this game. It makes the game look more realistic and gives you a feeling of a soldier. Also, the  gun’s speed limit is set and checked before the game starts so that you can enjoy your experience to its fullest.



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