How much do paintballs cost?


Paintballing is fun however it’s important to know all of the costs associated with the activity before participating in it.


A box of 500 paintball costs about $20. The average cost can range anywhere from $40-$70 for a box of about 2,000 paintballs depending on specs and where you buy. If you want to save money buy online instead of at the paintball venue. Here is a comparison chart:



Paintballs Cost
Valken Infinity $40 per 2000
Valken Graffiti $56 per 2000
Shop4paintball $16 per 500
WNW $20 per 500
Empire Marballizer $70 per 2000
Riot Balls rubber self defense $35 per 100
GI Sportz Xball $30 per 1000
Valken Fate $38 per 2000
JT GI Splatmaster Biodegradable $20 per 500
Blowgun $20 per 500
Wrek Elite Premium $42 per 1000


While that may sound like a lot, you still have to consider that a box of 2,000 paintballs can last a great while of time depending on how aggressive you are in terms of your playing style. For the beginner paintballer, you can easily go through about 800 paintballs simply learning your optimal position and style of play.



Paintballing is a relatively affordable activity to participate in, it’s not too expensive to acquire all of the equipment and accessories needed however depending on how often and aggressive you play, the price can begin to increase at a significant rate if you’re not careful. While the cost of certain equipment can be very expensive, it’s often times a one-time fee that you don’t have to repeatedly pay for.


When it comes to the paintballs themselves, they are relatively cheap however you have to consider the fact that you’ll need to buy them on a regular basis after virtually every game that you play. The cost of buying the paintballs themselves can and will vary all depending on the location in which you’re purchasing them and their stated design. The type of paint used inside of the pellets can also impact the cost so this is something you’ll want to keep in mind.



The amount of money that you will spend when buying paintballs can vary depending on the location in which you intend to play and how many paintballs you think you’ll need. Some paintball fields will allow you to pay for your games at a locked-in rate for each individual person while others offer more package deals allowing you to get more for the amount of money you put in initially.


One of the variables that will cut down on the total amount of money you have to spend while out paintballing is the equipment you use. If you only plan on going paintballing on special occasions, you will be able to get away with paying an individual equipment fee each time you go to the field. If you’re someone who is more of a regular player, you will want to purchase your own equipment because the constant cost of admission each time you visit the field can become very expensive.


Buying paintballs themselves is not what you need to be worried about most, the main concern that you need to focus on is the amount of time you intend to play, how aggressive your playing style is, and the packages offered by the field in which you’ll be playing on. There is no definitive way to tell you how much paintballs cost because the price will vary dependent upon all of the factors we’ve mentioned above.


As long as you consider all of the variables we’ve covered in this article, you should have no problem buying the right amount of paintballs that you need.


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