How Much does Airsoft Cost to Play?

You can play a game of Airsoft for about $20 on the weekend if you have your own equipment. It costs about $20 more to rent guns and gear for the day.

Airsoft is already a worldwide sport even when the gear costs a fortune. But with most sports, equipment usually comes at a price. You may opt to buy a low-end gear, but with airsoft as a military simulation, you might want the best gear to get the best of your experience. If you would like to try playing airsoft, here is your beginner?s guide to guns.

Do you need a license to play? What laws do you need to follow?

Despite an airsoft gun that may appear as a toy gun, you will need the proper gear to ensure your safety. There are also laws to follow when playing it. In the US, each state has different treatment when it comes to people owning airsoft guns.

In Arkansas, owning an airsoft gun is prohibited. In California, it is not allowed for a minor to own a BB device without the consent of the parents. Mandatory expulsions are received by students who bring airsoft guns to school.

In the United Kingdom, it is strictly imposed that you must be at least 18 years old to own an airsoft gun. You must be able to acquire a membership from an insured skirmish site to become a registered airsofter. You will be asked to attend an organized airsoft site where you can play for at least three days that you can do for no less than two months.

By the way, you will still need to wait for two months from the first day you attended until you can acquire a legal registration.

You can easily acquire an airsoft gun if you are one of the following:

You can legally own an airsoft gun if you are a member of an official historical re-enactment group or society.

You can also own an airsoft gun if you own an official media business such as film, television, or theatre company.

You can own one if you are also a direct servant of the Crown.

Some citizens who find the processes tedious may purchase an imitation firearm instead. These imitation firearms come in different colors such as bright blue, bright green, etc.

With these various laws that are strict and imposing, it could be discouraging for a lot of people. But it is necessary to regulate the selling, owning, and responsible using of airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are likened to real rifles and pistols that may harm another individual. Before planning to purchase one, you must consult with the official authority in your area.

These laws may vary from one country or one state to another. Some areas may impose stricter guidelines while others may be relaxed, but there is one common law among all of them. All of these laws specifically stated that you must be at least 18 years old to buy, own, and use an airsoft gun. When buying one, make sure that you are purchasing from a licensed airsoft manufacturer to avoid unnecessary conflict with the law.

Here much does it cost to play airsoft at first?

Why airsoft guns are expensive boils down to the gear all the time. A premium gear will cost a lot, but you can buy the basics first and build up your gear later. If you are still testing the waters, you can visit airsoft playing fields. They allow you to rent their equipment at a low cost.

You may dream of attending national competitions in airsoft someday, but for now, it will still take some practice and strategy-building.

Most rental costs around $10 on weekdays while it is around $20 during weekends. There is a wide market that offers different kinds of guns that might suit you. There are affordable ones, and there are very costly ones. The most affordable guns you can get can cost around $100 to $300. But other resourceful people can get it for $12. This is if you buy a secondhand one from a friend.

Some arenas offer rental packages. These packages may typically include an airsoft electric rifle, one intellect battery pack, one mid or high Cap magazine and free magazine refills for the whole day. Most arenas will hand one face mask, but if you are not comfortable with using the provided ones, you may bring your own.

These packages usually cost around $60 to $100. It will entirely depend on the gun you will be using and the arena you will be playing. If you would want, you can split the cost with your friends. Arenas usually get fully booked by the weekends. To avoid this, it is wise to book your reservations for your game a week in advance.

There are a limited number of gears for rental. Most arenas would ask for a deposit when you book your reservation. You could either do it on the phone if the arena allows and will ask you to deposit through their bank or other means if you cannot show up face-to-face.

If you wouldn?t want to risk anything yet because you?re still starting to play, some stores sell toy guns at a low price. These guns can deliver loads up to 300 fps.

How to pick airsoft guns?

Before purchasing an airsoft gun, you must first consider which type of gun you would prefer. You must also study its features. Aside from owning an airsoft gun, you must also consider purchasing its accessories.

There are other types of guns, but we will just focus on two.

The first type of airsoft gun is the Spring-Powered Airsoft Gun. This type would require you to exert a mechanical action because you would need to cock the weapon every time you?ll fire it. It is recommended for close-quartered games whether in the usual backyards or even in competitions.

Another type of airsoft gun is the Electric Airsoft Gun. It is much precise and stronger. This is a favorite type of many players. This is the gun that is used in competitions because of its great features. This includes its long-lasting batteries. You can also fire it across great ranges. And to top it all, you can control and adjust how it is fired.

There are a variety of guns to buy from, and it is best for you to go to the store to pick one. Prices will vary from one state to another or from one country to another.

The following examples will give you an idea of how much an airsoft gun, depending on their type and features would you choose from.

Spring-Powered Airsoft Gun like the Gameface Ghost Mayhem Airsoft Gun Package costs $24.9. Another Spring-Powered Airsoft Gun is the Soft Air USA Sig Sauer SP2022 BB Gun that costs $39.99.

Electric-Powered Guns seems to cost more such as the GameFace GF76 Airsoft Gun ?(Black/Clear) that costs around $139.99. Another electric-powered gun is the Game Face Submachine Gun Airsoft Gun (Black) that costs $99.99.

Based on the examples, spring-powered guns are much affordable than electric-powered guns. If you are still new to the game, it would be best for you to purchase a spring-powered gun first.

Types of games

You could use your gear if you have them. If you don?t, you can rent them from the owners of the arena. The cost for renting an arena will depend on the type of field that you will be playing on. The cost of the whole package will also depend on the type of game you will be playing as different games will need different guns.

There are three types of airsoft games:

MilSim- This type is very exciting as you will be playing against another team. This is derived from a military setting.

Outdoors- This type will allow you to play with high velocities from 400 to 500 feet per second.

CQB- This type is done indoors with guns of 350 fps.

Other costs

Aside from purchasing the right gun and finding the right arena, you must also consider your clothing apparel. The airsoft apparel has a strict code for compliance because it would ensure protection.

You must have a helmet to protect your head from stray bullets or from running into a wall. You must also wear goggles to prevent bullets from directly hitting your eyes. You will need to wear a vest to avoid bruises around your body. You will be asked to wear a holster to protect your sidearm too. There are other optional accessories available, but the ones mentioned are the most important.

If you are getting serious with the game and will plan to join competitions, there are accessories available for you to buy. These accessories include metal gearboxes. These gearboxes come with batteries and their chargers. Just be certain with what you need before buying.

Personally, airsoft is a good sport to channel people?s strong energies because it simulates combat. For those who have anger and anxiety issues, playing airsoft might be a good outlet. Playing airsoft is also good military training for those who are planning to join the military. Playing could also be nostalgic especially to the veterans who would want to relieve the glory of their combat days.

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