How To Aim a Paintball Gun

As a regular Paintball player, it’s been my dream to be a precise shooter. Though 100% accuracy is quite impossible! But anything above 80% on target shots is enough to consider you as a sharpshooter. Furthermore, it’ll increase the chances of winning for your team as well.  

On the other hand, the more precisely you shoot the more PaintBall you save. Also, it’ll save your reloading time. Not only that typically you need to pay for each set of PaintBalls you’ve been used during the game. So, using fewer PaintBalls can save you some money too. As a result, you can enjoy more PaintBall sessions by the savings.

Here, following are the quick tips to improve your accuracy. By practicing according to these tips in no time you can save a lot of money and accuracy too. On the same note, sometimes people might hire you in different challenges which can be a source of your passive income. Practice makes perfect indeed a universal truth. So, by following my tips practice more to win PaintBall challenges for you and the team.

Doing more Practice

As we mentioned earlier in the introduction there are no options to improve your skills and accuracy without dedication and practice. If you’ve own PaintBall marker and a set of equipment than find a safe place to practice on a regular basis. Either you can find a nearby shooting range for practicing accuracy and skills.

  • The first start with basics set the target in an average distance and practice until you achieve satisfactory accuracy.
  • After practicing for a few days depending on your level of accuracy try different angles and ranges to master on shooting steady targets.
  • By mastering on the steady targets try your skills on moving targets. Note if you assess regularly you can see improving results in no time. But practicing regularly is the key and show no compromise to it for keeping the same form.

Finding the best Paintball Gun

The right equipment is important as your skills. For example, in a professional baseball match, the bats are being used are very costly. Even the star players design own bats by spending thousands of bucks.  Where in a basic sports shop you’ll get baseball bat by spending twenty or fewer bucks. Why the professional bats are expensive?

The answer is they’re built with more accuracy in terms weight, grip, and stroke. Definitely, a professional bat will help a player to perform more precisely. Likewise in PaintBall the more a manufacturer invest in the quality regarding range, accuracy, shooting rate, and grip etc. the better PaintBall marker will perform. So, buying or choosing a quality gun can be a key for accuracy.       

  • Generally, the accuracy depends on the size and radius of Barrels. In a word, the markers with longer and slimmer barrels are supposed to be more accurate than other PaintBall Guns.
  • Next is to consider is the weight of the gun. Guns with a lot of accessories can significantly increase the weight and lose the portability. In such case, in the battlefield, it is good to carry lighter guns for moving at a great pace by holding the gun. Must select your marker depending on your carrying ability which might vary for different persons. As a result, you can easily hold the gun in the right posture which ensures more accuracy.  

I suggest the Tippman and Valken which are great in terms of their accuracy. But considering the recoiling capacity, Tippmann PaintBall marker is considered as a great option. As recoiling can considerably improve your accuracy while firing multiple shots.

Testing the Paintball Marker

Start your every PaintBall session by testing the Marker. The experts always prefer to test the gun for adjustment in aim whole which is good practice for accuracy in the game. Doing the same in a running session will help opponents to track you and you’ll also so valuable ammunition.     

  • First, ensure that the Marker is clean. Because the dirt inside the barrel can affect the accuracy by changing the direction and PaintBall speed to a great extent.
  • Test by firing Markers blank is also considered as a good technique before moving into the battlefield. Even pick a target and practice few test fires to understand the ability and accuracy of the gun.
  • Later on, check the target for understanding accuracy. If you’re not hitting precisely on the target adjust your aiming hole for more accuracy. Keep testing until you hit the bull’s eye.  

Aligning Marker

Lining up the Marker with the eyes is very important and recommended by PaintBall experts.

  • Because the more the gun is centered along with the body the more you can judge the angles which will definitely increase your shooting accuracy.
  • Secondly, check whether your accessories are blocking your view or not. So tilt in a lower extent for a better view of the target. As the better view is important for accuracy.     

By simply making small changes in alignment you can improve your accuracy. Remember more recoiling sometimes causes self-hitting. Though I am sure you’re wearing a mask. But still, you don’t want to take shots in your own face.

Hold on the excitement

Holding calm is always make a great shooter. Following is the expert tips:

  • Don’t get excited before you shoot. Simply show more focus for accuracy. Also in sudden attack keep your cool for the most accurate shot.
  • On the other hand, making noise by shooting unnecessarily will help your opponents to relocate your current position. Result in losing your life in the game.  

Remember to spend a few more seconds for shooting precisely. Have your patience and focus. Also overthinking can be dangerous too. So take a decent time for accurate shots. You might be surprised at the results and find that keeping calm is a game changer.

Right posture

Stance and posture are also very important. Also considered as basic of any sport.

  • Because postures play an important role to shoot accurately while moving at a decent pace.
  • Suddenly finding yourself in an awkward position will make the shooting more difficult due to the awkward angle and position.
  • So centering the gun with the body, use your toes and chest towards the target will also increase your accuracy.

Use movement as an advantage

PaintBall players keep changing their positions to shot and better view on target. So, excepting still targets is foolishness.  

  1. To overcome the issue with moving targets one common technique is used that is good judgment on speed and distance. The more accurate you can judge in less time will increase your accuracy on shooting by keeping your gun point ahead of the opponents.
  1. So the assumption is the key to the moving targets. Pulling trigger in the right moment at the right time will make you a sharpshooter.

As we can see most the tips are directly related to the practice. So use your sense, humor, focus, and skills together for better accuracy as a shooter. Furthermore, win the games for yourself and so for the team.

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