How to Make Paintball Grenades

Do you like grenades?

As we already know that Paintball is a combat game and played inside an arena or outdoor by using fake guns called a Paintball Marker – A gun powered by natural gas such as Carbon-dioxide and Nitrogen. Furthermore, the gun uses a special type of ammunition specifically color balls which burst upon impact on solid. To make the game more interesting players also use the grenades too – Grenades made of Colors.

The people who are familiar with the Paintball Game must have a little knowledge about the Paintball grenade. But as we always write focusing the newbies so let’s begin with


What is a Paintball Grenade?  

Paintball Grenades are designed and used likewise the Grenades used in real military combat. Grenades are simple color balls similar to water balloons but to give an extra flavor today many commercials are making Paintball Grenades including a real fuse. The Paintball Grenade with fuse uses a little amount of black powder which gives a similar taste of real combat. Bare hands throw both of these Grenades. Regardless of type and rules of the game, the grenades are an effective weapon. Hit by Grenade results in the death of an opponent in that specific round.   

There are two types of Paintball Grenades can be found in Market: Non Explosive and Explosive.

Non-explosive: As we said earlier these explosives are similar to the water balloons. Basically, the colors are filled inside the flexible bladder and generally made of rubber tubing.

Mechanism: One end of the ballons are sealed tightly, and on the other end it is less tightly sealed. As the Paint inside the

From Physics 101, the paint inside the grenade is already in under pressure. Also, one among two ends is secured with a pin. So removing the pin further loosens the grenades. As a result, when a player pulls the pin and tosses the grenade in the air, the loosen tie opens by striking in a solid body. For example, a human body or ground.

So, the Grenade spins naturally due to the release of air pressure. As a result, while spinning the Paints comes out of the balloon and sprinkle colors around the radius as like a real combat Grenade.

Although the Paint distribution is not that much perfect but gives a pleasant experience, but in modern grenades, the uniform scattering of paint is not only seen but also they even mark an uncovered player who is in a close range of Grenade burst.

Explosive: The explosive Paintball Grenade is more similar to a combat grenade. As we already mentioned they use a small amount of explosive black powder with a fuse for controlling explosion and color spreading.

Mechanism: Inside the color pouch, a core of black power is commonly used with a  fuse. Later the core is placed inside a protective casing. Likewise, a Match the topped fuse lit by striking due to the friction with an igniting material.

By throwing the grenade, the fuse simply burned out. As a result, the black powder explodes and sprinkle the paint around the radius of the Grenade. Non-explosive paint grenades make less noise which gives a strategical advantage to a player or team.  

How to make a Paintball Grenade?

We can easily cut the tube using regular scissors or a knife. Next, we need a slice of the latex tube precisely 3/8 inch. Remember for each homemade grenade we will need a minimum of 6-inch long tube though we can also use longer tubes for a larger Paintball grenade as per preferences. For accuracy before cut measure each section. Next to move forward tie any one end of a 6-inch tube by making a knot.

You are now using a measuring cup to measure the mixture. For our design, we used ¼ cup of flour and ¼ cup of corn starch which makes the paint. We need some food colors too as we can directly add the colors to the mixture. So as per requirement use as much color you want to use.

As an option, we can also use non-toxic, washable paints. In case we don’t have much time to spare on Paintball grenades.

Now we will need to fill the pot half-way using water. Do not a boil the water instead wait until simmer state. Steadily pour the flour/starch mixture as the water is ready to use. Stir vigorously to mix it well. For better results, use an egg bitter. Now add approximately four drops of food coloring into the mixture.

Tips: Use bright colors. So that can be identified easily. Now, wait until the mixture researches room temperature as it reaches at the desired temperature we ready to fill the tubes.

Use the open end of the tube and If using a spray bottle and fill the tube using a spray bottle or syringe with the mixture. Push the mixture in steady pace using a syringe.

Tieing a rubber band around the spout will ensure the process much secure, and there will be less risk of leakage.

Simply hold the tube onto the syringe or spout or with vacant hand for extra caution as you’re not using a rubber band.  

Now slowly Remove the rubber band and the spray bottle or syringe once the tube is filled with colors approximately 3-4 inches in diameter. For similar results, we can also twist the open end several times.

Next fold down about an inch on the open end. Now once you have a good grip simply remove the clamp. Simply down on the folded side just slide the washer. Through the rubber tube on top of the washer use a 1/8 inch cotter pin and slide it.

In conclusion, in an above-mentioned way we can easily make Paintball grenades at a very cheap price, and interestingly we can reuse these tubes. Happy PaintBalling!

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