How to Make Your Own Paintball Gun


The paintball gun utilizes the physics laws that you have studied during your high school years. The guns employ pressure systems which makes it possible to thrust the paintballs into the air with speed and hit your opponents. The most common gas used in this pressure system is the carbon dioxide. Inexpensive paintball guns typically utilize such pressure system, and so beginners can easily learn the basics of the game.

Before the sport became very popular, the paintballs were used mainly to mark livestock and trees. But since it hit the market, its popularity can’t be curtailed. You don’t have to purchase a paintball gun because you can make your gun at home. Now, you can play the game even in your yard with your friends and family.

The equipment or materials that you will need in creating the paintball gun are readily available at home and in nearby hardware stores. You will need these things in order to make your gun – some cement, glue, plumber’s tape, replacement valve (tire), 6 foot 1” PVC, ¾ PVC barrel, one piece 1” PVC end cap, 2 pieces 1” PVC elbows, 2 pieces 1” PVC tees; PVC nipple, ball valve, and reducer; and nail driller and plumber’s saw.

Please make sure that the PVC you will be using for this project should be tested with pressure because it will be exposed to rupturing.


Here is the procedure:

1. Cut into segments your 1” PVC. If you want to assemble the PVC easily, cut them into equal segments. Cover the ends of the PVC with the plumber’s tape. You can start to assemble the main structure of the gun. Attach the 2 PVC elbow to both ends of the 1” PVC segment using cement and primer. The elbows of the PVC should face the same direction.

2. Remember to label the two tees ‘Ax and Ay’ and ‘Bx and By’ for the straight ends; perpendicular ends should be labeled Az and Bz. Attach one end of the segment with the elbow to the ‘Az,’ and the other end should be attached to the ‘Bx.’ Connect the pieces again with cement and primer. The shape should now be like a box.

3. The PVC nipple should be fastened to the ‘By.’ Bolt the ball valve in the PVC nipple and fasten the barrel. Drill a hole where you will attach the tire valve at the end of the PVC cap. Cement the 1” PVC to the ‘Ay.’

4. Leave the PVC to dry for a day, and after that, you can already try the paintball gun.

You see it’s quite easy to assemble your very own paintball gun. All the materials are available at the hardware store, or you may even have them at home. Start collecting the needed materials and start with your project.

If you want, you can also ask help from other paintball players who created their very own paintball gun. Play this sport together with your friends without spending huge money on the guns.


Custom Paintball Guns

Did you know that players of paintball also call their guns ‘paintball markers’? You see, the paintballs which are loaded in the gun are used to mark opponents and hence the term ‘paintball markers.’ For those who have specific requirements when it comes to their paintball guns, you need to get the custom made ones.

When you’re using the custom-made guns, you have to consider some features like a barrel, gun accessories, and air system. Now, if you try to shop online, you will notice that there are lots of paintball gun manufacturers. Choosing a manufacturer and the type of paintball gun is a hard task.

Do a quick search in some online stores, and you will be overwhelmed with the many varieties of custom-made guns. You can find Graffiti Series ACI F4, Dragon Intimidator by Bob Long, 68AUTOMAG, Chaos ANS GX-3, Tippman 98, and many others. These guns are the most popular, and they usually command a high price because of the quality.

If you prefer the good looking paintball guns, you can choose the Graffiti Series. High accuracy is achieved through this gun because of the Venturi bolt. This bolt reduces ball breakage. Aside from that, the Graffiti Series features expansion chamber and combo barrel.

You can also go for 68AUTOMAG because it’s also among the popular custom made guns. The gun’s power feed has molded grips and valve assembly. If you prefer these requirements, you can choose this paintball gun.

Another good choice is the Dragon Intimidator. This paintball gun by Bob Long has a torpedo or vertical regulator. You can even control trigger travel through the three adjustment screws. Aside from that, the gun also has button controls and LCD.

Still not satisfied? Try ANS GX-3. This gun features adjustable jackhammer regulator, stainless steel ram, and milled shroud. ANS Gen-X manufactured this paintball gun, and it is among the best manufacturers in the world for paintball equipment.

Tippman 98 is another custom made paintball gun and so far, it is the most popular. You can upgrade this gun according to your specific needs. You don’t have to worry about the weather if you have this gun because it can withstand various weather conditions.

These are the custom made paintball guns offered in the market. If you want to know more about these guns, check out their product reviews and customer testimonials. That way, you can tell if it’s the right paintball gun for you. If the price is one of your considerations in purchasing paintball guns, make sure that you know the prices of these guns.

Aside from that, you should also compare the guns regarding accuracy, range, and other factors. You should be a smart shopper and don’t just grab the first custom made paintball gun that you come across. Make sure that you make a wise decision and don’t forget to consider your playing style and the type of game you usually play.

Spend some time playing and renting paintball guns. This is one way to test how the guns feel while you’re in the playing field. Don’t forget to check the various manufacturers of paintball guns so that you can determine the gun’s quality.

Paintball guns are very important, and you can’t join the game without it. There is also other paintball equipment that you need to have so be sure to buy them as well.


Paintball Guns

When purchasing paintball guns, it is vital that you choose the right type of gun or marker. Should you go for the new guns or the used ones?

Among the primary equipment used in paintball is the paintball gun or marker. There are now refurbished or used paintball guns sold in the market today. The gun’s major components are the barrel, tank, and hopper. Firing systems also vary and your gun may utilize electro-pneumatic, electro-mechanical, mechanical, and pump. Today, you can also find guns which use full auto, semi-auto, electronic, stock, and pump. If you’re purchasing a paintball marker or gun, the most popular brands are AirStar, Component Concepts Incorporated, Diablo, Bruizer, and Brass Eagle.

If you think that paintball is a very easy and inexpensive game, you’re wrong. Paintball is quite expensive because you need to purchase several paintball gears and stuff which are pricey. The price of the paintball marker or gun depends on the firing system, model and brand; guns cost anywhere from $150 – $1,800. If you want to cut down on the costs of the paintball accessories, you can purchase refurbished or used guns instead. Beginners are encouraged to purchased used guns so that they can save money and not only that, and this is also one way to try different types of markers or guns.

The used markers or guns are highly in demand these days because of their dependability, durability, and effectiveness. You have to choose the appropriate gun that can meet your usage needs. Used guns are cheaper, but that doesn’t mean that quality is sacrificed. There are lots of used paintball guns which are of high quality, and you can also buy them if you take some time to search.

When purchasing used guns, it is very important to check if its manufacturer is still servicing. Make sure that the paintball guns are also in good working condition. Watch out for sellers who offer used and defective paintball guns. You must have the right knowledge in purchasing used guns. Take note that guns using carbon dioxide pressure systems can’t be reused; double check the gun’s pressure system.

It would be best to shop in the pro-shops offering paintball gears and equipment. There are lots of pro shops in the US, and they also offer used paintball markers and guns. Browse the internet, and you may be able to find classified sites and auction sites offering used guns or markers. These websites are also excellent sources of used paintball guns.

Some individuals don’t like to purchase the used guns because they find them defective. Beginners may find the used guns a good deal, but for the professional and expert players, they would still prefer the brand new guns. If you can afford to purchase the brand new paintball guns, no one’s stopping you.

Those people with limited resources can go for used paintball guns so that they too can experience the world of paintball. This sport is fun, exciting, and full of action. You don’t have to be rich to play the game. If you want, you can also join the sport as long as you have all the necessary equipment and accessories.

Buy the paintball equipment now, and if you want, you can purchase used guns or markers instead. The choice is yours; make sure that you choose the gun you like.

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