How to Play and Win Airsoft- Tips, Pics, and Videos

Tips for Airsoft Sport

• Airsoft is an exciting and challenging sport which keeps the player physically and mentally active. If you want to play the airsoft sport with your friends, then read these basic tips before starting the game.

• Try to protect yourself by taking the initial safety precautions. Wear protective eyewear, or protective face masks with a long sleeve shirt to prevent direct hits on the exposed skins. You can also use protective knee pads, helmets and other safety equipment for maximum protection.

• Read the basic guideline carefully in the documents of airsoft gun because failure to adopt the manufacturer recommendations can lead to damage of the gun. Every gun needs to be cleaned and cared in a specific way. Avoid charging the batteries improperly, using wrong pellets, pumping the gun or loading the pellets improperly.

• Avoid carrying the airsoft guns in the public locations to save yourself from legal and public threats.

• Do more practice and look around to analyze the movements of your enemy. Try to adopt some basic tricks to protect yourself from your enemy. To minimize your body exposure to enemies, peek around the obstacles and stay low to the flat ground.

• During practice try to wear all basic equipment and select a proper gun which can be used in an actual airsoft match.

• Select a correct BB weight for your airsoft gun. After buying your favorite gun, you should try test shooting with three major BB weights. Analyze the accuracy and quality properly.

• Have a proper grip on your gun while you are pulling the trigger for shooting. Hold the gun properly and keep the stock pressed firmly against your shoulder.

• Spot your opponent after setting an aim. Take your time to make an accurate shot then start firing to win the airsoft match.

• Wear proper clothes without sacrificing accuracy and protection. Remember, the uncomfortable or cold condition can lead to loss of the match.

• Avoid being nervous, angry or too much excited. Behave like a robot, call yourself and avoid the mistakes to complete the mission.

• Upgrade your airsoft gun with time. Invest in advance equipment, accessories, and optics to improve the performance.

• Buy a high-quality gun instead of an expensive gun. Instead of investing in two spring guns, you should buy an automatic airsoft gun with great accuracy.

• Cover your gun properly out of the battlefield. To make the airsoft game more interesting, try to use the speed reloader, flashlight and several tools to win the game.

• Try to practice multiple times but increase the practice time to learn better strategies. Learn how to shoot while moving, lying down or coming out of the cover. Practice drilling several times, if you get bored then take a small break to refresh yourself.

• Keep your gun in a safe place to avoid any damage. You can improve the performance and power of your airsoft gin with powerful gases.

How to select a suitable airsoft gun?

Your experience level: Before selecting an airsoft gun, explore and test your technical skills. You may need a different type of weapons and equipment’s to win a specific match. High capacity magazine with fully automatic airsoft is best for additional support. If you are a beginner, then avoid buying a snipping rifle due to its high price and powerful nature.

Cost: You need to buy an affordable and suitable airsoft gun. Keep in mind after the initial investment, and you may need to buy some additional spare parts, accessories to upgrade the gun for better performance. So, decide a budget and select a gun which is suitable for your level of experience. Never buy a low-quality airsoft gun due to its cheap price. The best airsoft guns for the beginners are under 100$, but an expert should look for an automatic gun.

Accuracy and durability: Most of the airsoft guns come in the market with a plastic body. So, select those airsoft guns whose external body is made up of durable plastic. The high quality automatic plastic guns are better than metallic guns. The plastic body is extremely hard, lightweight and highly resistant. The accuracy of an airsoft gun depends upon its durability, bore, and length of the internal barrel. You can increase the accuracy by adjusting the hop up mechanism.

Best Brand: You cannot select the best brand because different companies offer a different level of accuracy in a specific design. For the beginners, KWA and JG brand is best, but if you are an expert, then you should buy a gun with a high level of accuracy and durability. Before placing an order, read the guideline and description of the gun then search its reviews and survey report on online stores or specific website to get a better understanding of the model.

Amazon is one of the best websites where you can buy the best model of an airsoft gun. But, if you wonder how to access Amazon or you are not familiar with online purchasing, then you can visit the local store to get the airsoft gun for sale.

Upgrade options: Before placing an order, consider the upgrade and improvement options in the gun. Keep in mind some airsoft guns allow the shorter to replace the plastic body with a metallic body to increase durability. You can also change flashlight, laser, and other equipment to enhance accuracy. If the gun is damaged after a match, then you can buy spare parts to repair the airsoft gun.

Basic Types of Airsoft Gun:

If you are a beginner, then you should know these three basic types of the airsoft gun.

Gas Guns: This gun requires green gas or carbon dioxide to work properly. Its recoil is realistic, and it is more powerful than a general spring gun that’s why it is not suitable for a beginner. In winter its performance is reduced due to cold weather and less pressure of the gas.

Spring rifle: This gun is simple and affordable for beginners. You can shoot your opponent after pulling back the slide. But this gun is not fully automatic due to the lack of battery and gas. It is best for the entry-level players.

Automatic electric or gas guns: This is the best gun for the experts due to its diversity and quality. Its whole mechanism is based upon a rechargeable battery and multi-shot feature. If you want an upgraded, high-quality airsoft gun, then this is a perfect design for you.

Top 10 Airsoft Guns In the Market:

G&G M4:

G&G M4 is one of the best airsoft guns in the market. This gun is perfect for the outdoor or indoor battle due to its perfect design and durable material. For additional support, the plastic body is reinforced by glass fiber, and its design is similar to a metal rifle.

The main components include trigger, barrel, fire selector, sight and magazine release trigger. The adjustable six position stock, lightweight and rail system makes this airsoft gun a high-quality rifle. The barrel length is increased to get more accuracy. Without breaking your bank, you can get the best airsoft gun online from any e-store. The 9.4 V battery can support 1000 rounds/minutes, and smart charger with a high capacity magazine provides additional shooting time. G&G M4 airsoft gun is pretty cool and comfortable for the beginners. The magazine and pistol grip provides extra control over the airsoft gun in rainy or wet conditions. It has great velocity, shooting rates and accuracy with a lightweight fine design which makes it perfect for the entry level players.

Colt M4 CQB:

This airsoft gun comes in the market with a rechargeable 8.4 volt 1100mAh battery, Metal Gearbox, Steel Gear and Handguard. This weapon is lightweight, fast and sturdy with a design similar to Colt M4 used by U.S military. This special rifle can reach a high level of accuracy and velocity. The electric motor and metal gearbox increase the performance of the airsoft gun. The shooter can treat this gun as a sniper rifle or CQB rifle due to its powerful nature.

The intermediate stops with retractable position stocks which help the shooter to shot properly and the accuracy can be improved with an adjustable hop up. This airsoft gun is easy to upgrade by using a flashlight, red dot scope or bipod. You can buy a smart charger to increase battery power and life. Its great design, durable material, high velocity, and sturdy nature makes it best for the intermediate level players.

Lancer Tactical AK47:

Due to a classic look, sturdy body and affordable price, AK 47 is considered one of the best airsoft guns in the market. The powerful features and lightweight body make it perfect for the entry level players. This rifle has a plastic body with a pistol grip which offers extra grip. You can buy a 9.4V battery to increase performance. You can carry a smart charger if you want to charge the battery. The magazine is made up of a plastic body, and metal gearbox increase the accuracy and velocity of the gun. You can use this rifle for long range games in the outdoor battle. It is treated as a first-class durable airsoft gun with great design. Its high capacity magazine with a lightweight body makes it perfect for the entry level players.

Thompson 1928:

Thompson 1928 is outstanding machinery due to its metal bushing, multiple magazine and metal gearbox. At one side of the barrel, you can see a trademark. The grips and stock are made of high-quality plastic which look like wood. It is a lightweight airsoft gun due to its plastic body which increases the durability and life of the gun. The fire selector, metal inner barrel and safety trigger are made up of metal. The rate of accuracy and fire can be increased if needed. This gun is best for long range games due to its solid grip and short barrel.

If you want to use different types of BB pellets, then you can adjust the Hop Up. You need to buy a small battery which fits perfectly in the provided space. Try to wear safety masks if you want to participate in an outdoor battle. It’s gorgeous design, high accuracy, and adjustable rear sights make it best for the entry-level players.

H&H CQB Elite:

This airsoft gun is popular for its rear sight, adjustable hop-up system, adjustable stock, metal quad rail system, fire modes, reinforced, and full automatic safety. This gun is powerful and sturdy with a full metal body due to which it is best for the expert players. You can upgrade the gun with available rails to get an extra boost in the game. It can be used for a premium level performance due to its fine design and good battery 1600mAh 9.6V. You can adjust the rare sight for windage and elevation while the Hop Up can be adjusted by pulling the handle. The magazine offered 320 BBs support and made up of a full metal body.

H&K 45 blowback:

This airsoft gun weighs 2.6 Ibs and has some special features such as special hop up unit, double action on trigger and metal magazine. It is one of the most popular airsoft guns in the market due to its affordable price and high quality. The pistol with the full-scale replica gives a tactical version. The polymer body, internal metal structure and HK original trademark on one side of the slider make it the best deal for the entry-level players. For the laser or flashlight, there a Pictinny rail can be found in the front frame. The gun is heavy and well protected. The rails are low profile, but you can easily remove the low profile sights from the hostler. In 2017, a model was released in the market with great accuracy and realistic design. Its super design, easy to upgrade feature and advanced technology makes H&K blowback a most demanding model.

Colt CO2:

This superb airsoft gun is available in the market with specific features such as CO2 cartridges, semi-automatic action, and full metal body. Colt CO2 gun is similar in design and mechanism with colt 1911. Due to its strong blowback action and semi-scale imitation, it is not suitable for the entry-level players. The craftsmanship and minor details indicate the realistic aspect of the airsoft gun. If the player is not on the battlefield, then he can activate the ambidextrous safety for complete protection. If you want to upgrade the gun then you can make the release system, slider lock, tactical rail or magazine release button a little bit advance. Regardless of size the magazine can hold easily CO2 cartridge or 17 BBs.

The palm feature is available with a trigger and switch. You can find this airsoft gun in the market at an affordable price. Its excellent flashlight, amazing design and powerful blowback system make it perfect.


This special semiautomatic gun has a metal sight and a good grip. The realistic blowback system and sidearm make it number 1 online airsoft gun in the market. You can use different gases to maintain pressure. The slide lock with a semi-automatic working hammer suits best with a full-scale replica in this model. The pistol is comfortable to shoot or hold properly. With some initial adjustments you can easily upgrade the airsoft gun. The great design, compatibility with CO2 and gas along with slide lock make KJW best for the beginners. .


Honestly UTG Mk96 has many special features like adjustable Hop-up, single piece precise metal barrel and spring powered deluxe full speed loader. The player can easily use this airsoft gun to fight against the opponents in any weather condition. The special force L96 British sniper rifle gives a realistic touch and it is specially designed for the harsh weather conditions. The solid plastic stock, raised check, rubberized butt plate makes the best combination with a foldable bipod. It is treated a long distance combat weapon which is best for the expert players. You can easily upgrade with the addition of some extra accessories. Its few amazing accessories, affordable price, great accuracy and long-range distance make it unique in the market.

BBTac Action gun (BT-96 Bolt):

BBtac action gun has metal components with a plastic body. The speed loader, 320 – 400 FPS muzzle velocity, 200ft range and 20 rounds magazine are some unique features of this special model. If you are a snipper then without any hesitation you can buy this stylish airsoft gun. The special accessories and unique features make this model best for the beginners. The beginner gets attracted to this model due to its great accessories (i.e. magazine, speed loader, bipod, scope) and affordable price range. Being an entry-level player, you can easily win the long range battles with impressive accuracy and velocity of this model. This rifle looks stylish and it can behold easily when a player is on the battlefield.

Advantages of Airsoft Sport:

Airsoft game is one of the most popular sports among those people who love to play on the battlefield. Mostly law enforcement officers and retired military soldiers like to play this amazing game because airsoft helps them to keep their unique skills sharpened. You can buy many types of equipment and additional accessories but if you are not having fun then they all the efforts are worthless that’s why to try to buy an airsoft gun which suits best to your skill level.

Active and energetic: Airsoft sport keeps a player physically active during the whole game. This game is best for those people who want to lose some body weight to get a fit physique. Most of the players want to have a tough game while doing lots of fun.

Physical Benefits: The game involves fantastic cardiovascular exercises with significant physical improvements at different levels. Ducking, running, dodging, shooting, hiding and jumping causes weight loss and enhance the strength of a player. After some practice you will get full control on your body and the organs will remain well coordinated during spotting the opponent, targeting and shooting. Over time your response will become more rapid and endurance level will increase. Some players do practice for a few days while others dedicate their whole holidays to airsoft sport.

Social Benefits: Airsoft is a social game that’s why the players love to share their experiences with the entry-level players. Remember, if you are looking forward to sharing your passion then many people will join your group to learn the basic skills. It will give you the best opportunity to meet interesting and diverse people who belong to different countries. You can connect with some amazing players to form strong bonding. Along with friends you can enjoy this unique game with your family members i.e. aunts and nieces, fathers and sons, brothers, sisters, and cousins. Adopt airsoft as a new hobby or play it for your entire life to enjoy the special movements with your loved ones.

Reduce stress: Green area, woody land along with physical activities reduce the stress level from 50% to 85%. Airsoft sports helps the players to move away from the stress of life, hectic office routine and internet world to enjoy the special movements with their friends and well-wishers.

Mental benefits: Airsoft provides a chance to enjoy the sport in an open environment which reduces the stress level. Even if you are enjoying your vacations or away from work, still the emails and phone is a great distraction which make a person worried and busy. Airsoft game is the best sport to keep the players away from phone and the internet. When you join the players on the battlefield, make a solid plan and use alternative strategies then being an entry-level player you learn many new skills and leadership qualities. Airsoft players learn to give attention to minor details like small movements, a tinny sound which can be useful to win the game. Without risking your life, you can learn many useful skills in your vacations.

Several opportunities: For some people airsoft game is a best outdoor activity because many options are available for the players along with safety. You can join short- or long-term courses to learn the basic skills from any well-known institute. Learning from a new course is the best thing if you are having fun with freshmen. If you want to learn some advance strategies then you can buy additional accessories for better practice.

Before entering the battle, field makes sure you have all the basic accessories to customize your experience. To get more pleasure use a tactical gear, proper vest or a universal shoulder holster.

Basic Airsoft Accessories:

Additional airsoft magazine or speed loader: Most of the players try to learn advanced skills, so they need additional accessories like a speed loader or magazine. On the basis of the system or model of an airsoft gun, a player can decide how many extra magazine or speedloader he needs to buy to run the fully automatic or semi-automatic gun. You can carry extra plastic BBs to help your team members in case of an emergency.

Eye and Face Protection: Eye and face are one of the most sensitive areas of the body — the plastic BBs travel with a high velocity which can damage the eye or face on hitting. You can find many types of eye protection accessories in the market, some of which can provide face and eye protection at the same time. These face protections are made up of mesh, hard plastics and neoprene.

Long-sleeved shirts and long pants: Military uniform is preferred to wear in airsoft game to keep the body fully covered. During hiding, climbing or jumping you need to move in the woodland that’s why to try to cover your body to reduce the scraped from bushes and limbs. The sharp edges, nails, splinters and staples can be dangerous which can cause serious bleeding. Some people like to wear the military uniform because they are specially designed for the battle condition. Although military uniform comes in different patterns and styles they all have plenty of pockets to keep the essential things. You can visit a local store or contact a fellow airsoft operator to purchase your favorite military uniform.

Tactical or Combat boots: The basic purpose to wear combat boot is that they provide comfort, additional support and keep the foot relax during running and climbing. Tactical and combat boot is designed in a specific way to keep the foot protective from all types of items on the battlefield. The boot keeps the foot warm and protective even in a harsh environment that’s why to take your time to choose a perfect pair.

Gloves: If you are going to buy the basic accessories then first try to include gloves in your list. Gloves are one of the most important items to protect the hands from bushes, trees, splinters, flying BBS and environmental conditions. But it is your personal choice if you want to wear them or not. Although gloves are very comfortable you need to do proper practice before wearing them in the battlefield. Two basic types of gloves are available in the market i.e. Fingerless and Full Fingered gloves.

Hat or Cover: You can find many types of hats to cover your head properly like as military patrol cap, beret, boonies hat, shemagh and plain ball cap. Hats can be used for several purposes i.e. eye protection, soak up the extra sweat to remove eye irritation, protect the head from unwanted items in the field and shade the face from sunrays.

Armor knee pads: The main purpose of the knee pad is to provide protection and safety from the hard objects like walls, bushes and fences. They reduce the chances of a knee injury.

Essential equipment: The loadout rig includes all the important items which a player wants to carry in the battlefield. One of the essential gears is nylon pistol with an H or Y suspender. Although they look simple they carry important things such as water and magazine pouches. Any type of loud out rig you buy from the market; its whole weight is carried by main suspenders which the players wear in their shoulders. The loud out is simple and lightweight in nature onto which you can carry many items during low crawling, hiding and running. From simple to extreme level you can find these rigs in any type. In some tactical vest additional accessory attachments are present which are useful for the airsoft operators. The advance loud our rig is specially designed for the law enforcement plate and military carrier. This plate carrier is specially designed to carry shrapnel, bullets and armor to protect the soldier. The plate carries are available in the market in various shapes and styles.

Magazine Pouches: Magazine pouches might not look like an essential item but they are an important item for airsoft game. Magazine pouches keep and protect the additional magazines. Although you can keep the magazine in your military uniform pocket the main problem is difficult to access and extra noise during running or walking.

Water: Water is one of the essential items for new or veteran airsoft operators. During running and cycling a player needs to stay hydrated that’s why they need to carry water. Water helps to spend the whole day actively in dry weather and players recover more quickly. You can use camelback system to carry the water in the battlefield. You can also find some extra pouches to carry the plate carrier system or tactical vest.

Gifts for the Airsoft players:

If you want to buy an attractive gift for your beloved ones or friends according to their hobby then you have two options, try to stalk your friends on social media to get basic information about their favorite items. But if this idea is not suitable then you can get some personal and serious suggestions from their well-wishers.

Patches: Patches are made up of rubber emblem or simple plastic. Usually they are available in the market in several patterns and design that’s why they indicate the personality of a player. You can find any type of patch from silly and humorous to serious blood type patch. Although some people pay special attention to buy a specific patch which represents their rank, confidence level or skills. If the patch is backpacked in Velcro then you can attach it to the main gears. Two main types of patch are available in the market i.e. silicone and fabric. Silicone or rubber patch is durable, tough and used for premium level while fabric patch is soft, cheap and it can be worn easily.

BBs: BBs is a small size plastic ball which are shoot by one player on the opponent in the battlefield. It is a good gift for the entry-level players. These BBs balls are available in the market in vivid or white color but you can categories them on the basis of their weight. Try to buy the BBs balls with 0.2g weight because low weight balls do not fulfill the demands of a high-end airsoft gun. Usually BBs airsoft balls weight between 0.2g to 0.28g. Some famous brands in the market are blaster, midbull, excel and G&G.

Grenades: Grenades are best to carry in the battlefield. There are three main types of grenades i.e. BFGs fire blanks are best to form the bang. Without a bullet but they can fire a blank but be very careful because blanks cannot get a hold for under 18s. Know the limits and make a better choice. Remember you need to select between impact and time. Try to prefer time in case of outdoor battle while impact is most important in case of indoor battle.

Pyrotechnic Grenades used in case of firework. You can trust two main manufacturers to buy this type of grenades i.e. Enola Gaye or TLSFX. Due to risk of fire try to avoid it in outdoor battlefield during summer season. You can use them only one time.

Gas grenades are filled with gas and they are essential for a quick bang. Commonly cyclone grenades and XL burst make this type. They release the BBs with accurate pressure. It is safe to use due to no heat effect.

Chronograph: It is a small tool which is useful if you are interested to know the speed at which you are shooting the BBs balls. This item helps the airsoft players to stay within the selected limit. You can find many types of chronograph from the market i.e. watches or chronograph for bows and firearms. Try to buy a compatible chronograph from a reputable brand like acetech, madbull and Xcortech.

Tracer Kit: Usually the airsoft players carry a tracer in dark. It is glowing bullet with a cool and smooth light. If you want to gift tracer to your friend then buy a tracer BBs with tracer unit. The tracer units are treated as mock suppressors on the end of an airsoft gun. G&G, B&T, ASG and Xcortech are one of the most famous brands in the market.

Dustbuster: A small dust buster is best tool to clean the extra mess produced during the airsoft battle. After an airsoft game you will find BBs balls everywhere in the house: at the corner of the home, down the bed, in the window of the kitchen and in the ground.

Trip Mines: In airsoft game the players carry a trip wire operated or radio operated explosive mine which make an explosion with a simple bang. It is a useful equipment to set a battle environment.

Gun Case: The hard case is important to protect the airsoft guns. Most players want to buy a simple gun case that can be open and close easily. You can select between a cut foam and pluck foam. You can make a comparison to find something unique with required features.

Famous Brand of Airsoft:

ICS: It is a well-known brand of Taiwan which focus on innovation and durability. Normally all the essential accessories are available with the airsoft gun that’s why the customers do not need to buy them separately.

Jing Gong: JG is the abbreviation of Jing Gong. It is a famous brand of Hong Kong due to its high-quality products and amazing features. Despite affordable price range, the airsoft guns of this brand are well known for their quality and guarantee. This brand satisfies its customers, social expectations, employees and shareholders in an ideal way.

Tokyo Marui: This is a famous brand of Japan due to its pioneer design and wide range of products. You can find any type of gun model in this brand such as electric guns, sniper gear or spring airsoft. This company mostly produce full metal external body or semi-plastic structure. Although this brand is a little bit expensive but it has high quality and performance products.

G&G: It is a famous Taiwanese manufacturer whose most airsoft rifles range in between $150 to $200. Although these airsoft guns are affordable but you can compare it with other models for a better decision. Among the basic types combat machine is one of the famous models with important accessories.

SoftAir: If you are looking for an airsoft brand which emphasize on quality and high performance then Soft Air is best for you. This gun usually is available at $100-$300 with full metal body. These airsoft guns are durable and reliable. Although it is not a top class brand still SoftAir is one of the best brands in the market with positive reviews.

A&K airsoft: This brand develops high-quality products for entry level players or beginners. If you want a less complex and easy to use airsoft gun then this brand is best for you. They mainly create carbines, rifles and different types of machine guns. Its price ranges from $150 to $300, but at online stores, you can find most of them at a discount.

CyberGun: This is a French brand which focuses on developing fictional and real guns. Although you will find a great difference in performance and quality, its low price makes it fit for the entry-level players. The beginners need to do practice with a lightweight airsoft gun that’s why many useful features are added in the brand. You can find the best model within $50 from any online store.

History of airsoft:

• In the mid of 1970s airsoft originated from Japan due to a strict gun control law at the time. Because it was illegal to carry a firearm in the country, so people living in that area bought the airsoft guns to fire an 8mm or 6mm plastic pellet to protect their life. Airsoft was treated as a non-electric, spring powered passive weapon with an incredibly low FPS as compared to the other ballistics weapons. Airsoft guns allowed the Japanese to lay competitive games with their friends in a safe environment without breaking the laws that’s why with time airsoft become famous all over the Asian Countries. After getting approval in Japanese society, this sport eventually spread in Taiwan, Korea, and China which had similar strict gun laws.

• In the early 1980s, development, and advancement in technology cause the arrival of blowback or gas powered guns in the market. These guns required green gas for firing the BB pellets with required force, but their design was similar to the spring powered guns.

• Green gas was especially used in airsoft guns to fire the BB pellets at a higher speed, but it was completely safe to use against airsoft players with proper body protection.

• The incorporation of green gas in the airsoft guns was similar to air guns which had been used in the mid of 1400s. But the high velocity of air gun and metal pellets made them unsafe for general sports. In spite of their similar mechanism, airsoft and air gun are designed for different purposes.

• Moving to 1980s, airsoft popularity was spread all over the world, and it was adopted as a port in the US and UK.

• Soon three main types of airsoft guns were introduced in the market with advanced technology, i.e. electric, spring and blowback.


In comparison to other action sports, airsoft is considered as a safe and energetic game. Airsoft guns provide less harm because they produce less amount of energy on shooting. To increase the safety level mostly the players need to carefully follow the basic guideline especially when the game is organized outdoor on the field. Some people do not wear anything except a t-shirt, but general protection includes body protection and eye protection with a facemask or googles. Airsoft sport is much safer than basketball or football due to organized strategies and proper control over the gun on the battlefield.

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