I Felt the Shot of Paint and I was Out of Intense Game

It had been a tough game for the house that evening. The enemies had breached our defenses, eliminating more of my men at the blink of an eye. Although we had started well at the beginning setting up very well and making every flank solid and impregnable things took another turn at a point. The objective was to stand our ground and defend the village for 15 minutes against external forces trying to take over our territory.

They had eliminated Todd, who guarded the outpost of the village, close to the school. Breaching that post meant they were at the entrance of the village.

“We need to push them back, guys.”

I can’t be sure if they could all hear me or not, but each time I got information or needed to pass an intelligence, I would scream at the top of my voice to let them know. In this game, the first step to building a solid defense was good communication among teammates.

“I’ve got eyes on the barn, can you take him out?” I asked a teammate, Josh, who was at a better angle to take shots towards the barn than I did.

“Yes, I haven’t seen him yet though. Let me take a closer look. Cover me,” he said as he moved swiftly to get himself close enough to mark the enemy.

“Nice shot,” I said. He had taken him down and gave us a nice edge in keeping our territory.

I moved inside a paint-wrecked house as balls started flying towards me. I needed to make out where the shots were coming from, and when I did, I started to shoot back, but I was in a bad angle to make a good shot. I changed my spot and went to the window, and another shot came from the school they had taken from us. I returned the shots, replacing my magazine twice as I did. ‘I need to move out of this place to get a better shot’ I said to myself.

“There is one behind the log, two at the school and a couple more at the barn,” I said to my teammates as I moved to dodge behind some tires. “Kelvin, I need you to keep those guys at the school occupied while I make a run for the slab, I can get a better shot on the guy at the log.”

He said he was okay with it and I made the run for the slab, took several shots at the log and I thought I got him. I called the referee for a quick check while I faced the guys at the barn with my teammates.

“Have you been hit?” I asked one of my teammates who stopped shooting. He was but wasn’t sure if where he was hit in a spot that counted, so he called in the referee who checked and said he could carry on.

The guy at the log had been hit, the referee had declared. I moved from the slab to another building, joining a teammate who was already occupying the space. He shot from one side of the window towards the school while I shot from the opposite window towards the barn.

“We have to push them back, guys. We need to take back the school,” I informed them

“Where are the shots coming from?” One of my guys asked.

“We’ve got some eyes in the tree,” I replied him.

I moved gently from the building, shooting at the school towards Kelvin’s spot.

“Can you take him out?” I pointed to the guy beside the school wall.

“Can you keep their heads down for me? I will get a bit closer.”

I replaced my magazine and shot continuously to keep them down. I finished one and replaced it with another. Kelvin took the shot when he got to the position he was going for, and even got the two at the school.

“We have secured the school,” I declared to the others.

I was shooting on my last cartridge, and I knew I could run out at any time, but I needed to keep shooting as it seemed that we were gaining back our momentum. My bullet finished just in time as I was thinking about it and regretting I didn’t bring more bullets to the game. The day’s combat was turning out to be one of those that required a lot of bullets.

I brought out my pistol and continued to shoot.

“We have two left at the barn and three more in the woods.”

“We need to take those two out before they move back to the woods.” Then I called two guys from my team. “Paul, Jeff, cut them off at the terminal; they won’t be able to go back with your presence there, and trying to go back will only leave them exposed to your shots.” Even though I didn’t explain all that, but I could tell they had read my mind well as they dashed towards the spot.

Shooting with my pistol, I advanced on them with Kelvin and Josh on my tail. I moved towards the left side carefully while the two moved to the right, each in position. I drew their attention while they took them out.

I checked my pistol “I have two balls left,” I declared.

The last move had gotten Paul and Jeff exposed and had been put down by the three in the woods, making it three on three, with two bullets left for me. No wasting of bullet anymore.

“Kelvin, Josh, I’m going to make a final run towards the wood.” I thought about holding them for the next 5 minutes left in the game, but they could overrun us if they decided to come for us. I could not leave anything to chance.

“My run will expose the two by the log; they would want to make a go at me. Then you will take them down, while I run for the one behind the blocks.” I checked my bullets one more time and started the run. It was a long crazy run from where I was to the block.

My teammates got the two as I had predicted, but when I got to the block, the enemy wasn’t there anymore. I felt the shot of paint on me, from another direction it came from.

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