I got the Flag and Won the Tournament

As the paintball pellets flew here and there; all that remained on my mind was the red flag just ahead. I hurried forward holding my paintball marker tightly.

Cassidy and Sinclair were the only members of my group who hadn’t been eliminated yet, the others had either gotten taken out by paintball capsules or grenades.

“Elion look out!” Cassidy screamed at the top of his voice, I spun around to see another opponent from the other group, he had his paintball marker aimed at me, and he was about to squeeze the trigger.

I hopped away from his line of fire simultaneously firing off my marker at him, and it was essential that I had to hop away from him as far as possible because if I got splashed with paint, I was sure out of action.

My fireback at him too sent him off guard spattering paint which sent him flying back.

“That was close,” I said, and Cassidy nodded his head, Sinclair was looking around carefully, it was part of the game to always be at alert in case of springy ambushes.

“I think we should just be at alert, hell; I didn’t even see him until he was about to take you out” Cassidy commented thoughtfully.

“Right, I’ll take the back then so that Cassidy will take the rear, Elion keep your eyes on that flag, we’re almost there” Sinclair instructed, and we all nodded our heads in affirmation.

It was a really good thing that we had tried as much as possible to wear all the protective equipment required for the game; gloves, paintball jerseys, goggles and body pads which prevented any serious injury.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw another assailant throw a paintball grenade at Sinclair, I tried to warn Sinclair but it was almost too late, the grenade exploded on him taking him out.

“Damn it!” Cassidy groaned and almost spontaneously; started firing off his paintball marker rapidly in all directions, he was hysterical.

“Stop it, Cass! Stop it! You’re wasting your pellets, and that’s exactly what they want, to frustrate you into losing your guard, forget about Sinclair and stick to the plan” I chided, and Cassidy stopped shooting.

Even though the googles hid away his face, I could tell that he was really angry and frustrated by the opponents who were defending rather than attacking.

Our primary objective was to retrieve the flag, and the game would be won, but the primary aim of our opponents who we couldn’t even recognize was to defend which they had done well so far, most of our teammates had been eliminated, and trust me; we had been about six before.

I patted Cassidy on the back, “All right, there’s no need to be wary, the flag is closer than ever now.”

“I don’t think we’ll ever get that flag Elion, and it’s almost as if they are everywhere, I guess we’re outnumbered” he replied stoically.

“No need to be pessimistic, just follow my lead,” I said, and he only sighed and reloaded his paintball marker.

I noticed that we would soon be out of pellets, so I picked up Sinclair’s paintball marker and added it to mine, then we moved forward crouching down slowly.

Another opponent appeared just not too far away from the flag, and I shot my marker at him dispatching him off easily.

Cassidy also dislodged two other opponents as we got past the trident pole, but it was just packed up with more opponents who fired at us.

The fire was quite heavy indeed, and Cassidy was taken down, I, however, retaliated on his behalf by shooting off his opponent.

“Damn it!” Cassidy said angrily but he knew the rules of the game, he had to take off his equipment and leave the gameplay.

I stood around watching him go with a bit of sadness, and he had put so much effort to get to this stage.

While I contemplated on these things a paintball capsule whizzed past my head and there I saw the guardian of the flag, actually I knew who the guardian was, but I’ll rather not disclose that right now.

I dodged the pellets and rolled on my stomach firing back at the guardian but being a smartass, and the guardian somehow had paintball shield which blocked off my pellets easily.

So it didn’t matter if I fired at the guardian so many times, none of my pellets actually got through, so I did something which I thought would make it all right, I had a plan.

I lunged forward dodging the pellets, then the guardian sent a massive rocket pellet at me which I threw myself out of the way from, it exploded sending paint everywhere, I could’ve gotten disqualified there immediately, but I was very careful to avoid the paint.

Then almost in retaliation, I threw a paintball grenade at the guardian and I, of course, knew the shield would offer protection, but as the guardian protected against the grenade using the shield, I timed my aim perfectly and fired several pellets at her when the shield was down.

The paintballs sent her flying from her post at the flag, and I climbed the stairs and grabbed the flag and proceeded to wave it, much to the delight of everyone in the auditorium.

There was clapping everywhere as the guardian approached me, with her mask and goggles off, oh; the so-called guardian was my girlfriend, Nicole.

“You were really good out there today,” she said and kissed me, while the other eliminated members of my team gathered around me to celebrate our success.

I was lifted up shoulder high as I waved the flag up and down, Sinclair, Cassidy, and Reginald danced around me.

So that’s how we won the Paintball Tournament, but that doesn’t matter, sometimes I think Nicole just allowed me to get the flag, it’s been almost five years since a paintball player got past her as the guardian.


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