I Lost Weight Playing Paintball, a Total of 159 lbs

My parent had gotten fed up concerning my weight after seemingly trying every possible weight loss technique within a year, and nothing has seemed to work effectively. They gave up on me, but I didn’t give up on myself. My weight increased while I was fighting depression a few months back and now that I was better, the weight persisted. Within a year, I had tried more than 15 several weight loss technique to no avail, until I met a doctor.

Doctor Charles was a man I met at a dinner I go to, and during that time my parent giving up on me began to take a toll on me. I sat in the dinner starting at the Menu, unsure of what I could eat and wouldn’t regret. Doctor Charles stood from where he sat and walked over to my table with his meal in his hands.


May I?” He said as I nodded my head and sat properly, overexpressing my confidence.

I hate to eat alone, and you seemed to be indecisive of what to eat,” Charles said.

Oh! So many options, hard to pick” I said with a fake smile on my face.

Well, as a doctor I suggest you reach out to your tummy and make a quick decision.”

You’re a doctor?” I asked interrogatively.


Yeah, very much. Food scientist to be precise” He responded with a smile on his face.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as I reluctantly continued “Could I ask some diet related questions?”

Well, seeing as you’re the one saving me from eating alone then my service is free” He responded with a wink.

I asked him questions about eating and how I could reduce my weight without starving myself. He asked me a bunch of questions, and in the end, I had recapped my weighted life experience to him.

“Well for starters, I don’t think you’ve been gaining weight because you’ve been eating. Don’t get me wrong, food plays a part, but I believe why you never saw a change for the past 13 to 15 months is because you weren’t consistent.”

I was!” I jumped in. “I never took a break through the whole year.”

That’s not what I mean,” he continued. “You haven’t been consistent with a method. Your parent wanted you to lose the weight so badly that they forgot everything takes time and commitment.”

At this point, I melted in my seat. I knew what he meant, but it still sounded rather alien to me.


“So how would I decide on the technique to stick to?” I inquired trying not to sound needy to the doctor – food scientist who was almost done with the burger and milkshake in front of him.

“Of everything you said, you seemed to have enjoyed playing paintball the most, and if you check those numbers you mentioned, I think that activity gave you the most success within a short time and you loved doing it. When you love doing something, you tend to put more energy into it, so I’d suggest playing paintball consistently and take note of the minute factors. Make tiny changes but stick to a routine.”

At this point, I was excited. I wasn’t even hungry anymore. As the doctor spoke, my thought was the look on my parent face when I leave home, and I come back completely changed. It wasn’t going to be easy, but I did love playing paintball, and the best part is I still had my membership subscription in Idaho where my cousin stays. It is part of her routine so going back there wasn’t such a bad idea.

I never saw Doctor Charles from that day as we never exchanged any contact and he mentioned that he was only at the dinner to try something new out. I hope it worked for him.

I went to Ohio to join my cousin, and to show my commitment, and I checked my current weight. I weighed 354lbs and even though it made me scared, Sabrina, my cousin told me I should only focus on the little changes starting from that weekend.

I would go there 4times a week; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It started slowly as I would always need to stop to catch my breath before even thinking of my next move. I met people, teams, who came to build their team spirit, and I would be a lone ranger in the jungle filled with my enemies. I never forgot Doctor Charles words though; Losing weight isn’t about what you do, but what you don’t do.


I slept a lot but I never really rested. I ate so much and did so little to burn them all. I was also guilty of drinking sugary drinks; so I played by this rules, blocking out every noise around me. I checked my weight every week and though the weight difference started slow, after eight weeks of playing paintball with a routine, as well as other related activities like drinking an enormous amount of water, house chores and relaxing rather than sleeping.

My weight dropped from 354lbs to 194lbs. I didn’t want to stop, but I had to get back home and to work, so I promised myself to always come out to Ohio every weekend or two, while also maintaining the other little habits to create balance.

My parent was shocked when they saw me, everyone was and I was so glad that I didn’t owe my change to them.

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