I Played Paintball for Fun, Fitness and Health

Paintball is a combat game of colors and guns. I play this game with my family and my friends’ families every Sunday afternoon at the paintball field a few blocks away from our street.

Apart from it being a game of fun, it was also an intelligent game to play which requires you to use your brain to combat the other team. It was also a way of exercising. It required running, moving fast, dodging, rolling on the floor, somersaulting; all these help one to shed some calories and keep fit.

My wife once accused me that I always look forward to another Sunday afternoon right from Sunday evening when we go home.

I wouldn’t say she was wrong. I was becoming a Master in the game. And my wife who was always on my team could almost anticipate what I could do in every situation in the game now.

Jeff and his wife were always in the other team, and Jeff was always the first to get hit in his team. Frustrating, right?

“You could use a special training Jeff,” I continued to make fun of him. “You should pay me to train you, and I can assure you that you will last longer in this game than you do now. Probably paint someone someday too.”

I knew my rambling that much, and I was giving away my position to the opponent. That is one of the game’s skills. Talk less, or you will give your position out. As a result of this, team players seldom communicate when in battle; they do that as part of the pep talk, which included not giving away one another’s positions and marking perimeters.

I knew someone would be coming at me, but I had a plan in my head. My wife was staring at me from her hideout, and I made a sign that there will be an opponent coming behind me. I explained to her that when I ducked, she should take the shot that would take out the opponent. She confirmed that she understood.

I had seen Ben coming towards me through the other side, hoping to get me unawares from behind. I kept talking to make him believe that I hadn’t noticed him.

“Tony, don’t you think I’m right about Jeff?” I asked without waiting for an answer. Tony knew better than to engage me in cheap talk and give away his position out.

My wife, Kathy, was ready to pounce at my signal.

Ben appeared behind me. “Now!” I said to Kathy and rolled on the floor to dodge his shots. He missed me entirely, and Kathy appeared and pumped him full of paint.

“You are hit, mister,” she chirped.

I gave Kathy a thumbs up. “I’m going to give you a treat tonight my love,” I whispered to her.

She smiled at me and blew me a kiss.

There were six players in each team, and we were at an advantage already. Two of their players were down already. I was sure that we would take out the rest of them in no time.

I signaled John and Kathy to cover for Nat and I as we advanced towards the other team. Fred and Leslie were also engaging two other guys of the other team. They were pinned down by Kathy and John as we advanced on them.

But they seemed to have anticipated our plan as they released sporadic shots at us. I dived just in time not to get shot, but Nat was not as lucky. He got painted. I scrambled to safety, but I couldn’t see my team again. I was isolated.

Luckily for me, Dan, who got Nat was shot by John. “I’m hit,” he said

I used that moment to move quickly to a better position, where I gave John and Kathy the chance to advance on the three people left of the other team.

They withdrew and also seemed to rearrange their positions to make our advance more difficult.

We had the numbers in our favor, so we were sure to get them eventually. We just needed to wait for them to make their last mistake, which they are going to make any moment from now.

But instead of that happening, it was John who made a mistake on our own part. He decided to go for it without giving us any warning. He ran for a shed that would bring him closer to the other team. But he was caught on the leg by a shot from Rose.

Luckily for him, the referee said it was an only a bounce, which meant that John was still in the game.

The game was becoming one of the longest we had ever played here.

John’s new position gave us a lot of advantage to spread out and surround the three guys left of the other team.

John engaged them from his angle, while Kathy and I did from the center, giving Fred and Leslie a lot of time to move quickly to the left flank. They also engaged them the moment they got to their new position, signaling for me and Kathy to move in.

It was five against three, but they are giving a good fight. We knew patience would do the job for us without losing any of our teammates again. All we needed to do was to get in the position that exposed them to us. And we had almost pinned them down so that they will have no place to move to.

I gave a signal that when Kathy and I start shooting, the rest of them should move in from the flanks and finish them off.

Kathy said before I could start the counting, “I’m taking one more down for tonight.” That got me so cracked up that I did the counting amidst laughter.

And Bang! Bang! We started to end the game as we opened fire and took out the rest of the opponents.

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