I Wanted an Expensive Paintball Gun

I was in my aunt’s house for the weekend after helping her with the house chore, and I decided to watch a movie. I was about to switch on the television when one of my cousins asked me to help with her assignment. I was angry with her because I was tired and looking at her angrily thinking within me that she just had to call on me when it was my time for relaxation.

Just then, my aunt called me and asked me to get some cookies for her neighbor’s son whose love of cookies was known in the town. I was glad to leave the house. It meant I had time to visit some of my friends and maybe chat for a while before returning home. After delivering the cookies to the very excited boy, I visited Chloe’s house.

My other friends were there, and they were happy to see me join them. One of my friends started to talk about a movie she had watched the previous day, and there was a particular scene that caught her fancy. It was a scene of players shooting at each other, not with guns that shot bullets but ones that shot paint at the opponents. It was paintball.

I had partaken in a paintball battle before with some of my cousins and brothers, and it was always fun. I had never been on the winning side though. The more the girls talked about the paintball, the more interested I became. I wanted to be involved in more paintball games, but I figured that I would need the best gun available if I wanted to win this time.

When I got home, I borrowed my mom’s computer, and l made researches about the best paintball gun to purchase, and I stumbled on a new generation type of paintball, and the specs were so impressive that I decided to get it at all costs.

The picture alone got me drooling. The weight showed that it would be very easy for me to handle. It was built to allow the shooter to shoot easily and very quickly. What made it more wonderful was it was also great for long range shooting. I did more researches and found out that some paintball guns break paintballs in the gun. However, this particular paintball gun does not do that. That meant I had the chance to fire any paintball at my opponents.

There was a video that showed a shooter handling the paintball gun and shooting it at targets. The paintball gun promises to be accurate and reliable. With it, I could take down many opponents and never have to lose like I usually did.

The design was superb, and the name was the nicest of all: The Ripper. I felt that the name alone should evoke fear in the minds of the opponents. The scope was wonderful too as it could focus vividly on targets which are far away.

I could not wait to get the gun, but the problem was the money to get it. The gun was very expensive. It was around two thousand dollars. I was discouraged at first, but I realized that if I put my mind to it, I could get it. All I had to do was save up some money and then purchase the paintball gun.

After two weeks of thinking and brooding, I decided to inform mum about my desire to own the ultimate paintball gun, hoping that she would be able to contribute to my cause. That evening, I told her about my plan, and she was sympathetic as she understood why I needed to have the gun.

She promised me some amount of amount and suggested that I met my dad to see if he could contribute to my cause. I got $200 from her which meant I had $1800 to go. I met with my dad who was also understanding, and he gave me &200 too.

I searched for and got a job in a restaurant where I had the chance to save up to $3000 every month depending on how hard I worked. I took up the job and started getting paid. I could not wait for the month to end. Every money I got, I would save them in the piggy bank that I owned when I was a kid.

At the end of each week, I would check out how much I had saved throughout that week. I would smile and look forward to the following week and try as much as possible to work very hard.

Then the end of the month came, and when I saved the last paycheck, I realized that that the total amount was $2800. I didn’t know when I screamed for joy and began to dance. I grabbed the cash and walked out of the house, feeling so excited. Even when my aunt called me to come and check out something in her place, I ignored her.

I took a bus to the hardware store where the paintball was being sold. The owner of the store looked at me, and when he saw the excitement on my face, he could only smile.

“So, what do you want to buy here?”

“I want The Ripper,” I said.

“Ooh, you do know the best weapon. Your opponents won’t know what hit them,” he said.

“No, they won’t,” I agreed.

I paid for the gun and carried it like it was the most valuable entity in the world, which as far as I was concerned, it was. I carried it home and showed it to my mom who praised my fortitude in saving up money to purchase the gun.

“You know what would be funny?” my aunt asked.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It would be funny if you get to the first paintball game with this gun and not even shoot anyone with it before you are out of the game.”

I proved her wrong as I took out a lot of opponents with the gun in my first paintball gun. The Ripper was worth the money used to purchase it.

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