I Went Home Sore and Wet from Paintball Game

My teammate shouted from behind me. He was a few meters away from me. I turned quickly to my side and shot at the enemy that was almost at my neck.

Good eyes, Morris,” I complimented him with a thumbs up, and he returned the same sign.

This particular game was intense. We had a large number of people on both teams, which made the game so fierce from the very beginning. The noises were loud and incessant. Everyone seemed to always be on the move and targeting someone because there was no place to hide. A lot of combatants were dropping on both sides of the team. I started hearing ‘I’m hit’ from the start of the game. Soon the numbers will reduce, and the game will become more tactical. But for now, I had to keep moving and watch my flanks.

We had no intention of losing this one game for any reason whatsoever. More because we had been losing to this team for a while now, and even each time we had more people to each squad, we still lost to them.

I was pushing forward through the woods, getting down whenever an enemy shot at me and replied with rounds of my own shooting. I had eyes on two enemies, each behind a tree just in front of me. I needed to take them out. I knew that shooting from my side would be a bad decision for me. Even if I got one, the second one could take me down at ease. Sneaking up on them was the key. I needed to sell them a wrong position before I could make that happen.

There was a barrel at the far corner to my right; I threw an accurate stone that hit the barrels, sending a loud noise through the woods. Just like I wanted, it caught the two enemies’ attention, and they started for the source of the noise. I walked noiselessly from the other side and came directly from behind them. When I was close enough and still unnoticed, I lay my assault rifle down and brought out my two pistols to shoot them at once.

I’m hit.” “I’m hit.” They said simultaneously.

Bringing down two enemies at once successfully made me really happy. I blew the nozzle of my two pistols like they do in the movies. It had just made an achievement worthy of discussion after the game. But right then I was not done. The battle was far from over, so I needed to stay focused.

The battleground was wet; it had only stopped raining not too long ago. I could feel my clothes getting soaked already from collecting water off leaves and shrubs and droplets from trees as the wind blew them. The weather made running a lot simpler; it was not easy to get tired.

Contact!” I heard one of the enemies giving a shout. “He’s in your view, Slim, take him out.” I knew instantly that I was the target. It was obvious I had walked into an ambush. I started running for my life, just as the bullets started coming in my direction.

I must have drifted a lot from my teammates because no one replied to the shooting from my side. Eventually, when they did, I had run blindly through shrubs and thorns that had pierced my body. It was an epic run and if recorded on camera could have made a fine movie scene. When I gathered myself, I reconvened with my mates, and we started on the offensive. We tried to press them back because the shooting had reduced from their side. Perhaps they had suffered more damage than we have.

Well, that was the thought before some of them started shooting from an area we had not seen them coming from, dropping a lot of our men in the process. Morris, who had saved me earlier, was the first to get hit. We went helter-skelter, forgetting our formation and line. I only managed to find a good cover for myself. I was sweating inside my wet cloth, and my torn flesh caused me pain.

I’m hit’ filled the air, and I knew it was from most of my team warriors. There couldn’t have been many of us left after the assault. I checked my rifle to see if I still had enough paintballs to run some riot. I had another magazine left in my pocket. When I radioed in, it was only three of us left, and there should be about 12 of them on the other team. All odds were against us.

No sooner was I thinking about changing my position because it was not favorable for me to make the enemies’ positions, or even shoot them than the enemies came in number to flush me out.

They came in numbers and kept raining paintballs at where I was. There was a log just at the side of the entrance; they would not see me as I crawled out behind the log. They were focused on my last position. I stood when I got to the end of the log and sprinted to a fallen wall, took a good position and started running paintballs at my assailants. It was the first time I had found a good position in the game. My shots put down some of my enemies. “I’m hit,” a number of them shouted. The others started to hide and reorganize.

I looked around and found none of my teammates left in the game. I was the last man standing. It was only a matter of time they get me too.

I left the field that day after they finally got me by surrounding me and spraying paintball from every corner of the field; there was nowhere else to hide. I left the field and went home looking dirty, wet and sore. We had lost the game, but it was a game not to forget. I had given the enemy one hell of a fight even as the last man standing.

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