I won the paintball game covered with bruises and paint

I started playing paintball in my last year of high school. I was the de facto leader of a group of five girls which included myself. We were always doing things together like doing assignments, visiting one another’s houses and watching movies together.

My friends included Josephine, Christine, Mary, and Maya. We had a lot in common, and we were very fond of one another. In most of the activities in the school, you would find us there. One of the activities that were the talk of the school was paintball game. The game had existed for a very long time even before I got to the school.

The paintball game was used to solve a lot of argument, and even the teachers usually participated. The game had helped several people to form several groups of their own which even transcends the paintball game.

We named our group the Diamond Girls because we were always seen together. Even with this popularity, we were also at the top of the class.

There was a time that we were challenged to a paintball game by one of the other groups in my class. They are called the Eagle Girls, and they were also five in number which meant ten of us had to play the game. It was so much fun that day. We played on a field not too far from the school. We started the game at two o’ clock in the afternoon and played till late in the evening, but in the end, we won the game, with each of the eagle girls covered in paints…

If there was one thing about our group, it was that we didn’t joke with any competition or anything for that matter. We didn’t like losing. Even in volleyball when we played against other teams, we always won, and this caused some jealousy among the other groups to the extent that we were usually being bullied by the others.

The leader of the Eagle Girls met up with me to talk about the rules of the paintball game. We recruited our P.E teacher to act as the umpire of the game. We chose a Saturday to play the game. The rules we chose had to do with picking the flag of the enemy.

My group was tasked to get the flag of the Eagle Girls right on their turf. It was quite a difficult task as the Eagle Girls would have defended their turf while we tried to take them out and grab the flag at the same time. It was daunting, but my group had never given up on anything.

I informed the others about our latest assignment, and instead of complaining, they looked ready to take on the challenge. I was proud to have all of them as friends. Our closeness has helped us achieve a lot of great things together. As I saw their determined faces, I had the confidence that we would give the opponents a run for their money.

Maya suggested that we watched some videos of paintball to make plans that would catch the opponents unawares. We decided to meet at Christine’s house that night and create our strategies.

Our parents have known about how close we were, and they allowed us to do things together. When I told my mom about the upcoming paintball competition, she didn’t even bat an eye, and she even enjoined us to plan well to win.

The strategy session at Christine’s was full of fun. Everyone brought ideas to the table. We were especially lucky to have Mary in our team. Her older brother was a champion and a very experienced paintball player. Mary had asked him to give her some ideas, and she had done that.

In the end, we settled on two plans; one would be our Plan A, and the other would be our Plan B. We went over the plans several times. Truthfully, none of us had participated in a paintball game, but we had heard stories and watched a lot of videos relating to the game. One other thing we told one another was that no one should share information about our plans with anyone.

The Saturday of the game came, and we all drove to the Paintball Center in town in Christine’s car. The members of the Eagle Girls were already there. They all wore smirks on their faces as if they knew something we didn’t. We were not afraid of them.

The P.E teacher reminded us of the rules again just to make sure that we all knew what we were getting into. After the talk, we all walked into the arena. The Eagle Girls moved to a small shack which they had to defend against us. The flag was stuck on a pole in the shack.

We settled down and began our plan which involved me trying to draw them out and going with our team sniper, which was Mary. I would draw out the opponents, and if anyone shows up, Mary will take them out. Two other team members would come behind us and help as support. The last person, which was Maya, would flank the opponents and take them out from behind. The plan was that at least one of us must get the flag.

Mary and I set out. When we were close enough to the opponents’ shack, they began to shoot at us. We dodged and began to fire back. I worked according to plan and ran away from Mary’s location. The opponents began to shoot at me, but none of their paintballs touched me.

Mary used this window of opportunity well, and she took out two of the opponents. Two down, three to go. We proceeded and moved closer to their shack. They guarded the shack well as they peppered our positions with paintball.

It was frustrating because after Mary had gotten two of the opponents, the rest refused to come out of the shack. This meant we had to follow our second plan. While Mary had her paintball gun pointed at the entrance and windows of the shack, the other two members of my team and I rushed towards the shack.

They got Josephine before we reached the shack, but Christine and I were able to get in unscathed. We opened fire on the remaining three members of the Eagle Girls. Unfortunately, they also fired at us. Close range paintball shots were painful. The game was over as we had May and Maya walk into the shack to pick up the flag. We won.

I carried the pain home, my body covered with paint and the bruises from the close range shots. It was all worth it anyway.

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