Is Paintball Game safe for kids?

Do you want to keep your kids safe?

Paintball is safe for kids as long as they use proper safety gear like goggles. Fields have staff to supervise. Lower powered guns are also an option.


It became a history when only kids over the age of 13 can play Paintball. Now, with the due to the extensive popularity of the game, the demand is increasing every single day regardless of age.


On demand of the kids under the age of 13 today many arenas offer Paintball games for kids under the age of 13. As with the ultra-modern secure equipment, kids aged between 8 to 12 years old can also play the Paintball as a sport or medium of recreation.


As Paintball game can be a source of fun and alternative sports for kids up to teenagers. Today many arena owners also offer training for the naughty kids under 13 years age. So, they can also play Paintball under the guidance of experts or parent themselves.   



As parents point of view, this is might be the first question reeling inside your mind. The answer is: Yes and even why not?



Why safe?


In the last few years, the Paintball industry proudly introduce and showed commitment in the field of safety. Overall from the teenagers to adults, the industry maintained the commitment with players of all ages. As a result, it’s very hard to find a single example of a major threat caused serious damage or injury except for accident due to the irresponsible action of the players themselves. For example, not wearing safety gears. On other hands, muscle pull, twist, bruises those are part of sports. So, don’t worry about it.     


Overall, every professional game arena and sellers have trained referees and staffs to show and maintain proper guidelines of the sports. And for the experts such as manufactures and production technicians who are responsible for design, manufacture, distribution, and supplies make sure that paintball is safe for all ages.


Especially when the government has direct involvement in the subject and guidelines to run Paintball arena.  So, all types of equipment are used in a Paintball arena is well tested before use. Also, they have to under the supervision of government agents and needs to maintain the safety standards before getting approved for retail distribution. So, all types of Paintball equipment is safe for kids as the game itself.



Why kids will love it?


This is true that every single kid is different in nature. But in some cases, you can’t distinguish kids from different parts of the world. Here are reasons listed below behind kids around the world love the Paintball game:


  • Believe or not every kid has a world of fantasy. A common one is they simply love to fight. An example, the Late Stan Lee made billions in USD by creating such characters who are the superhero and fight for the glory which is a born instinct in human nature. For example, the Superman, the Ironman or the Batman etc. kids love them.


  • Let’s get back into the childhood – Do you remember that when you came back with stained clothes full of mud on a rainy day. So paint, mud or cushion kids love mess.


  • Rules are for adults kids love to break them which also helps to stimulate their growth. They love to run, play, jump, and dance on every occasion.     
  • Let’s make it shorter, bring a costume for your kid.
  • Kids follow rather following Bill Gates they love to follow Arnold in Terminator.




Safe Paintball Markers


Before buying them a set of Paintball Marker though we always suggest Paintball arena for kids, make sure you go through our checklist for choosing most safe guns for them.


  • The Markers should be light in weight.


  • Find perfect size and A grade quality accessories for most safety.


  • The Paintball Markers with features like safety lock, semi-automatic, easy to use and assemble, the speed of bullet can be fine-tuned lower in between 150 FPS to 250 FPS etc.


  • Finally, ask the seller and let them information about the purpose you want to use for great advice regarding the safety of your kids.


Following is the top Paintball Markers which are absolutely safe for kids:




According to our latest research, these guns are easy to use, semi-automatic and the speed of the ball can be customized. Better ask the seller for more information on the feature of each gun.



Rent or Buy


I do always recommend arena because in the arena you can train your kid under the supervision of experts. Some other services provided by the Arena merchants are following:


  1. Controlled game under the supervision of experts and referees.
  2. They provide the best costume that fits well.
  3. Arena makes sure that kids are playing while safety guards are on.
  4. They have dedicated kids arena etc.



An outing where kids do not get bored


These days many arenas organize events for players aged 8+ years and up to 13 years. They are all set to a arrange kids special schedule and take care of everything including safety, food, and water etc. during the party.


So contact your nearby arena to make an appointment, for a unique party or a simple get together with friends or family.

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  1. I think more parents who are struggling to get their children active should consider giving paintballing a try. Yes, there is a chance of them getting a couple of bruises, but you could say the same for any sport. It is fantastic fun and they can learn some new skills.

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