Is Playing Paintball Dangerous?

Hey Guys, what’s up? Today I’ll answer a frequently asked question on the internet. That’s, “Is playing Paintball dangerous?” If you’re parents of some daredevils or you might be a scary person. By reading this article, you’ll rock the battlefield. No Fear! A sport far better than boring XBOX or PS and getting fat like a Lazy Hippo.

Why do some people consider Paintball as Pain ball?

Before judging paintball as a dangerous sport, we’ll try to describe” Why do some people consider paintball to be a dangerous activity?”

First of all the Paintball is a strenuous sports activity. So, few things are natural when we’re are playing sports like Paintball such as muscle strains, scrapes, & sprains, etc. Other stuff, for example, bruises on the skin and bumps, etc. Such risk factor comes with any outdoor sports we play and considering the above facts I found Paintball very safe activity.

In such case, few people might find Paintball as a dangerous game though I had played several times and found no injuries till now. As long as you’re taking proper safety measures, the Paintball should be considered as 100% free.

Safety Measurements

First comes the location, where we’re playing Paintball? If we’re playing on a mount cliff edge only then, I’ll consider the Paintball can be dangerous. Otherwise, the location wise Ball is quite a safe sports activity.

Considering the Ball speed, according to Physics of traveling material anything speed below 300 feet per second is quite safe for Human Skin and Body. So, close shoot might give you a sense of pain, and in the naked body, it might leave some scratch or bruises. But If I play naked only. In most of the time, we use the shield to safeguard our soft tissues like eyes, abdomen, etc. So, in terms of Ball speed, I found 0% danger while playing Paintball.

When and How frequently happens? How to stop?

Most of the accidents caused due to our fault. By considering the safety measure and rules we can play smart and 100% risk-free way. Here’s some expert advice while indulging yourself in Paintball activities.

Be smart! In most cases those people found themselves injured who shows over smartness. They’re like no rules or break the rules! Actually, we always have some people around us with this mentality. So, don’t be over smart.

Mask: Don’t put off your mask in any situation in a running game. Because eye, nose, and ears they’re very sensitive for example, colors might go inside your eyes or ears. Even keep your mask until all loaded guns and barrel plugs have been returned. Simply there is no exception in this rule. So, don’t get overexcited and open your mask in a dead zone.

Pay attention & using sense: Use your common sense can be helpful while playing the game and solution of your safety queries. From my point of view, for example, I am never going to shoot myself or look down the barrel of a loaded gun. In some cases, some people might have the wish to shoot moving vehicles and passing people. Just don’t it’ll become worst decision you take in entire life.

Use of Barrel Socks: Lock your loaded guns with Barrel socks or plugs until you’re ready to go. Make sure that everyone using their mask only then unplug the Barrel.

Paint Ball Chronographic tool: Keep the ball speed under 300 FPS. Most of the playground monitor the ball speed with a tool called chronograph to monitor the ball speed. Without proper protection, a Paint Ball traveling in 280 FPS might cause a sense of pain. But anything over 300 FPS leave severe bruises and pain. So, play a controlled game for own safety purposes.

Stop Firing Blind: I always make sure the target before triggering the Gun because Blind Firing can cause injuries to the players who are leaving the ground including referees. Only don’t get crazy and firing anything in front it might cost the game and unwanted injuries too.

Don’t Drink & Drive: If you’re high and not in a sense, simply don’t play. If you want to feel the adrenalin rush while playing make rules, No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs.

Surrender: Generally in most games, I surrender myself if the opponent is in an advantageous position and less than in distance of 20 feet. As I know the pain, you’ll feel by taking Paintball bullets in close range. Generally a distance less than 20 feet. So, always maintain the safety distance even surrender. Some playground follows this rule strictly. So, follow the referee’s advice!!! Be safe and be happy.

Finally, here I would like to conclude every sports safety is a must. By considering other human sports, for example, Boxing, Baseball, and Rugby I personally found myself safer playing Paintballs whether one of the safest sport considering other outdoor and indoor activities. The most charm it gives me is adrenaline rush and pleasant memories with friends. So, what are you waiting for? It’s a Call of Duty!

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