It was my First Time Playing

It was my first time to play it, but just like everything else, I researched about it a lot and asked some of my friends about it, who have played that before.

The first thing that I needed to do was to figure out if I will have to make an appointment for playing. Many fields have scheduled times when we can walk-on with a group but not all are the same.

Some made it compulsory to get an appointment & come with a group. After searching all those I cold, I thought about selecting out your local field and asked them about their policies. They gave me details and also told me that if I don’t have a group of my own, I can ask them about groups that could be joined.

I asked a few of my friends too, and everyone was ready for it. The first thing I did was that I went to the local field and registered for my group. As now we were all 18+, so we didn’t need to have our parent or guardian to fill our waiver.

After registering we were directed towards the equipment station which was a separate little office with shelves having all required equipment’s and we had to choose from them.

They also guided us about the safety rules and provided a verbal overview from field manager.

We were not required to purchase anything before we arrive at the field; we probably shouldn’t at first, so we rented off equipment to get a feel for the game before deciding if we would want to invest in our supplies.

Anyhow, we all went there on the appointed day and scheduled time. We had a typical rental package including the following items:


First, we received Paintball gun, then, Facemask, Hopper and Compressed-air tank to power paintball gun.

There was another team. Both teams were divided by simply placing them on opposite ends of the field. We all got settles in our places and referee shout “begin now” and blew a whistle. We had to obtain the objective by eliminating other team players. The rule was that if players were hit with a paintball and it breaks, they’ll be eliminated. And will have to declare them as “OUT.”

In this game, we are responsible for calling yourself out. Don’t try to rub off the paint from a hit or you may face a harsh penalty for “wiping” and well, still, some fields have a “reincarnation rule” for beginners.


We put our masks on and headed into the game. The game was simple, chaos, last man standing won! I headed for the far end of the lot, and everyone else stayed close in. John began a slow circle to the south then east. Justin, John, and Chris were eliminated quickly by due to their rapid-fire technique. They couldn’t return fire fast enough with the pumps and didn’t hide very well. Considering this, I decided that I needed to dig in deep to win. The only patch of brush thick enough was the berry vines in the middle of the field between John and me.

I ran for that and John saw me and the chase was on. I almost didn’t make it. His paintballs were flying at me when I dove into the vines. Fortunately, his ammo couldn’t penetrate through the vines, so I was safe, for now. My only chance was to get a lucky shot or give up. Then I noticed my paintballs had flown out of my pocket during the leap, and only four were in reach.

I ran, grabbed them and loaded my slingshot. Then popped up and fired missing royally, and getting the rain of fire back at me. I tried again with the same result. The player was only about 20 feet away now so on the third shot I decided to take careful aim and probably get eliminated but maybe eliminate John at the same time. So I popped up aimed for his midsection and fired directly on the lens of his protective mask. He didn’t even get the chance to fire back at me.

I was scared for a while especially when I saw another player was screaming at me on the field, “300 feet per second, so my friend and I were on bunkers right next to each other. I come out to shoot him, and he hits me like ten times, and none of them bust. Then I come up to shoot again and nail him in the head. He only had a face mask.

Then there was one time where I got shot without me knowing it. Everybody was asking me “are you ok?” but it was a fun day somehow.


Once the game has finished, all players were asked to put their barrel cover or barrel plug back on their gun. When players have exited the field, they may remove their mask.

Following each game, there is typically a brief time to rest before another game begins. Players may generally play as many games as they want until the field closes or until they run out.

The point is to reward teamwork and aggressive tactical play over stealth and patience. There are many other variations on how to play paintball, with many fields offering their twists. But anyhow, I enjoyed the whole day, and it was worth trying it!



Here is how to get started.


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