As a paintball player, if you are looking for one of the best places to play Paintball, going to the Lone Wolf Paintball should be on your bucket list. The LoneWolf Paintball does not only provide the field to play paintball, but it is also safe to say it is one of the best sources to get any of the gear, accessory, and items you need to play paintball.

The LoneWolf Paintball organization have different facilities where you can play paintball individually or with friends. They have a website that gives you everything you need to know about Lone Wolf. They provide and organize one of the best paintball competition events you will ever see. This is perhaps one of the things that set them apart from their competitors. If you want to play paintball and experience the thrill in different scenarios and under different rules, you should visit one of LoneWolf’s facilities. They provide a field for both indoors and outdoors paintball games.

Paintball Open Play

Like a lot of paintball fields, they also organize paintball open play games where anybody can enter and play. To know more about the fees they charge for this, you can check their website here. The Lone Wolf Paintball has an online website where you can buy anything you need for Paintball. From paintball markers or guns to paintball gears and accessories, the Lone Wolf Store has them for you. All the accessories you find and buy on the website are top grade and of high quality.


Private Game

The LoneWolf Paintball is not left out of special events. They have a special package for people who want to organize special events at the facility. It is one of the best places to hold birthday parties for yourself or kids, office or corporate events and outings, sports teams and a lot of special events. To avoid any red face moment, you have to pay a minimum holding fee of $100 which will help you reserve the spot till you are ready for your session. To learn more, you can check here. There is also a flat rate if your group has about 10 people.


If you want, they also have food services which means you do not have to bring any food for your parties.


Special sport for kids

If you have kids and you want them to experience the thrill of playing Paintball, the LoneWolf Paintball has provision for them. Unlike other fields that make it possible for kids to play Airsoft and laser tag, the LoneWolf introduces JT SplatMaster. With JT SplatMaster, your 6+ kids can now play, enjoy and immerse themselves in a tactical game. They have to shot target and complete several obstacle courses before they are eligible to play against other kids. Once they have graduated and completed all the challenges, they can now play “versus match” against other kids while under strict supervision.



The LoneWolf also have VIP membership for people who are interested in it. The membership provides certain privileges to the people who have it. You can learn more HERE

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