Our Paintball Game Strategy was Flanking the Opponents

The alarm rang in the office, and everyone jumped in excitement. The weekend has officially begun. Although it was a Friday, once the alarm sounded, that meant we were through for the day.

I worked in a software company, and I was part of the team that dealt with fixing the bugs in the software made by the company. We also created a lot of apps. Three of my friends and I founded the company.


Every Friday, after work, my friends and I would go to the home of any one of us and play computer games. This Friday, we planned to do something different even though we didn’t know what to do yet.

After everyone else had gone, we all met in the conference room and sat at the round table. There was Dave, who was the tallest among us; Shawn, who was the shortest, Pete, the only blonde guy among us and me, the most handsome.

So, what are we doing for fun this weekend?” Dave asked.

I suggest a table tennis game,” Shawn said.

Nah,” Pete said. “I don’t even know how to play the game.”

What about going to the beach to play volleyball and meeting a lot of girls?” Shawn suggested again.

Meeting a lot of girls sounds like fun but playing volleyball? Not so much,” Dave said.

I second that,” said Pete.

Then what are we doing?”

How about going camping?” Pete asked.

We did that last month,” I said.

Well, let’s do it again,” said Pete.

No. Let’s do something that we have never done before as a group,” Dave suggested.

Tag team wrestling?” I said. Everyone laughed.

Hey, I have an idea,” Pete said.

Let’s hear it, man,” Dave said.

Paintball,” Pete said.

What?” This by Shawn.

Paintball. You know, the game where you use paintball guns to shoot at one another?” Pete said.

I know what paintball is, Pete, thank you,” Shawn said.

I love that idea!” Dave said.

Me too,” I said. I had never been involved in a paintball game before, and I figured that this would be my chance to experience it. I had always been fascinated with the game. I want to pretend like I was part of a SWAT or SEAL team and I had to take out several bad guys.

Well, let’s do it,” Dave said.

After our agreement, we all went ahead to find out about all the things we needed. Those of us who had been involved in a paintball game went to check out everything we needed to know about it. Of the four of us, only Dave had been involved in the game with his brothers.

Dave gave us some pointers and told us what to expect. I don’t know about the others, but I was excited that we would be doing this. I couldn’t sleep that night; all I thought about was the strategies I was going to use against the others. I couldn’t wait for the morning to come.


The next morning, I was up early. I read more about paintball on my phone and the various ways and strategies to win. When I was ready, I closed my door, and as I got the pavement in front of my house, I saw Dave’s car with the others inside.

As the car stopped in front of me, Shawn and Pete started screaming, “Are you ready!” I could not help but laugh at their antics. I got into the car, and off we went. Dave knew one of the workers in the area and the guy was able to book a spot for us. We were told that a guy would join us so that we will face off against five other opponents.

At the paintball center, we met with our opponents, and we put on our paintball attire and picked up our preferred paintball weapons. I chose two paint grenades.


We would need someone to be our sniper,” Dave said as we deliberated on our game plans.

We decided to set a trap for the opponents. One of us was designated to run towards the enemy and then make them chase him back to our side where our trap, which included two of us who would be hiding and waiting to shoot. I tried to convince them that the opponents would smell a trap but they didn’t believe me.

The game began. Pete had volunteered to be the sniper even though I was very sure that he wasn’t capable of shooting anything. The new guy who joined us volunteered to be the one to make the opponents chase him. Brad and I were supposed to be the guys in ambush. Dave’s job was to flank the opponents and shoot them from behind.

The new guy whose name was Andy set out to lure the opponents. It was a brilliant plan if the opponents were stupid. It turns out that they weren’t. They had already set their trap.


They chased after Andy like we wanted them to do. However, two of them had already outflanked us. Before we could rise to shoot the guys chasing after Andy, a paint grenade landed between Brad and me. My brain was working faster than the speed of light.

I dived out of my hiding place and ran like fifty hideous demons were chasing me. I counted the seconds that the paintballs would explode and when it was time, I dove over a large branch, and the paintball exploded. Fortunately, I was not touched in any way. I wonder how Brad fared.

I peeped from my new hiding place and saw Andy and Brad’s bodies spattered with paintballs. I didn’t see the rest of my team, and most especially, I didn’t even catch a whiff of Pete who was supposed to be our sniper. I didn’t see Dave anywhere. I peeped again and saw that three of the opponents were together.


I figured that if I threw a paint grenade at them, they would run like I had done and they wouldn’t be touched. I decided on a new plan. I raised my paint gun and fired at them, hitting one of them in the body. The fourth opponent joined them, and I ran.

They saw me and fired at me, but I wasn’t touched in any way. They ran towards me, shooting. I pulled the pin from the grenade in my hand and dropped it on the ground. I ran faster.


I had timed it well, and they fell into my trap. Just as they reached the area where I was before, the paint grenade exploded and covered all their bodies. Andy and Brad, who were walking out of the area laughed and laughed and pointed at the paint-covered guys.

Suddenly, I felt a shot move past my face. I froze, and then I heard a “Damn it!”

I looked back and saw the last guys of the opponents, his face covered with paint.

It turned out that we had won since only Pete, and I was untouched. It was a wonderful weekend.

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