Paint Ball Taking Flag to Other Team, I ran Out of Ammo

The task in question was to participate and win a paintball competition. The said competition was organized by a league of friends which my father was a member. It was organized to celebrate their friendship which had been in existence since their high school days. It was more than just a get-together game for my dad; he was going to use it to try and get my twin and I back to working together.


He bought all the necessary gears, from paintball gun with its accessories to helmet and suit. He decided not to give us any orientation about the game, even though he knew we were a novice; he wanted us to work together and get the information.

His plan seemed to work because we indeed did the unusual thing and worked together to research about the game; you could say our target was the car though. It was like magic when we started having shooting practice together. He later joined us practicing as we also learn how to hide and defend ourselves against the opponent’s offensive moves.


The type of the paintball we were to participate in was the one where we’ll take the flag to the opposing team’s designated place as they’ll try to do same to us. Whoever achieves this before the other wins the game. My dad was amazed to see my twin, and I defend each other while the practice was going on. He had paired up with a friend of his against us for the practice. The smile that graced his face every time he saw us embrace each other or celebrate together was priceless; I’m sure he was happy he is achieving his goal.


When we finally got to the day the competition started, we were more than ready. We were surprised to see our father would be joining us for the game; we never knew they agreed each one of them should also be part of their representing team. Our first game wasn’t as swift as we had envisaged because our opponent was better by far and more experienced. They were very offensive while we were too defensive as we were on the back foot for the most part of the game. I was first to get hit and eventually brought down before my twin, and then they mount their flag at our designated position. We lost the game, but we were encouraged by the fact the competition was in the form of a league, and therefore, we were going to play against every team.

However, we learned many things from our first defeat; the first of which was that we were not enjoying the game. We were too focused on not losing the game instead of getting into the game. The second thing we learned from the first game was the fact we were too defensive.


The goal was to mount our flag at our opponent’s designated position; something that cannot be achieved by being too defensive. To win the game, one must be attacking minded. The last point we learned from the game was that we did not work together as a team the way we ought to. I particularly was too much into myself that I forgot I needed my team’s protection to make some moves.

Our second game was more interesting as we learned to close the loopholes that were obvious during our first game. This time, we had a team talk by our father, and we followed our game plan thoroughly. We used him to draw the opponent’s fire and attention, while we moved closer to the goal, hiding when we deemed fit.


The only mistake I made during this game was the manner I was shooting. I shoot for too many times and too early, and this made me to always be out of ammunition for too many times. We won the game, and we also won our remaining games. After the whole competition, we were second on the log table losing the first position to our first opponent who was by far the best team to participate in the competition.

Even though we did not win the competition, my father’s goal was perfectly achieved as myself and my twin sister learn to work together and protect each other in real life situation, just as we did during the games. Playing paintball is energetic, strategic and requires a lot of concentration. The game could also get intense and personal if care is not taken.


Always note it’s not a do or die affair, even though it imitates a war front. The primary purpose of the game circles around catching fun and does not worth getting your opponent wounded beyond an acceptable level. You also don’t have to empty your account because of the game since many paintball centers offer the gears for rent at low and affordable cost.

Never forget; a game is a game; it is to make a friend and catch fun; do not turn it to rivalry match. Have fun.

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