Paintball Hand Gun Vs Rifle

Paintball game can be regarded as an intense game judging by the fact that you need a mask, ammunition and a paintball marker but paintball is actually fun. In free time people can go to the arena and play paintball as it offers a unique way to learn teamwork and simultaneously can do some exercise too.

If you are worried that your child is becoming lazy or getting anti-social with people this is the best way to train your children mentally and physically. As in a paintball game you need to crawl, dive, sprint, dodge, shooting and etc. This will help your children to stay fit and be active. According to me, it increases endurance, strength and also helps you to lose weight.

If you are new to this game or want the best paintball marker for your children then I have made a list about some best paintball markers.

What is a paintball handgun?

There are many kinds of handguns present in the market. The price range of these handguns is about $100 to $400 mostly. Some are regarded as a pistol and these pistols are manufactured in few calibers such as 11mm/.43 cal, .50 cal, and .68 cal. Tippmann, Tiberius Arms (now called the First Strike), and Kingman are the main manufactures of paintball pistols. Therefore the weight, action, and feel of this handguns are almost like a real gun to give you people the best experience. If you feel like modifying your pistols you can use equipment like holsters, mock silencers, scopes, flashlights, laser lights and etc. Also, there are different kinds of handguns such as a shotgun, revolver and etc.

Paintball handguns are mainly used as a secondary weapon due to its lack of ammunition capacity, less air capacity and etc. Even though there are some people who use it as a primary weapon. As they have discovered a different kind of skill that is to come closer to their opponent slowly and take them out by surprise with a close-range shot. Therefore people who want to play this game in a more intense manner or want to upgrade their skills tend to go for this kind of handguns.

Handguns Pros-

It is light weighted
Smaller profile
Much easier reload
It has a lesser jam frequency
Can be used as a secondary weapon

Handguns Cons-

It has a very small ammunition capacity
Smaller air capacity
It is risky to use it as a primary weapon

Some of the best paintball handguns are mentioned below.

Paintball handguns

MAddog Azodin KAOS 2 Silver Paintball Gun
Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun
Azodin Blitz 3
Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker
JT SplatMaster Z200 shotgun

All these handguns are very much reliable and light weighted so it is very easy to carry. They are accurate enough to pin down any opponent. These handguns have a price range of about $49 to $249.

What is paintball rifle?

A paintball rifle is designed for long range precision shooting. It should be held by both our hands and support it with our shoulder for accuracy while shooting. Moreover, don’t go with its look it might look heavy but in fact, most of the paintball rifles are lightly weighted which makes it easier to carry if you are going out for a paintball game. Furthermore, people who are more into aiming their opponent from a greater distance they should go for a paintball sniper rifle. This will give you a great advantage as you would not have to come close to your opponent for a shot. You can easily take them out by hiding at a safe place.

Paintball rifle Pros-

Has greater accuracy
It has more magazine
They are cheap and light weighted

Paintball rifle Cons-

It might seem a little heavy for smaller children
Due to its size, you might have to carry it in a bag or something else
Some of the best paintball rifles are mentioned below.

Paintball rifles

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun
Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper M-FDP Edition
Spyder MR6 Paintball Gun Black
Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker
Tippmann A5 Sniper Paintball Gun

These rifles have a price range of about $99 to $260. Many kids will find a rifle more attractive as it is bigger in size. As a result, they will look forward to getting a rifle.

Paintball Hand Gun Vs Paintball Rifle

In conclusion, you can play both with a handgun or a rifle, it is completely your choice to make. A paintball rifle will have more advantage than a handgun as it has more accuracy and magazine. But you can use a handgun as a backup, it will give you an advantage over your opponent. On the other hand, handguns are also suitable for a primary weapon if you are looking for more challenge and want to increase your skill.

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