Paintball Sniper Rifle Guide

When it comes to a game of paintball, you need to use all the advantages you have to eliminate your opponents. Whether it is a college competition event or just a training session between teammates, one of the best advantages you can have is using a good sniper rifle.

It is also the best paintball gun to have if you want to be competitive like the pro players and also if you know you will be playing paintball for a long time. It is one investment that will prove its worth over and over again. Also as a beginner, having a paintball sniper rifle is very good as it helps you get accustomed to the sport faster and better.

The main reason why the sniper rifle holds big advantages is that it allows you to shoot or snipe from long distance. A lot of pro players in the professional leagues uses sniper rifles to snipe opponents down because it gives anyone with the sniper rifle better view of what is happening on the game field.

Before we get right into it, here is a quick rundown list of the best sniper rifles used for playing paintball games that will be discussed later on in this write-up.

  • Tippmann A-5 Sniper Paintball gun (features a red dot scope)     Costs about $299

  • Carmattech SAR12C gun ( has a supremacy scope)                     Costs about $1700

  • U.S. Army Project Salvo .68 caliber paintball sniper gun            Costs $159

  • Wrek Sierra One Paintball Sniper gun                                         Costs about $299

  • US Army Alpha Black Tactical Marker Gun (With Sniper set)    Costs $219

  • Tippmann Project Salvo paintball rifle (Sniper Set)                     Cost 249


Factors you need to consider before purchasing a Paintball sniper rifle  

Before you buy a paintball sniper rifle, there are a few things you need to have considered before deciding which one you want to pick.

1.      How often do you want to play paintball

How often you play paintball is one of the biggest factors you need to consider when buying a sniper rifle. It is not advisable and wise to buy any of the sniper rifles listed above or even any sniper rifle at all if you will only play paintball twice a year! You would be better served by renting a paintball gun. This is because apart from wasting money on the sniper rifle you purchase, the paintball maintenance kit also costs about 120 to 3000 USD depending on the kind of rifle you bought.

Also, renting a paintball gun is the best move you can make as it prevents you from having outdated equipment which would be the case if you buy a paintball sniper rifle but don’t regularly use it.

However, if you are sure you have the time to play paintball at least twice a month, then buying your paintball rifle is a good idea.

2.      Cost

By cost, it means how much money you think you will be able to spend in other to play the game. The amount of money you want to spend on equipment is one of the major factors that will determine the kind of sniper rifle you select.

Paintball markers are available in different prices and the price range determine just how much features the marker has. You can get markers for as low as $25 to $90 price range. These set of markers are made for who just want to casually play the game. If you know you will only be able to use the paintball rifle not more than 5 or 6 times a year, this is the kind of rifle you should go for.

The rifles in this price range are not high-performance paintball guns and cannot be repaired once damaged.

There are also guns in the $100 – $200 range. The guns here are better and more durable than the ones you can buy for $25 to $90. Also, the markers in this price range can be upgraded and repaired if damaged. Once upgraded, their performance is very incredible. They come with loads of features that are not in the cheaper markers. The Paintball rifles in this price range are ideal for people who play paintball at least 2 times a month.

There are also paintball sniper guns that are above 500 USD. These type of guns are the ones used by professional paintball players. The guns are stronger and very light compared to other types of sniper rifles used for paintball. Their performance is as you would expect, exceptionally awesome. The guns in this range can be customized in a lot of ways based on the player’s preference and they support lots of add-ons that allow you to take total control of the gun and its performance.

The guns that cost more than 500 dollars are not meant for casual players and should only be purchased if you play to sign-up in the paintball league. If not, you are wasting a lot of money on this premium equipment.  

3.      The style or type of game you want to play

This is another important factor you need to consider. The style or type of game you enjoy playing the most determines the type of gun you need to buy. Speedball and Woodsball are the two most common type of paintball game people play.

Woodsball is the type of game that requires accuracy that you can only get from tactical guns. This type of game is played in big fields (acres) where players need to accurately fire over a long distance to eliminate opponents.

Speedball, on the other hand, is played on a small field between two or more teams. This type of game requires heavy use of the gun because it is a matter of shooting faster than your opponent. No finesse is needed here hence you cannot use a gun that cannot withstand the heavy use.

To purchase a paintball sniper rifle, you need to play the Woodsball style of game. Playing the Woodsball style of game is not all, you still need to know your role in the team. You should purchase a sniper rifle if your special role in your team is the gunner.  

4.      Repair and maintenance of the paintball rifle

It is not unusual to see a broken paintball gun. This is because, after extensive use of low-budget guns, some parts tend to break or loosen up. Fixing it usually involves buying the part that is broken in your gun and replaces it with a new one. There are some paintball rifles at times that use spare parts that were manufactured by a specific manufacturer. This can make repairing the rifle very hard. Because of that, you should ensure you buy rifle guns whose parts are readily available near you.

Also, before you purchase a rifle, check to make sure that you can maintain and repair it yourself. If you are not able to replace damaged parts in the gun without help, you are better off not buying the gun at all.

5.      Game field rules and provisions

Before buying your sniper rifle, you should ensure you visit the game field you will be playing on and find out whether you are allowed to bring your gun. There are some game fields where players are not allowed to bring their guns. Instead, they have to use the same gun as everyone on the field. This is done in other to level the playing field. Hence, make sure you know the rules of the field you will be playing before buying the gun.

Some game fields provide tank refills on-site so that players do not have to go through the stress of driving around looking for spots to refill their co2 or compressed air tanks. Some of these refills are provided for free and some are charged. Either way, you should also consider this.

If the game field you will be using does not provide compressed air refills but provide co2 refills, you should not even think of buying compressed air guns.

6.      Other equipment and rifle accessories

Unless you are a regular paintball player, you should also consider how much other equipment you need as a novice cost. You can then set your budget to give you an overview of how much you can spend.

Checking for discounts on the equipment is one way of increasing how much you can dump on a sniper rifle.

You should also consider rifle accessories that you need before buying a gun. You don’t want to buy a gun only to realize its accessories cost a lot of money.

Now we can look at the best sniper rifles you can use in a paintball game that will provide you value for your money.

1.     Tippmann A-5 paintball Sniper gun (red dot scope)

This sniper rifle can be used by anyone because of is incredible design. The gun is rated one of the best sniper rifles you can use as a paintball player. Its accuracy, durability, and precision are insanely good.

The gun has an exclusive Cyclone Feed system which gives it the ability to shoot 17 paintballs each second with a high accuracy percentage. If you love the speedball type of game, this should be among one of the rifles you want to purchase.

It comes with a sturdy die-cast frame made of aluminium which makes it one of the most durable rifles in the market today. It is easy to carry and conceal and can be reassembled within 60 seconds if needed. It has features that reduce recoil after firings it. One of the best things about this gun is that it can be used with compressed air, CO2 and even nitrogen. It is one of the few versatile paintball rifles you can buy!

2.     Carmattech SAR12C gun (has a supremacy scope)

Can easily be stripped which makes it easy to carry around. The gun is a bolt action rifle and is very compact when handled. It is very durable with high-grade parts. It is high-performance paintball sniper gun and can be used to shoot accurately over very long distances.


3.     Spyder MR 100 Pro paintball sniper gun (with sniper set)

There is no better way to raise your game with this gun. It has a very big CO2 tank that can shoot about 1,600 balls which means the chances of you running out of gas is small.

The gun itself is quite durable and comes with provisions that make it very customizable. It has adjustable straps which make it easier to carry on the shoulder. It comes with a mask that has an anti-fog lens and a visor. Its CO2 tank is empty when you purchase it and its sniper set has about 140 standard paint-balls  

4.     Wrek Project salvo Paintball Sniper gun

There are a lot of things to like about this gun. It has a ceramic barrel which is about 16 in long. The gun’s inner surface is frictionless which means it can be used to stealthily snipe opponents without giving up your position as it produces very small noise.

The ceramic barrels need no cleaning as they can self-clean themselves however, you need to handle the gun more carefully around the barrel area.

It has a raiser rail that you can use to conveniently mount red dot scopes and sights which generally improve shooting accuracy. Regardless of its ceramic barrel, the gun is quite durable thanks to its metallic body.

The gun’s red dot sight provides a wider field of focus when scouting through it thanks to its large tube-like style. It comes with a bipod stand which makes shooting with it more stable.

This gun is one of the best you can use as a Sniper in your paintball team!   

5.    Tippmann Project Salvo paintball rifle (Sniper Set)

Highly customizable, easy to handle and modify, this sniper rifle is a very good gun for professional paintball players. It can easily be upgraded and it is compatible with any type of spare part if it needs to be repaired.

The rear and front sights on the gun can be adjusted. There is a maintenance pack provided by the manufacturer which you get when you purchase the gun that contains all the tools you need to keep the rifle in very good conditions.

It is a high-performance gun and you can any type of scope, sight or handle you prefer as a modification.

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