Playing in Paintball Maze I Got Crossfire and Survived

I had been working at the local paintball place for almost a year. It was really fun, and it was enjoyable. And the pay was surprisingly good. Also, I got along nicely with all my coworkers. Having all that was rare. So, when the fifth anniversary of the place came up, and our boss gifted us a free day to play together I wasn’t the only one overjoyed with the idea.

Twenty or so of us, an entire day with the whole place for us, all the guns, all the supplies, the equipment, all the time in the world. The younger one of us was turning sixteen next month, and the older one was thirty-six. In conclusion, we were ready for a big paintball party.

At first, we were only planning on a party, hanging out together with some drinks and snacks and playing a few rounds throughout the day. But then somebody proposed the idea of a championship or tournament of paintball among us. It was an interesting idea. After all, we all loved the game, and we knew the place like the palms of our hands. However, that raised our competitive side. In consequence, our creativity was put to the test. We ended up planning a full on paintball war.

The day would start early. For dramatic effects, we first agreed on meeting up at dawn, but then we realized it didn’t have to be that much of a big deal. So, at 8 am we were all at the doors of the place. We got in, had breakfast together, like friends we were, and we hung out for a little bit, just to have an official celebration of the special day. But then we got serious. Everybody prepared their stuff, we were dressed perfectly for the occasion, comfortably, and on top of that, we got the required uniform of camo clothes and safety measures.

Maybe we were going a little over the top, looking like soldiers, but it was part of the fun. Each one of us had packed a bag with supplies to last us until the afternoon. Including lots of water bottles, snacks and of course, lunch, besides a basic first aid kit in case of emergency and I don’t know, things like changes of clothes, depending on each one of us. Paintball wasn’t exactly dangerous, but we seriously wanted to go all out on this.

Last but most importantly, we distributed our weapons. Each one got two guns, just in case. And we distributed an overwhelming amount of the paintballs, the pellets. Since we were going on a war, no teams, no nothing, there was no color distributions. Just everybody against everybody. We also set up a couple of save points, where we could go to recharge on our ammunition, guns, water or for emergency reasons. Maybe we were acting too overdramatic, whatever.

The older one of us got everybody in line, and at the sound of his whistle we all started to run away, we had five minutes to hide or get as far as possible. Luckily we worked at the largest paintball place in the city. I had heard it was one of the largest in our country. We had different settings, and we had mazes of varying difficulties, we had fictional warzones, we even had things like fake playgrounds and ruins of cities. It was a great place, and we were making the most out of it.

At first, I ran towards the ruins, but seeing two other people already making their way there, I moved on to one of the playgrounds, I got on the high ground, and I laid down. Then I waited patiently for the sound of the whistle. I was worried it would be boring, what if everybody just hides and there’s no action at all? I had asked myself. But I don’t think a minute had passed when I caught sight of someone running on the perimeter of the playground. I started shooting and only got them once before they cowered on the bushes. But then they began shooting near me but not exactly at me. That way I found out there was someone else hiding on the playground near me.

When they attempted their escape, they ran into me. We had to start shooting each other, on top of a kids playground. It was so funny that I started laughing and this person got the upper hand. My method of escaping was through a slide. It was ridiculous, and I heard the people behind me still shooting as I ran away laughing.

Next, I tried my luck at one of the mazes. I was planning on going in and straight to the exit. But it turns out I wasn’t as sure as I thought I was about how to find the exit. I got caught in a crossfire twice before I could find the exit. But that was what our game was about right? In fact, I had started to search out the action and moved towards it.

After that, I was part of an epic battle of an open fire on the empty space that separated a few locations. It was crazy. I did make my way into the ruins. It was my favorite location. So, I took my time there. I made my best to find a hiding spot to recharge myself. I laid down to rest a little and took a breath, I had my lunch, drank enough water and rested a little, so I wouldn’t make myself sick. Then I stealthy made my way to the highest spot possible there to observe the action around.

One fun fact is that dressed up as we were, with helmets and goggles and everybody dressed exactly the same, and you couldn’t exactly tell who was who. So, when one of my coworkers ran into me, both of us caught off guard and waiting for the other to make a move, we made a silent agreement to make an alliance, at least for a little while. Maybe I was biased, but I think it was the most epic paintball game in history.

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