Playing Paintball Battle with My Cousins


My parents planned another vacation, and they wanted to take me along. I didn’t wish to follow them. Instead, I wanted to play with people in my age range. If I went with them, all we would do is go sightseeing and sample a lot of new foods. It sounded boring.

Dad, mom, I don’t want to go,” I said.

Why not?” my dad asked, apparently surprised that I would rather be somewhere else.

Why don’t you take me to Uncle Dave’s place?” I asked. Uncle Dave was my dad’s older brother. Unlike my dad, he had a very large family of eight, which comprises of himself, Aunt Katie and children of four males and two females. The family had twins, a male and a female whose ages were the same as mine. Playing with them would be great.

My dad and mom looked at each other as they deliberated on my proposal. Mom shrugged.

Okay, Mike, if that is what you want, we will take you there,” dad said.

Thanks, dad.”

A day before the trip, dad drove me to Uncle Dave’s house, and they were all happy to see me. I was fed until I could eat no more. When dad was sure that I was fine, he left, and I wished him and mom safe journey.

I played computer games with Daniel, with whom I shared a room. His twin sister, Caroline, was a sort of a tomboy. She did everything that the guys did. She joined Daniel and I as we played a computer game.

As we were playing, the oldest of my cousins, Mark, walked into the room. “It is a good thing that you are here, Mike.”

Why is that?” I asked.

We are having a paint battle tomorrow, and we need one more person. Sheryl was supposed to join, but she said she has a date tomorrow. So, are you interested?”

Oh yeah,” I said.

Great,” Mark said and walked out.

Sheryl was the other girl in the family. She was two years older than the twins. Unlike Caroline, she was very feminine and usually doesn’t do anything with the boys. She was always putting on dresses and never engaged in games.

Daniel faced me. “We are going to be on the same team tomorrow,” he said. “Let’s try out some shooting games that involve strategy.”

We played the game into the night. With Caroline, who was also on our team, we drew up strategies and how we were going to win. We went to the dining room to have dinner with the rest of the family and returned to continue our deliberations.

If Aunt Katie hadn’t come to force us to sleep, we would have made strategies till the following morning. Even if after Caroline had gone to sleep, Daniela and made discussions until we both went to sleep.

The next morning, we felt that we were good to go. Clay and Denis made fun of us. They promised to paint our faces with paintballs, and they were sure that the three of us would not even manage to shoot any of them until the battle ends.

We all got into Uncle Dave’s truck, and Mark drove us to the paintball battle arena. As we traveled, Mark told me that he had already booked the place two weeks before and we were going to spend an hour there. We made a lot of jokes on the way. We even made fun of Sheryl’s date that day.

We finally reached the paintball arena. Mark parked the truck, and we moved in. I had been engaged in many paintball games before as a matter of fact, and I had performed each time excellently. I was sure that I would do the same here.

The fellow in charge of the place gave us the paintball gear that we needed. These included paintball mask, marker, paintballs, etc. he gave us some pointers and advised us not to do things in the extreme.

The winner of the game would be determined by the number of persons who were not touched by paintballs at the end of an hour, and if the paintballs hit all the three members of a team, then the game ends. The older guys get inside the arena through another door while we went through the front entrance.

As we walked slowly in the bushes, Daniel, “I have an idea. Let me hide somewhere. Then the two you should go after the guys and make sure you get all three of them. Then will win.”

Say that again, Daniel, and I will shoot you myself,” Caroline said. I laughed. “Let’s go with our plan, and we will win.

Suddenly, something flew past my face, and I realized quickly that one of the other guys had just fired a paintball at me. “Get down, I shouted.”

We all went down as more paintballs splattered in the area where we hid. I peeped and saw that Mark and the others were in the same place, firing at us together. I remembered Daniel’s plan and realized that it could work now. We could win the battle in other twenty minutes. I faced Caroline and Daniel and outlined my plan to them.

Can you get the three of them?” Caroline asked.

Sure,” I replied.

You do know that if you miss the three of them, it will be three against two, and there is no way we will win the battle.”

How about this? If I fail to get the three of them, I will wash the plates in the house until I return home.”

Deal,” they both said at the same time.

I smiled, stood up and moved in a crouch towards the other guys. While they were reloading, I jumped up, ran towards a fallen tree, stepped on it, launched myself up and dived towards my older cousins, firing in the air.

I splattered their chests and helmets with paintballs. I got all three of them. When I landed, I rolled and fired at them more. They stood there looking defeated, and I began to laugh uncontrollably.

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