Playing Paintball Having Fun Guys and Girls

They had met during a paintball match. She was a professional shooter and one of the prominent players of her team where all were boys and only one girl that was her. She was taking aim at her opponent when he first noticed her. Dark brown hair, waving on her shoulders; half caught in a pony and some strands were gesticulating over her face, wearing blue denim with tank top and headphones on her ear, she was shouting and giving instructions to her teammates. Running to and fro, sometimes hiding behind bushes and trees, she was completely drowned in the game and has no idea of two eyes staring her from last five minutes.

He had forgotten about his game while looking at her when a spherical dye-filled gelatin capsule hit him. He was out of his league. When coach saw his important player getting out, he shouted in dismay, and this is when Nick came out of the trance of staring at the girl.

Paintball was his passion, and he was not at all happy on being out. It wasn’t like he hasn’t seen girls in the paintball shooting before, but there was some kind of passion and a light in her eyes, and zealous attitude towards winning. He found her just like him. She also hated to lose like him; he could see that with the way of her involvement in the game. Maybe this was the reason that he stared her without blinking an eye. However, now after being out the game, he didn’t like that idea of staring at her…

It was 15 minutes more when the game finished, and she was not shouting, jumping with excitement, waving her punches in the air, dancing in a silly way. She was so attractive for a woman and very different as a person, very dominating and very blunt with a careless attitude. It seems like she didn’t know how beautiful she was or may she was completely aware of her attractiveness and was just pretending to look unconcerned. Whatever it was, she was attractive, and unlike his attitude, Nick was thinking about her from last half an hour.

There were two girls in her team as well that was, of course, good at shooting but for them, paintball was more like a hobby and an idea of spending time with their boyfriends and friends on the weekend. They were usually caught doing matching of her shooting clothing and accessories with shoes. So, for him she was very different and even after an hour, he still didn’t know her name. He was calling her she, girl, woman, that or this in her thoughts


Hendry’s Paintball in 225 Lincoln Highway:

Five teams were invited along with Nick’s, at Hendry’s Paintball Fields on Lincoln Highway. After the game, there was a complete program for bonfire, dinner, dancing, and the band was called to play music whole night. Some chairs were placed for senior team members; a temporary bar was built alongside with wooden logs kept near as chair. There were ten tents built as well for those who want to take a nap during the night. It was a complete picnic. All the teams after the game were gathering at the picnic place. It was 4 in the evening and sun was yet drowning in the west. Redness of the setting sun has made the surroundings very serene.

Birds, flapping their wings and chirping on the trees some hyenas were laughing in the background but they were not expected on the spot because their camps were not so deeper in the jungle. They could listen to the classical sounds of fauna in the ambiances, and it was making the overall atmosphere even more adventures. Chef has started draping the deer meat with oil, spices, and other ingredients to make it tasty yet perfect for the barbeque. The grills were lit and amazing smell of frying meat was spread in the air.

Nick and his teammates were sitting on the logs while some were laid on the cloth spread for sitting. Music band started testing their microphones and drums. A guitarist was playing. Let her go by passenger, and the whole atmosphere was feeling so overwhelmed. Nick started taking sips from his brandy and started feeling the music in his souls when he saw her appearing from her camp. She was wearing a knee length formal tunic shirt with flat sandals. Her hairs were opened while cellphone was tapping under her fingers. The swish sound of messages was showing she was busy in texting with someone special as she had a glowing smile on her cheeks. She came and sat on a quite alone log in the bar section and asked the waiter for the drink.

She noticed him for the first time staring at her when glanced out of the phone. She kept the phone in her pockets, put a hand under her chin and started enjoying the band which was now playing Fire by Ferry Corsten’s. The beats were so connected to the surrounding when the coach came towards him.

What’s going on Nick?

Well, nothing just chilling he said with a smile

Sorry for today’s match but I found you quite off from surroundings.

Well, yes I was… he was about to say something when he suddenly changed the topic, but congrats your team won two competition back to back.

Oh yeah, coach bowed in a funny way… let me introduce to one of the most prominent players of my team while walking when they reached the bar coach said; she is Anna, Anna Goodwill, the number one player from our team.

Hi Anna, Nick opened her hand to Anna.

N this is Nick; hey, she simply shook her hand and started looking at the coach who is now telling another story.

Nick and Anna started getting bored when someone else called the coach Joe. They both heaved a sigh when he left them.

After 15 seconds, the silence between both Nick started to say,

You played well today.

Thanks, she smiled and accepted her praises.

You play more often? He asked again

Well, I play on weekends mostly. Otherwise I am running my own small publisher agency.

Oh, you must have a literary taste then, said Nick

Yeah, I guess I have read all the American and French writers so far, and I am also friendly with so many famous writers. Replied Anna

Aha, cool to hear this, do you know Stephanie George? He replied and asked.

Yeah, I have often published her books at my Agency, Anna said with happiness

Well, that’s my mom, replied Nick with a smile…

Really, she asked with joy?


Oh, that’s why I was thinking that where would have I seen you, you have very resembling features with your mom,

Nick smiled, yeah…

After a pause, Anna said, so you must have a literary taste too?

Well, from Turkish to French and from English to Spanish I have read so far all the writers. Since childhood, my house is surrounded by books. So, I guess it started just when I was born. I have not been a very shining student, but still, I know more than about anything than my toppers at school due to my reading habit… Nick gave a long reply.

Are you in school??? She opened her eyes wide open and asked.

Oh no, I am talking about the past, and they both laughed so hard.


Nick and Anna’s Friendship-cum-Affair:

After meeting at the paintball game, Nick and Anna met more often, and they came to find so much in common. They started spending more time after work and started having dates on the weekends. Nick more often visited Anna at her place and she also came to Nick’s home to meet Mrs. Stephaney George.

They used to have cooking sessions together, book reading together, dancing in the parties, making fun of people and laughing out loud every time. They started to miss each other just when they came home after a whole day spent together. Was it love or just an attachment? They both were unable to figure out. Nick has left it to a destiny that no matter what let the fate decide their future. One day he called Anna, but there was answering machine. Hey this is Anna, I can’t take your call right now, if there is anything you need to tell, kindly leave a message after the beep, and I will contact you once I am free… it was the tenth time when Nick was listening to this message. First, he felt angry, but when till evening no reply came from Anna, he became a little tense. He decided to go to her place, but Anna was not even there. He decided to go to her agency, on reaching there he found out about the death of her grandmother and lady on the reception told him that Anna has gone to the East woodland. Thanks, Jorshia!

Nick decided to go to west woodland… on reaching there he found her in rough dungaree, sitting on the steps in garden, feeding birds. Her sparkling eyes were so swelled and red due to continuous cry. He came towards her kept her jacket aside and sat near her.

Anna looked at him, and tears appear in her eyes, Nick… by calling her name she started crying. Nick my Nan, she… she couldn’t speak due to tears in her eyes, nose and even throat. I listened; while saying he hugged her and she started sobbing in his arms. She sobbed for so long his arms and Nick felt something in his heart for Anna, there he decided to propose her once she will be back to Lincoln city.

They spend three days together at her Nana’s home. During that, they cooked together, played together, listened to music, watched movies and Anna told him how much she was attached to her Nan because she was the one who had brought her up. Nick was there to heal her when she was crying, listen to her when she spoke and cared for her when there was no more her Nana around. She felt so attached and connected to Nick. She wanted him in her life at any cost…


Nick and Anna’s Breakup:

After coming back to routine, they both were still connected and started spending more time with each other. When they were not around, they spoke and chatted over the phone. It feels like they were made for each other but the incident completely changed the story.

On the weekend, Nick and Anna were called for Paintball match. Nick wanted Anna to play from his team as he didn’t like a guy in Anna’s team because he was trying to be free with Anna. Anna said that she didn’t notice this attitude and she would prefer to play from his team. No matter what, it’s just a game. Nick felt so succumbed at her attitude. Later in the evening, he found Anna alone with that boy smiling and laughing. Yes, he was cool but he couldn’t see this attitude from Anna. He reached there, grabbed her arm so violently and jerked her arm.

What the hell is this Nick? Asked Anna with painting arm

I told you to stay away from her, she instead of listening to Anna said to that guy named Joshua.

He is my teammate and we can discuss the strategies, right? Anna said

Anna, look this I don’t like… Anna didn’t let him complete the sentence. I don’t care Nick stop behaving like an idiot teenager. She was so red with anger.

Anna Goodwill, I told you… Anna again cut him out, don’t be so dominating Nick, I don’t like this either and don’t ruin my reputation in the camp by behaving like this.

You care for reputation, Anna Goodwill??? Go Fu*** with your reputation. First time in life Nick spoke such rude words in front of her.

Anna left him there and the next day in the match, it was Anna who knocked out Nick by the spherical dye-filled gelatin capsule…

Nick not only left the field but the game and the place as well…. Anna didn’t hear from Nick again neither she contacted him. But still, they both go on the places alone where they had been together…

A place where they both had met made them apart too…. Fate is a strange creature!!

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