Playing Paintball In the Rain is Fun if you Prepare

Playing in the rain adds much interest and challenge to the game.

When playing in the rain, everything will be muddy and slippery: consequently running, stopping and crouching will be harder than usual; visibility will be lower, and wind can make paintball courses more difficult. All of these make playing paintball challenging which is exactly what paintball fanatics look for; the action and the thrill!


Here are guidelines so you can enjoy your paintball game on a rainy day:

1. Put on something that keeps water off of your body, such as a raincoat, “slicker,” waterproof clothing or even plastic garbage bags. It’s essential that you remain dry so that you can be uncomfortable and dot shiver since this will impact your precision.

Remember to cover your head too. Wear any waterproof covering but make sure that water will not be sliding down your face and cause fog to form on your goggles. Wiping the fog from your goggles each time you pause behind a tree or a bunker can distract from your concentration on the game.

2. Take paper towels. The lens on your mask, even if it is a thermal type of lens, will fog up and paper towels come in handy; you can wipe off the fog. Do keep in mind that you should turn away from the action – in a “sitting duck” (crouch) position – before you wipe the fog from your mask.

3. Wear boots or cleats instead of sneakers to keep your feet from getting wet.

4. Wear gloves to prevent cold and wet hands.

5. Having a soaked paintball can be frustrating. It would help if you packed extra garbage bags for use as spare coverings. These can be used to cover your gear and function as a raincoat in emergencies. Huge plastic transparent bags also are great for covering the head, hoppers and the gun. You can effectively turn your gun into a waterproof weapon by simply covering it with plastic and securing it with rubber bands.

6. Shooting on a rainy day is much more different than the typical “hose down.” Consider the amount of barrel smoke that will be produced even when using HPA. Bring along an “unported barrel” if you happen to have one. Porting allows water to get into the barrel resulting in twisting shots.

There are so many ways to add thrill to your paintball game: allow your imagination to run wild and experiment with things. Have fun in the rain!



How to Perform with the Paintball Sport

Playing paintball is fun. The purpose of the game is to catch the flag that is opponents and cause them to concede by attacking their defenses. What arouses individuals is the speed and scenery that is action-packed an individual will encounter.

Paintball games have been played at a location where players can move. Places like improvised camps or areas offer. Additionally, there are indoor places that can be found during seasons as individuals are not able to go or rainy seasons.

There has been someone supplied with a paintball gun that’s mostly air. The group is composed of more or ten individuals. Each group has to have an equivalent number of men, and they’ll fight like two opposing groups on a battle.

Each class will be supplied armbands that their teammates are to indicate each member opponents aren’t confused. The goal is to accomplish the competitor flag and struck on every competitor when doing – with their paintball firearms. The group that catches the flag will deliver it to their foundation have won the match.

Someone will understand when the paintball hits him he is eliminated. It’s set by a paintball which will break and indicate the gear’s splat. A referee will ascertain if he might continue or be removed from the match. The balls are all about the size of marbles; when fired in the target, nevertheless they’re curved with shell layers that permits the paintball to go a distance and accelerate the launching.

Guns appear much like a gun that is real although it’s a barrel container which starts the paintball and stores. It has and a reservoir which will save paintballs. Gas powers the propulsion.


The delight and excitement are what makes people love this game. Others believe it an activity which may be enjoyed together with families and their friends. It provides an experience along with all the setting and also the delight of this match to someone.

People from all over the world play in the rain for the thrill of the competition and the excitement this weather condition brings to the whole paintball experience. Challenging and difficult is one of the major draws for this weather type.

When players engage in rainy weather, it is essential to know that the conditions are tough compared to conditions on a clear day. Your view of the other players, as well as terrain, will be much harder to see. There will be a substantial amount of mud and water on the course, which will cause slippery conditions. You also have to factor in the wind, depending upon how strong it is, to make your shots. Those are just some of the numerous challenges one faces when playing paintball in the rain. There are steps you should take to get the most fun out of your experience, as well as potentially have the edge over your competition.

Keep your mask clear of water and debris so that you can maintain optimal visibility. A simple paper towel will do to wipe anything off your mask when needed. Remember to take cover before attempting to clean your mask.

It is important to dress for the occasion. It will be raining so you will want an outfit that keeps water off you. You may choose to invest in a water-resistant paintball outfit, but if you are tight for cash everyday garbage bags made of plastic will do the trick. What you will want to do is cover these bags over any clothing that would easily get wet, to cause the water to run off. If you do not stay dry as you play you may begin to become cold or chilled. Once this happens you probably will not have a very good time, not to mention you could very well get sick.

Gloves are also highly recommended for your paintball outing. You will want to purchase clothes that are made of a water-resistant material.

You may want to protect your gun also from becoming wet and potentially unreliable. Covering your paintball gun in plastic bags, creating a layer of protection, is a great way to keep your gun working in pristine shape as it rains.

Do not stress too much about playing in the rain, after all this is all just for fun. Just be certain to come prepared. Go with the right attitude and you are sure to have a great time playing paintball in the rain.

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